NTR là gì? Một số thông tin về NTR

NTR Anime, alternatively referred to as NTR, emerges from Japan. It is a phrase employed to describe a protagonist who is a female or a spouse, whose lover is seized by another individual. This term derives from the category of narratives or movies that center around a female protagonist being forcefully overtaken by another character.

NTR is portrayed in the genre of manga or anime films in Japan.

Accounting – Auditing jobs.

2. Các loại NTR là gì?

NTR is divided into 3 categories as follows:

2.1. Thể loại NTR thứ 1

Executed by the supporting role, the female character of the main character is depicted as participating in malevolent actions. Nevertheless, as the story progresses, the female character continues to have affection for the main male character.

Cruel destiny, relentless and powerful, approaching with the ability to exploit human flaws like this example, is a true illustration of the tireless effort in storytelling. The first genre relies on historical plots, using a narrative style that incorporates numerous complex sentences.

The future is uncertain, who knows what it holds. Each of us has our own passion to pursue and love to continue together. Accepting each other’s flaws and loving each other’s words, H and V met for the first time and instantly liked each other, opening the door to their college love story.

The other person reserves their love and attention for each other, so where is the need for further education? Even though money is always a concern, it is not the only factor in building a shared life together. Both parties should strive for a better future, even as time passes.

Thể loại NTR thứ 1

There have been numerous acts of aggression on day N, I love V so much that I want V to do what I want and I want V to love me and do what I want. I try my best to avoid getting hurt and always try to be there for you when you need someone, I feel gentle and innocent when I am able to do so. There is a slight positive feeling that comes back but then V goes against it again and V tries to resist, I try my best

It is entirely reasonable for V to remain with N for multiple reasons, so H also possesses full awareness but lacks the ability to take action. N has consistently coerced V into accompanying them on numerous occasions due to their affluence and personal connection. V has been designated to collaborate with N on the research project mandated by the school.

I love someone who dedicates themselves to me, believing that there will always be a lot of me for them. I also have feelings for H because we both have a strong and challenging love. It becomes more and more difficult for both me and H to express our emotions.

However, N dislikes V for thinking that those things are like the things that N’s left heart can be occupied with, then there are many doubts about the V that is given as a precious gift, those things to buy if thinking that there is V that loves oneself, then thousands of thoughts will arise, thinking a thousand times, eventually it will not divide N’s feelings, not being able to divide N’s feelings, it is impossible for the matter to be like Dương.

With such a lack of action, V reluctantly went along, despite her resistance. V put her water in the pill bottle that he had while he was not looking. V invited her friend to go out with him. V’s distant and ugly behavior has already been seen. In terms of love for V, H still dedicates himself, but why does he know that V avoids starting H, she still doesn’t know when.

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What is the real reason why you still don’t want to come back and let go of your determination, what is it all for, what is it good for her, what is it about you, why are you so tired, why are you doing so much, why do I feel like I’m drowning, like there’s no way out, like I can’t change anything, like it doesn’t matter, even if I want to, even if I plan so much, there’s so much I know, I love you, I know what’s happening, do you understand, you’re really determined, you can see it, but you joke, you say it’s nothing, you think it’s just the beginning, at that time, with you, there was a mistake, there was someone else, I felt it, and I felt it.

Being together sometimes means loving each other when things are not rosy, and living a life that is not always abundant or eventful. In such a situation, the outcome may evoke feelings of frustration or regret, making one feel sad and lonely.

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2.2. Thể loại NTR thứ 2

Inflicting harm upon the protagonist, the secondary character engages in acts of sexual assault or displays malevolent conduct towards the female character. Subsequently, the secondary character and the female character, who is associated with the protagonist, develop a romantic relationship and collaborate to cause harm to the protagonist.

The cherry blossoms of the country are living in your youth about the story of cherry blossoms in the garden behind the film Department. HH organizes a good deed from the author’s family to go to meet the flag of love and T A together for the first time to find T that day after. More about each other, meeting in the morning has caught A and him, A sympathetically receives T gradually. They spend time together, both busy with work, but later they postpone the wedding, wanting more time after work to stabilize T, but the wedding is postponed. She wants to tell A that there are many things that A does not seem to wear.

A asked me to go out, but I declined because I had to go home. However, A had chased after K before and caught him the next day. When I went back to school, I happened to meet Họ, a person that A had mentioned before. A and I have become closer and time has flown by quickly since then.

In A, uncertainties slowly accumulate, even though there are no romantic feelings towards K. However, A still regards K as a close friend, which leads to A being more transparent with K. As for T, upon learning that A engages in conversations and outings with an unfamiliar gentleman, despite harboring reservations, T always internalizes them, believing that if he questions A, A will perceive it as a lack of trust. Doubts continue to amass within him.

A mutual acquaintance of A and K also joined A’s birthday celebration. On that occasion, K consumed excessive alcohol and became unable to manage his behavior, resulting in him behaving inappropriately towards A while escorting them home.

To make up for A, K doesn’t know what to do, but K also doesn’t want to hurt A because K’s feelings for A are genuine, as for K, K always regrets what he has done to A and feels ashamed and guilty towards T, after that night A and K never met again.

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Vẫn không từ bỏ và tiếp tục thể hiện tình yêu và quan tâm đến A.

She felt confused, unsure whether she should be happy or sad. When she went for a check-up, she discovered that she was pregnant. After some time, A started experiencing unfamiliar sensations in her body.

What can’t be known and the absolute expectation of this feeling, at that time, is definitely uncertain, I am aware of it like a real sensation, also known by him, usually different from the way it is received by T and gradually D.

Thump thump, I don’t want my heart like that, T explains that there is someone other than A who has a child with A, but I love someone who always tries, unlike anyone else who has a child with her. But obviously, I like T too much, A misunderstands T more and more every day because the seriousness of everything is gradually changing.

My pregnancy has been known by my child, but they still don’t care, which is a sad situation that I am currently struggling with.

It saddens me even more to hear about this situation. My second cousin is getting married, and the issue has come up for discussion with my mother as well. I am not A’s biological child. My grandmother, for this reason, is very happy, and she cannot help but feel a bit resentful towards A’s mother. To make matters worse, A and T, who are loved by both my mother and me, are not able to visit due to T’s mother being sick during their first visit.

T T has become disgusted with A and has become shocked by this unexpected turn of events. The miscarriage has already happened to A, too late for everything but the hospital and A’s sudden panic about this situation. Falling down, luckily without any serious injuries, and A struggling and losing their calmness, T asked worriedly during the occurrence of this terrible incident, and remained silent about what exactly happened. However, A asked T everything, but T asked A everything.

It was on the same day that A had a child with K, an incident occurred. A had already received the news that he had a miscarriage, so he did not visit to celebrate yet.

She believed that he went through that extreme pain, but now she wants to start over with him. In her life, she wants him to be the one, the chosen one as her husband. She feels that her feelings for him are all in, and she always feels guilty for it.

She genuinely cares and is kind-hearted, but being humiliated makes her feel ashamed. However, being humiliated doesn’t make her feel ashamed, but it does make her reserve her affection. Gradually, she takes care of him and stays by his side. During this time, he realizes that he can’t help but look at her.

A began to say goodbye to T when both of them were exhausted, so they should give each other a separate way and then that day came. T accepted and silently hoped that A would be happy.

The act of being fired caused him to steal the design information of T.K, and T did everything possible to replace A with K to do the job because K is his own child. K found out that T was the one who caused A to have a miscarriage after asking repeatedly, and K discovered the plan that A was carrying out when interacting with A. From then on, A began to make plans to make T suffer more, filled with hatred and seeking revenge against T. But T was unaware of A’s intentions.

I forgive myself for what she hopes to live a life that will surely harm her in searching for love. I know that if I forgive myself, I will be peaceful and live happily ever after without causing her any further pain. I understand that she may not know this, but I forgive myself.

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các loại ntr

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2.3. Thể loại NTR thứ 3

By their own volition, the supporting character is devoted to and follows the main character’s woman. With their betrayal, the main character is implicated.

People, especially young people, have embraced this story a lot, and this story is very popular in Japan. I once heard a NTR story that my friend told me.

Deeply entwined in each other’s affection, their love grew stronger month by month. 5 years passed, but their playful affection remained as if it were still the beginning of their relationship. They loved each other like young friends, sharing stories together.

Despite N’s family’s strong determination against it, Y and N are overwhelmed with sorrow when Y learns of their liver cancer soon after starting university. Throughout Y’s hospitalization, A consistently strives to make time to care for Y, even in light of the doctor’s declaration that Y requires a liver transplant. A is prepared to offer their own liver for donation to Y.

The magnitude of N’s affection for Y can be adequately perceived. Their bond appears unbreakable, but upon entering college, they attend different schools and their time spent together diminishes. Despite N’s limited free time, he consistently exerts maximum effort for his beloved, prioritizing quality time with them.

Y encountered a male classmate called D while they were studying at school. D, who possessed an appealing appearance, was sought after by numerous girls. On a club outing one day, D came across Y and was captivated by her gaze. Over time, D developed emotions for Y.

Y comes from the same school as D, who was the one to start pursuing Y. The entire school is jealous of Y because D always does surprising things for Y. D also cares and tries to help Y even with small things related to Y. It’s hard for Y not to be moved by the fact that someone of the opposite gender is interested in and takes care of them, especially when D is attractive on the outside.

Being far apart from each other, it is believed that loving someone and dedicating less time to them, but constantly focusing on studying, is better. It is said that even though you may not know everything, the happiness of living a Y life can potentially be achieved in the future, so I hope you will strive to study well, my dear N.

Having experienced many ups and downs, it is difficult to quantify the amount of joy and sorrow I have gone through with others up until now. The passage of time has made me forget the exact number of days and months, but the depth of my feelings for D is truly profound. And with D, those feelings have only grown stronger.

What will come, will come. N saw Y with another boy, engaging in intimate gestures. He couldn’t believe his eyes because although he had seen unusual signs from Y before, he had never allowed himself to doubt Y. That day, he talked to Y and hoped that it was just a misunderstanding. But no, it was the truth. Y confessed everything to him. Expressing Y’s feelings right now, he is only

The hours are over. It is true that it is wrong, but standing by her side forever is what she wants, loving someone for their good deeds and efforts is what she needs, always being there for her is what you should do, and never wanting to hurt her like N Tim.

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