No federal charges to be made in Shanquella Robinson case, officials say

There will be no federal charges in the case of Shanquella Robinson, the woman who was killed in Mexico in October, according to U.S. Prosecutors.

An autopsy was carried out in Mecklenburg County, which involved a federal inquiry. Federal officials convened with Robinson’s family on Wednesday to discuss the results of the federal investigation.

“…It is important to reassure the public that seasoned federal prosecutors and experienced federal agents have extensively reviewed the available evidence and concluded that charges cannot be pursued,” stated a release from the U.S. Attorneys’ Office. “Today, federal prosecutors informed Ms. Robinson’s family that the available evidence does not support a federal prosecution,” the release from the U.S. Attorneys’ Office stated, “based on the careful review and deliberation of the investigative materials and the results of the autopsy.”

In the previous month, the Robinson family contacted the U.S. Department of State to request help in obtaining retribution for the premature passing of the 25-year-old individual.

Crump, who declared his commitment to stand by the family as they pursued justice, backed the family’s plea in Washington, D.C., Alongside the esteemed civil rights attorney Ben.

On October 29th, she was found dead at a resort under development. Robinson, a graduate from Winston-Salem State University, was traveling in San Jose del Cabo, a town in Baja California Sur, Mexico, with a group of people.

Although officials in Mexico have not identified a suspect, prompting the issuance of an arrest warrant, an autopsy report revealed that her death was caused by severe neck or spinal cord injury. Her family initially told her that she died from alcohol poisoning.

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The victim’s family alleges that the people Robinson was traveling with provided inconsistent testimonies concerning the events that led to her death.

The individuals who accompanied Robinson, summoned by Robinson’s family, were extradited to Mexico for interrogation and legal proceedings. Mexican authorities subsequently validated charges against a female suspect in relation to Robinson’s demise.

It’s uncertain how the extradition petition will be influenced going forward.

Officials state that the authorities are ready to examine any fresh data concerning the inquiry.

During a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon, Sue-Ann Robinson, a lawyer representing the family, expressed, “We’re disheartened but we’re not discouraged, it’s not something that is necessarily surprising in the sense that individuals of African American and Latino descent always have to establish their own route towards fairness.”

The family is seeking the participation of government representatives to step in. They plan to arrange a meeting in Washington, D.C. On May 19th.

Mrs. Robinson, a lawyer named Sue-Ann, stated that there are no charges that can be filed in regards to the incident involving your child. She mentioned that there is a video showing a brutal and vicious attack on your child, while she was naked. She advised that it is important to fight for justice for your child at the same time. She also expressed the need to grieve and bury your child. Mrs. Robinson demonstrated tremendous strength throughout this entire ordeal, as did her sister.

On Wednesday afternoon, the lawyers also issued the subsequent declaration. Sue-Ann Robinson, from Frontline Law, is providing legal representation for the family, alongside civil rights lawyer Ben Crump.

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Considering the case’s high priority, it is not due to the U.S. That support for prosecution diminishes when there is hard evidence in an investigation. The delay in the U.S. Investigation can be credited to these discrepancies, which can be attributed to the second autopsy conducted by U.S. Officials on Shanquella’s embalmed body. The autopsy reports from Mexico and the U.S. Show a difference in findings.

We are strongly encouraging Mexico to extradite those responsible for her death to the United States to face accountability. Mexican prosecutors have issued arrest warrants in this case and we are willing to pursue charges. There is still a chance for justice in Mexico and we hope that her loved ones will not have to pursue charges against Shanquella themselves. Our stance is that justice is still possible for her death and we strongly encourage Mexico to move forward with extradition.

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