Nina Davuluri Crowned Miss America: The First Miss America of Indian Descent

Nina Davuluri, a 22-year-old Indian-American aspiring physician with a cognitive science and brain degree from the University of Michigan, a communication M.A. From Stanford, and a human biology B.A. From New York Miss, came down to Atlantic City, New Jersey from California Miss, also known as Crystal Lee, a highly decorated Asian-American. This was aired live on ABC during the 87th Miss America pageant.

“I’m curious about how you’re feeling right now?” Inquired host Lara Spencer of Good Morning America to the last two participants.

She handed the microphone to Lee, who was left speechless. Then, Davuluri joined in.

“We’re both extremely proud. We’re making history right here, standing here as Asian-Americans,” she confidently responded.

Shortly after, Davuluri was crowned as the new Miss America.

Questlove, the percussionist for The Roots, captured it perfectly:

However, shortly after that, she became a target on Twitter and was exposed to a series of repulsive, foolish, racist tweets.

Davuluri is the American dream. She was born in Syracuse, New York, to two Indian parents. Her father is an obstetrician/gynecologist. When she was 4, her family moved to Oklahoma and later to Michigan. Currently, they live in Fayetteville, New York (the family moved to Michigan). During her teenage years, she got into beauty pageants. In the same year, she was awarded Teen Outstanding Michigan’s Miss and was the second runner-up for Teen Outstanding America’s Miss. She won approximately $25,000 in scholarships. She attended the University of Michigan, where she was a highly decorated student. She was named to the Dean’s List and received the National Honor Society Award as well as the Michigan Merit Award multiple times.

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“Extremely overweight,” they referred to her as a cassette tape when the controversy surrounding Six Page, the subject, emerged just last week. Hagan Mallory, Miss America, was called a cassette tape by them when the controversy surrounding Six Page, the subject, emerged just last week.

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Meanwhile, a representative from Miss America exonerated Davuluri of any misconduct. They stated, “The matter was thoroughly investigated in July, and there is absolutely no truth to the narrative.” Additionally, they conveyed, “Miss New York conversed with Mallory Hagan to inform her that the allegations were baseless and to offer an apology if any offense was taken.”

The statement made by Page Six was very uncommon, especially considering Davuluri had previously faced challenges with her own body weight.

She currently stands where the body fat percentage is 18 percent and she has managed to lose 117 pounds with the help of Falcone. The gym she now owns is Falcone Tia’s, who became her trainer when she weighed 137 pounds. She walked into a gym at Syracuse’s ShoppingTown Mall with a coupon from Social Living. About 16 months ago, she struggled with bulimia and would excessively eat. During her final semesters at the University of Michigan, she weighed 170 pounds.

During a recent admission on The Talk, co-host Julie Chen asked Carla Hall, a judge on Top Chef and former Miss America pageant contestant, about Julie’s recent plastic surgery to make her eyes appear less “Asian.”

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Davuluri paused.

She stated, “when we look ahead 10 years, she will have undergone a transformation. She is no longer the same individual she was a decade ago, and the young woman living nearby is adapting as American society becomes more diverse. Nevertheless, I have always seen Miss America as the familiar face of the neighborhood.” “Nonetheless, I comprehend her perspective, but regrettably, I do not share the same opinion on cosmetic surgery.”

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