Nickelodeon settles the debate of how many “nicks” are in the theme song

The company has responded to the latest debate on social media. The internet really wants to know just how many “nicks” are in tune with Nickelodeon, as many people can’t seem to agree.

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Have you ever stopped and thought about how many “nicks” are actually said in the iconic jingle? However, before catching our favorite episodes of Doug and Rugrats, we all grew up listening to the internet, which is now determined to be out of figure.

The classic jingle has sparked the first debate on social media this week, as many people can’t agree on the theme song if it “nicks” 9 or 8 times.

idk who needs to hear this but it’s 8 nicks before nickelodeon

— jess (@mermaid_soulll) September 27, 2020

How many nicks in it in nickelodeon??? It’s 7 right ?

— kee??‍♂️ (@thatgaalkaay) September 28, 2020

By the way it’s 7 Nicks before Nickelodeon. Don’t argue

— E-boy | JAY (@jaysixhund0) September 26, 2020

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Oh and btw it’s 8 nicks before Nickelodeon ? ya need to be a shamed of yourselves ??‍♂️

— HOVITOOO ? (@fat_hov) September 27, 2020


Don’t believe me? Count how many times they wrote it ⬇️⬇️⬇️

— Kari J ?? (@Comed1c_Benji) September 28, 2020

In the opening song, how many “nicks” are there? In fact, the channel resorted to Twitter to post a witty tweet that ultimately resolves the argument, Nickelodeon presently.

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“There are as many ‘Nicks’ in the Nickelodeon tune as you require there to be.”

there are as many “Nicks” in the Nickelodeon song as you need there to be ?

— Nickelodeon (@Nickelodeon) September 29, 2020

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This response might align with the company, suggesting that there are 8 “nicks” mentioned in the song, as the network acknowledges a few tweets in the conversation that verify the exact number of “nicks” found in the comments section of the tweet, Nickelodeon.


— Nickelodeon (@Nickelodeon) September 29, 2020

Follow your heart ?

— Nickelodeon (@Nickelodeon) September 29, 2020

Some people still aren’t convinced about the true number of “nicks” in the song’s theme, which is why there is debate about it at all.

This is the truth lol

— Nickelodeon (@Nickelodeon) September 29, 2020

We supposed to be pickin a president and y’all motha fucka talkin bout how many nicks is it in Nickelodeon

I swear we doomed

— Mamba Mentality ? (@King__Wheeler) September 29, 2020

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The Nickelodeon song has 9 NICKS IN IT‼️ not 7 not 8………..9. Yes you include the nick in Nickelodeon

— Witnel Dubreus (@WitnelDubreus) September 29, 2020

If you don’t know how many Nicks come before Nickelodeon we can’t be friends.

— B? (@_GottaLoveBritt) September 28, 2020

Listen to the soundtrack below and inform us of the number of “nicks” you hear in the comments section!

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