New to Birkenstock? Here’s what you need to know

We wanted to put together a list of the most important things you should know when you dip your toe into the world of Birkenstock. As a longtime retailer of the brand, we have helped thousands of people over the years with their first pair of Birkenstocks.

1) Above all else….And we cannot stress this strongly enough……YOU HAVE TO CONDITION THEM!

Absolutely, Birkenstocks require a period of breaking in.

Indeed, your feet might experience discomfort throughout the procedure.

No, it doesn’t imply you squandered $100+ on the incorrect footwear.

As you are aware, Birkenstocks are not conventional shoes. They are uniquely crafted to evenly disperse the weight of your body across your entire foot, rather than concentrating it on particular areas of pressure like the heel or ball of the foot. This is made possible by the combination of cork and latex, along with the anatomically shaped footbed.

Isn’t it incredibly clever? It provides all-day comfort and delivers unparalleled support, custom fitting and personalizing through a cork mold that helps warm up the latex which warms your body, helping you break them in.

During the initial week or so, your main focus should be on gradually extending the duration of wearing them. It is actually quite straightforward. The subsequent process of breaking them in is identical to the one I have advised countless individuals on throughout the years. I have been donning Birkenstocks for more than two decades and have had to break in each fresh pair.

  • Remove them when your feet indicate it’s time OR for a few hours, put them on during Day 1. Many individuals (including myself) experience some soreness in the arch of their foot. Return to them the following day and exchange them for a different pair of shoes when this occurs.
  • It’s fine. You might not. You might be capable of wearing them for a longer duration compared to what you did on Day 1. Reiterate the procedure from Day 1: Day 2.
  • Day 3: Reiterate days 1 & 2. (You understand the direction I’m heading, correct?).
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    By the conclusion of the initial seven to ten days, it is probable that you will be able to comfortably wear them for the majority, if not the entire duration of the day, without experiencing any discomfort.

    Please refrain from doing so! Engaging in this action will only harm your leather and dehydrate the cork. Birkenstocks are not intended to be submerged in water, as it will not provide any benefit. Avoid immersing them in water. That is all.

    2) You must adore your Birkenstocks!

    It’s time for you to learn about how you can continue to enjoy years of caring for them. Can you take the time to learn how to comfortably wear them for hours? And your shoes are broken, so it’s okay.

    Cork Sealer:.

    The cork is sealed and protected from the elements by a sealant applied at the factory, that glaze on your cork, see?

    As time passes, you will observe the glaze transitioning into a matte appearance. The duration for this process varies among individuals.

    Apply a thin layer and grab a bottle of Cork Sealant. The cork should be sealed again when this occurs.

    Note: This is primarily for individuals who possess sandals or clogs with uncovered cork material, such as the Birkenstock Arizona or Boston.

    Water & Stain Repellent: Protect your belongings from water and stains.

    It’s always a good idea to periodically apply a Water & Stain Repellent to any leather product, as the protective coating will eventually wear off. We suggest reapplying every few weeks of regular use.

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    We have never seen a difference in performance between different brands that we have carried over the years. Just make sure that it is used as intended, and that the Leather/Suede/Nubuck is not expired. Any brand should work just the same, but Birkenstock has their own Stain & Water Repellent available in their Deluxe Care Kit.

    3) Renovate, not trash!

    Yes, nearly all Birkenstock footwear and sandals can be completely repaired.

    Official Birkenstock repair centers provide the opportunity for various services, ranging from replacing a basic clasp to removing the leather and placing it on a completely new sole. Individuals are consistently advised to consider this option, despite the fact that there is naturally a fee linked to each repair.

    With adequate maintenance, we have witnessed countless sets that have been utilized for more than two decades!

    4) Soaked them? Don’t worry.

    Although Birkenstocks are not designed for water, they will not be damaged if they become wet… To a certain extent.

    You should naturally place them in a corner of the room with dry air and room temperature, or push them into a pool if caught in a downpour.

    Instead of drying them, all of these actions actually increase the likelihood of causing damage to the shoes. (Yes, we’ve witnessed it) Avoid placing them in the dryer, attempting to blow dry them, or exposing them to direct sunlight.

    To the fullest extent possible, avoid exposing them to water. Our top recommendation is to consistently use them as water-friendly footwear, however, this does not imply that you can rescue Birks that have been unintentionally soaked. Although you might have the ability to do so.

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    5) Always maintain your composure!

    You wouldn’t want to be trapped in the vehicle on a scorching summer day, would you? Neither do your Birkenstocks.

    To avoid long-term, repeated exposure to extreme heat, try to leave your Birkenstocks in a hot car for only a few days during the summer. This can cause the glue that holds the sole of your Birkenstocks together to separate or shrink, as well as potentially damaging the cork itself. Additionally, cork is a natural material that is not designed to withstand extreme heat. However, cork is an incredible material that makes Birkenstocks comfortable, sustainable, and lightweight.

    You should have all the necessary information to enjoy your Birkenstocks for many years to come with these tips. That pretty much covers everything!

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