New Fun City trampoline park bounces into Taunton bringing ‘adventure’

Fun City Adventure Park, located at the Taunton Depot shopping plaza, made its grand opening in late October. According to Riley Derewiany, a 9-year-old third grader from Mulchaey Elementary School, he thoroughly enjoys visiting the park.

Riley expressed his fondness for trampolining on Tuesday, Jan 10, as he and his younger brother Maxwell, who is enrolled in second grade, playfully tumbled inside sizable plastic spheres within a bumper ball arena. Riley further mentioned the presence of luminous rainbow lights on the trampoline.

Kevin Cotter, the grandfather of Riley and Maxwell, stated that his grandsons had visited Fun City Adventure Park “about four times” since it first opened.

He stated, “Typically, we visit this place approximately every 10 days.” They have the opportunity to descend on an impressive tube slide. Additionally, there exists a climbing wall that the children enjoy ascending.

Mulcahey Elementary School second grader Maxwell Derewiany, 7, enjoys a plastic ball ride in a bumper ball court during a visit to Fun City Adventure Park with his grandfather Kevin Cotter on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.
Mulcahey Elementary School third grader Riley Derewiany enjoys a ride in a plastic ball at Fun City Adventure Park on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.

Stanley and his fiancé, Jazmine, said that their daughter Adrianna, who is 23 years old, enjoys jumping into a trampoline filled with small cushions at their residence in Taunton.

“She said while visiting Fun City with her sister Tyler Urbanus, who is 22 years old, that she enjoys participating in the obstacle course. That is her current interest.”

Tyler mentioned that she attempts to go to Fun City every few weeks with Adrianna and Jazmine.

“Tyler added that Jazmine enjoys entering the ball pit to toss balls.”

Tyler Urbanus, 22, her sister Adrianna Urbanus, 23, and her daughter Jazmine Urbanus, 2, are all smiles as they describe their visit at the new Fun City Adventure Park at Taunton Depot on Jan. 10. (Photo: Taunton Gazette/Ed Baker)

Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce membership coordinator Elizabeth LaBrecque said her 4-year-old son Julian loves anything at the park that involves jumping.

With a laugh, she remarked that Julian adores making noise and possesses an immense amount of vitality, as evidenced by his gleeful descent down a slide and into a pool of colorful plastic balls.

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Julian Labrecque, 4, enjoy a ride down a ball slide at Fun City Adventure Park on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.

Katlyn Goodwin, a resident of Taunton, mentioned that Fun City is “a suitable place for children of her daughter Athena’s age”

“She is capable of accomplishing numerous activities in this location,” Goodwin mentioned prior to Athena leaping into a pit filled with balls.

Ethan Zhang, a colleague from Fun City, pointed out that guests also have the chance to have fun with arcade games and take part in rope climbing exercises.

“There are basketball arenas, ninja arenas and dodgeball arenas,” he added.

The park additionally features a foam pit, a jungle track, and a playground spanning over 7,000 square feet.

Luminous and sunny living area with a hearth. A tailor-made colonial residence, situated on over an acre of property, was purchased for $699K in Dighton.

Taunton School Committee member Louis Loura expressed that Fun City would assist in alleviating students’ monotony.

Loura, a district director for state Sen. Marc Pacheco, D-Taunton, expressed, “It is a secure location for them to arrive and socialize with fellow classmates and their companions.” Loura conveyed that park authorities informed him they would provide a discounted entrance fee to educational institutions that aim to send batches of students to the establishment. “They are under supervision and capable of having a good time. This will be advantageous for their parents.”

Fun City Adventure Park employee Nick Sabino, a B-P sophomore, demonstrates a jump on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.

Chairman Gregory DeMelo of the School Committee mentioned that Fun City could also offer job prospects for high school students.

He stated, “regarding the necessity of personnel in diverse industries, we have observed from news accounts considering the assistance they could benefit from, I am confident.”

Nick Sabino, a 16-year-old sophomore at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School, stated that he finds his job at Fun City enjoyable.

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Unforgettable shows. Who is the Player of the Week for Jan. 9-15 in the Taunton Daily Gazette?

“I have been employed at this establishment for three months,” he stated as he arranged cushion blocks within the trampoline enclosure. “All of my acquaintances are employed here.”

Chase Calvano, a 16-year-old employee at Fun City, described the amusement park as “an excellent setting” for visitors.

“You witness individuals of all age groups in this location,” expressed Calvano, who is also a sophomore at Bristol-Plymouth.

Fun City Adventure Park employee Chase Calvano, a B-P sophomore, prepares cushions inside a trampoline for jumpers on Jan. 10, 2023.

Fun City expected to spur ‘economic activity’

The organizers of the Fun City Adventure held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 10th to celebrate the opening of the park in the presence of local and state officials.

Mayor Shaunna O’Connell stated that Fun City Adventure Park would “stimulate economic activity” in Taunton Depot and establishments along Route 140.

During the ceremony, she expressed, “It provides our children of all ages and families with a fantastic wholesome active pastime to engage in. We are ecstatic to witness such a multitude of youngsters present. It’s enterprises backing enterprises.”

Taunton Mayor Shaunna O

According to Kris Silva, President of the Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce, Linens & Things closed in 2008, and now Fun City occupies the area that used to be its home.

“The Spirit Halloween shop used to be located here,” she included.

Silva stated that the amenities of Fun City would inspire individuals from nearby communities to visit the amusement park and endorse local businesses.

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She expressed, “There is a Papa Gino’s establishment in this vicinity along with various other local enterprises.” “Individuals will likely be seeking out venues where they can bring their children.”

Commonwealth Alternative Care Assistant General Manager Robert Hansen said he enjoys taking his 4-year-old son Oliver to Fun City.

He mentioned that following the ceremony, there will be slides, a ball pit, and a jungle gym. Children enjoy the trampoline and leaping into the ball pit.

Fun City donates gift admission cards to students in need

Zhang mentioned that Fun City provided complimentary entrance cards to certain Taunton students whose parents are experiencing financial challenges.

“We presented the mayor with Fun City gift vouchers for distribution prior to the Christmas holiday,” he stated.

O’Connell stated that city authorities value Fun City’s eagerness to assist individuals in need.

She stated, “through various means, contribute and actively participate in our community, but we particularly value businesses that come here, we highly value.”

Fun City Adventure Park business partner Ethan Zhang, left, displays a congratulatory state Senate citation presented to him by School Committee member Lou Laura, a district director for state Sen. Marc Pacheco, on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.

Loura awarded Zhang with a state Senate citation for the generous gift card contributions made by Fun City.

The Massachusetts Senate recognizes the contributions of the community in providing Taunton with a family entertainment place, as said by Loura.

Zhang expressed that it was a privilege to receive a government citation.

“We endeavor to assist whenever possible,” he stated.

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