‘Need A Favor’ by Jelly Roll – Lyrics & Meaning

The ballad, filled with anguish and soulfulness, became the first number one country song in 2021 for the rockstar, who initially started as a rapper. His introduction into Nashville’s highly regarded music scene has been a game-changing and surprising move, bringing a unique blend of rock and country influences.

Since then, he has earned himself a blockbuster documentary on Hulu, which has garnered a passionate army of new fans, who are lapping up the shape-shifting sounds of Roll’s Jelly and eagerly anticipating the CMT 2023 Awards.

His 2022 track, ‘Require A Kindness’, embodies through Jelly Roll, captures his challenges into unfiltered, intense songwriting often, with a tumultuous history that was sullied by several detentions, extended periods in prison, and an array of distressing, life-changing encounters.

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Jelly Roll’s album ‘Favor A Need’ in 2023, the comforting and reassuring commitment of using music as a means to connect with listeners is doubled at Chapel Whitsitt.

Jelly often seeks to convey a faith-filled and religious imagery on tracks like Whitsitt Chapel, with the use of ‘Church’ and ‘Nail Me’.

During the CMT Awards 2023, Career Roll’s Jelly had its second single become a favorite, thanks to the choir-backed performance that boosted the track’s rousing performance. ‘Need A Favor’ is the undisputed keystone around which Chapel Whitsitt was constructed, and by the end of July, the anthemic song surged to the top of the charts, making it Roll’s Jelly’s consecutive second No. 1 on the Country Radio charts.

Jelly Roll, who takes pride in his chameleonic musical style, embodies “Need A Favor” with powerful and soul-searching verses that hook high-energy listeners. His music draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres.

The architecture of the sonic foundation is built upon a guitar-based, country-leaning structure, while the driving beat of hip hop is anchored by Jelly’s usual evocative and raspy vocals.

Roll’s Jelly boldly opens his song, launching straight into introspective lines about the imperfections and flaws that obstruct his spiritual redemption, accompanied by sparse and simple instrumentation and a chorus.

During his performance at the 2023 CMT Awards, Jelly Roll cleverly juxtaposed the angelic and celestial feel of his confessional song “Need A Favor” by incorporating a growing chorus that was accompanied by a choir.

Do I need a favor, God? Can I only talk to you? Am I the one who is in trouble? Do I expect to be saved? When I don’t have a prayer, I only pray. I need a favor, God, but I also need a favor, God.

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The lines ‘Who am I to expect a savior?’ And ‘When I pray, I only got a prayer, ain’t that a hell?’ Carry subtle religious undertones. For example, in the instance of ‘A Need for Favor,’ the phrase is full of satisfying wordplay and witty turns of phrase.

Once again, when Jelly hears him and expects him to help, he can only turn to prayer as a last resort. In these moments, he feels a deep sense of self-reproach that is permeated by a need for favor from ‘God.

I don’t know what to say by folding my hands in time. I have only been saving dust on the nightstand in James King Hardcover Church. I swear I spend more Sundays drunk, taking my ass off than I know. I haven’t been living words, but I know Amazing Grace.

For instance, ‘The Lost’ by Whitsitt Chapel, Jelly Roll strives to create music for individuals who may not regularly attend church on Sunday mornings and are experiencing suffering.

The spirit of ‘Need A Favor’ is made vulnerable and open by choosing to ensure that traditional gospel songs are more widely accessible, while maintaining his self-serving approach to faith.

Please do not lose me, I will pay for everything I’ve done, but I can’t be choosers and you owe me more than one favor, yeah.

Once again, he pleads for God to come to his aid, as he croons, “Please don’t let me lose her, just.” He hints at the difficulties in his relationship, referring to himself as the protagonist in the second verse. Towards the end of the song, it becomes unclear the specific predicament that the majority of “Need A Favor” finds itself in.

Fortunately, this music video for “Favor A Need” reveals that the main character, who is singing about his daughter suffering from cancer, is actually based on real-life events. This heart-rending song does not detract from the true nature of the events.

Hail Mary, oh dear God, spare me, Lord, if You’re still present. Hail Mary’s are akin to prayers being offered. Scarcely lingering, barely present, just hanging on.

The listener who is left without any doubt will be provided with assistance for Jelly’s calls. This track, ‘Favor A Need’, plays as an inspirational and uplifting song in general, thanks in part to the electrifying support from emotionally charged Roll’s Jelly. Despite being full of remorse, guilt, and self-deprecation, this track still serves as a source of inspiration.

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During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast in 2023, Jelly Roll explained that he was inspired to create an album after going to church with his daughter at Whitsitt Chapel. He felt that there was a need for a faith-based music album that aimed at an audience who may have felt left out in the cold, but were still interested in going to church. The song “Favor A Need” was born from his revisiting of his youth at Chapel Whitsitt and his experiences with the church.

“What does worship music for sinners sound like?” He inquired. I expressed my desire for that old stomping and clapping, reminiscent of the old church atmosphere. I suggested that we should build it with a choir and a grand production. However, I then admitted, “I only talk to God when I need a favor.” I pondered my feelings and questioned, “So how do I truly feel?” I continued to explain that in church, it’s all about praising and exclaiming, “Holy, holy, you are great.” Contrary to that, I confessed, “I don’t necessarily feel that way.”

Jelly Roll inquired, “How can I compose that?” He continued, “I expressed, ‘However, there is optimism’… Eventually, they will try to persuade you that you are an awful individual, destined for damnation, but in the end, they will unexpectedly shift from a sorrowful tone to a cheerful one and proclaim, ‘Have you ever attended a worship service on a Sunday in the southern region?'”. Jelly Roll then disclosed his unwavering resolve to infuse ‘Need A Favor’ with a motivational and positive undertone during the same discussion.

“I believe that the next generation of kids in Nashville will produce the best songs ever written. I have never seen a town where the lines are so blurred. Right now, there is a hip hop groove that permeates this town – it’s like Mary’s Hail prayers are being thrown up. I am barely hanging in there, just barely. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, I discussed how ‘Favor A Need’ is a sonic structure that blends genres and is a touchstone for Jelly Roll Music.”

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Jelly Roll humbly declines to categorize himself as part of this groundbreaking new wave of artists emerging from Nashville, even though his impact on country music is indisputable.

Favor A Need is a modern-day hymn carefully tailored for today’s listenership, and while it may already have an impressive explosion in popularity, it is only the tip of the iceberg for Maverick’s trailblazing. Although somewhat unsurprising, you can’t help but feel it’s a remarkable and much-needed help.

I need a favor, God, but I only need to talk to you if I expect you to be my Savior. I am in hell, and I only pray when I don’t have a prayer. And when I need a favor, I only talk to God.

I don’t know what to say By folding my hands, I save time. The only dust on my nightstand has been from the James King Hardcover church book. I spend more Sundays getting drunk than I swear I’ve been living them. But I know the Amazing Grace.

I need a favor, God. I only want to talk to you, God. I am the one in hell. So, I don’t have a prayer when I only pray. And when I need a favor, I only want to talk to God. I need a favor, God. But I need a favor, God. Amen, amen.

Please don’t let me lose her, I’ll pay for everything I’ve done, but I can’t be picky, and I owe you more than one, yeah.

Truly, trulyGod, I require a favorBut if I solely converse with God, when I require a favorOh-oh-ohhWho on earth am I, to anticipate a rescuer?Who on earth am I?So, who on earth am I?And I solely plead, when I lack a chanceI solely communicate with God, when I require a favorI

Oh, dear Mary, dear God, dear God Spare me, Lord if You’re still present Hail Mary’s comparable to prayers being thrown Barely, just there, hanging.

Oh, dear Mary, dear God, dear God Spare me, Lord if You’re still present Hail Mary’s comparable to prayers being thrown Barely, just there, hanging.

When I am in need of favor, I only talk to God. I am the one who tells myself that I am the savior in hell. So, when I don’t receive an answer to my prayer, I only pray. And when I need favor, I only talk to God.

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