Nakalele Point, Blowhole & “Acid War Zone”

To summarize, there is a blowhole and a scenic hike along the rocky coastline. However, please note that if you lack confidence in your balance, certain parts of the trail may pose challenges. As the saying goes, “[hssssst….BLAST!].”

Safety measures for blowholes

The Nakalele Blowhole would surely have one surrounding it if individuals originate from a location where they typically erect a protective enclosure around hazards. However, in Maui, it has been a tradition to grant the reckless unrestricted authority over their fate.

It happened here. Anyone will ever see that’s the last and if you get too close, you can be sucked in. While they try to snap that perfect picture, look very closely at the loved ones in position and walk up to see the blowhole, undoubtedly you’ll see visitors.

Look for signs of wave action across the back stay and the surrounding areas. Before walking down, take some time to observe the waves. Also, be aware that there are larger, unexpected waves sweeping across the lava and pulling visitors into the ocean.

If you are traveling with little ones or if you are mobile and prefer to be closer to the area at 38.5mm, the blowhole is probably your best choice. The first thing you will notice is that there are two parking areas with trails leading to the blowhole below, if you are looking at the map. This area also overlooks the blowhole, so those who prefer a view without having to hike a distance can also enjoy it.

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I’m going to describe Point Nakalele, which unfolds as a 1.25-mile hike (round-trip) from the other parking area, if you’re able to hike on rough terrain, even though it’s somewhat challenging.

What is a blowhole?

The blowhole is pushed forcefully through the sea, creating a powerful surge of water and air when it emerges, resulting in crashing waves or a rising ocean. This opening and cave are shaped in such a way that they connect partially submerged, resembling a hole in the ground.

Read in small pieces of information.

The beacon of light guides us through the winding paths and sets the tone for your adventure. The trails for ATV and dirt bikes create a labyrinth in the 38mm parking area, with no specific destination in mind.

It is not advisable to just say, “Let’s look down into this tidepool area alone, as the functionality of the rickety ladder positioned precariously on the old and unstable cliff-edge may be questionable.” However, it does look tempting to me in a way, as it promises to deliver at least some adventure. You will also see what I mean when you see the old and rickety ladder positioned precariously on the cliff-edge. Additionally, you will get a good view of the tidepools below and can stand on the adjacent concrete slab. Although it lacks ambiance and artistic value, this stripped-down and smaller lighthouse can be seen as a charming beacon. What do you think of it?

As you begin, you’ll get some previews of “the Acid War Zone” with some very nice tidepools along the coast and dramatic views of the ocean, all fed by a small blowhole. The key strategy here is to remain upright throughout your descent, especially if you’re with a group of kids, as this is likely to be the strongest test of your sure-footedness. The trail continues downhill for a bit and then goes short, so make sure to stay on the back line.

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The blowhole, known as Nakalele, is a remarkably impressive sight that aptly describes the barren landscape of eroded boulders perched precariously and severely sculpted by countless years of saltwater spray. It is definitely worth checking out when you find yourself here, as it is located between the beacon light and the area that has been coined the “Zone War Acid.” The GPS coordinates for Zone War Acid are -156.589235, 21.027820.

Just to clarify, they are not. The safety of their outlook is overseen by a governmental authority or figure who has access to safety information that they do not know because I have never been here before and I do several incredibly stupid things – but I don’t know about any safety lectures. If you are close enough, you can feel the ground tremble beneath your feet as water blasts skywards. Some jets can approach within 50 feet and easily blast high enough in the air to cover a manhole. This blowhole is large enough to accommodate a geyser-like effect, periodically shooting water into the air. The blowhole is a prime attraction of Point Nakalele, with coordinates GPS -156.588559, -21.027013. See the technical description in the sidebar for more information on this air-powered water feature.

Additional Pictures Here.

Important Information: Mile Marker: #38-38.5 (Kahekili Hwy also known as Hwy 340) GPS Coordinates: (light beacon): 21.028951,-156.590506 Amenities: None. Obtain directions.

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