Morgan Wallen 2023 ‘One Night At A Time’ Concert Tour Setlist

Morgan Wallen, having just released a massive 36-song album titled “A Dangerous Thing,” incorporated a refreshingly large portion of these new tracks into his tour setlist. Some of the standout songs, especially the more hip beat-driven ones, include “I Wrote The Book,” “Whiskey Friends,” “Ain’t Some That,” and “Thinkin’ Bout Me.”

Fans were equally glad to see introspective cuts like ‘One Thing At A Time’ from the setlist, in addition to his recent Country Radio No. 1, ‘Devil Don’t Know’ and his hit song ‘Thought You Should Know’, as some introduced the superstar Sneedville.

The roster also consists of vibrant, foot-thumping, dynamic, country-inspired songs like ‘Everything I Love’, ‘You Certify’ and the title song of the latest album.

Morgan Wallen, arguably, had no choice but to bring a range of new tracks from One Thing Time A At, given the fact that all 36 of his simultaneous entries on the chart broke Drake’s record for the most number on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Here you can discover the latest setlist of Morgan Wallen as he begins his 2023 One Night At A Time concert tour.

Morgan Wallen would kick off his highly popular Dangerous 2022 tour by performing ‘Broadway Girls’, a collaboration with Lil Durk, in front of an excited crowd at the arena, generating immense hype among the audience.

In 2023, the superstar from Sneedville would launch his high-octane, hit-assisted line ‘Down Up’ as he sets off to open his choice twofer. Then, his blistering gets and remained in Georgia Florida.

Wallen, in early 2022, followed up his heartbroken ode to a long-lost holiday romance, ‘Sand In My Boots,’ with an emotionally charged performance of ‘Broadway Girls’ at his famous Madison Square Garden performances, where he also switched up the setlist.

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Wallen’s performance in 2023 continues to hold great significance, just like his initial breakthrough with ‘The Way I Talk’, which concludes the main segment of his show before he comes back for an encore. ‘Sand In My Boots’ remains a crucial element in 2023.

Wallen has built a reputation for being a showman, delivering memorable live shows, and including songs like ‘Heartless’, ‘Still Goin’ Down’, ‘Chasin’ You’, and ‘More Than My Hometown’ in his setlist, so it’s unsurprising that he has that reputation.

In addition, on his tour in 2023, Wallen is still thankfully playing his much-loved and moving cover of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up,” with his guitar and vulnerable, tender ballads such as “This Man” and “Dying.” He isn’t afraid to strip it all back, it’s just him and his guitar.

Up until this point, during his 2023 tour, Wallen has showcased ‘Flower Shops’ and ‘Cowgirls’ alongside Ernest and the HIXTAPE sensation, ‘He Went To Jared’, featuring HARDY. Additionally, he frequently invites his companions to join him on stage.

Unsurprisingly, Wallen’s latest chart-topper ‘Last Night’ has also made its way into the setlist of this performer, who is playing with a high-octane, heartbroken, classic vibe in his Time At Night One show. Additionally, ‘Whiskey Glasses’ is another song that is featured in his setlist.

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