Months later, the push for answers around Shanquella Robinson’s death continues

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Shanquella Robinson is described as someone who always wears a bright smile and has a contagious laugh.

In Cabo, Mexico, the passing of Oct. 29 has resonated with people who didn’t know her before. For those familiar with her, Robinson’s smile would illuminate the room.

Who was the individual who is now 26 years old?

“She resided. She resided,” childhood acquaintance Kayla Mitchell expressed. “She was simply brimming with vitality, just overflowing with affection.”

At Charlotte West High School, freshmen Robinson and Mitchell met each other. As teammates on the cheerleading squad for DubC-TV, the two Lions quickly formed a bond.

Previous Report: Charlotte family advocating for answers after daughter discovered deceased in Mexico.

Mitchell said, “We met at West Charlotte during our freshman year.” We instantly connected through our love for fashion, when we started the IB program. Our relationship started with a mutual admiration for dressing up and every day we made sure to look our best.

Mitchell mentioned that there is a recollection of her and Robinson’s period in secondary school that stands out.

I recall a moment where I can just know that you put a smile on my face. It was just a simple thing, you know, just to make her happy. She was just so happy, like it was a real moment for her. She recorded it on Snapchat, just to capture that happiness. I think the most extravagant gift I could have brought her would have been something as simple as a hot chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts. But, why don’t I know why it was “her” gift, Mitchell said.

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Prior Report: The FBI is currently investigating the death of a woman from Charlotte in Mexico.

Reflecting on those moments brings a smile, which is why Mitchell expressed that learning about Robinson’s passing deeply surprised her.

Mitchell said, “She had so much to look forward to, it was just like her business booming and her prosperity coming together. She was so young, and she had so much more to live for. She was devastated, like really devastated.” “It was just like how she let it go. It’s just like that. I couldn’t believe someone could be capable of doing something like this, not just to her but to anyone. And the crazy thing is, I actually knew her story, I saw her enjoying her time, so I couldn’t believe it.”

What occurred to Robinson?

  • On October 28th, I arrived in Cabo, Mexico with a bunch of friends.
  • October 29th: Discovered deceased in a hotel room.
  • Early in November, WBTV reported that a viral video showing an alleged fight went viral on social media, revealing that she died of a cracked spine, as stated in the autopsy report, according to Robinson’s parents.
  • November 18th: The FBI declares their inquiry.
  • On November 19th, Robinson was buried in Charlotte.
  • November 24: Mexican authorities issue a warrant for the arrest of a ‘primary attacker’.
  • Three months after, there are still numerous unresolved inquiries.

    Mexican prosecutor Daniel de la Rosa Anaya emphasized in a recent press briefing that extradition has been sought for the “primary attacker.” He mentioned that individuals on the journey have been invited to be interviewed by U.S. Authorities.

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    There have been no apprehensions.

    Regarding the independent investigation conducted by the FBI, it is still in progress.

    The FBI is currently investigating the death of Robinson Shanquella. We understand that this is a challenging time for her family and the community. The FBI is collaborating with the Department of Justice to carry out a comprehensive and meticulous investigation.

    The Department of State directed us to Mexican officials for any inquiries regarding the investigation.

    “Do you have any inquiries?” WBTV inquired Mitchell.

    Mitchell said, “We’ve been wondering for so long why we haven’t seen any real updates on the progress we’ve made. What’s the current status of the motion? What’s the timeline for progress? What’s the progress on-going?”

    Previous Report: Charlotte persists in supporting and advocating for the family of Shanquella Robinson.

    She also has a statement to anyone who might be aware of what occurred.

    She expressed, “You can’t escape his justice and you can’t distance yourself from him. If you desire to experience him fully, you must go through him… That’s the ultimate way God perceives it. And when people act in ways that are not aligned with God, whatever you do, God remains just. You cannot run away from his justice.”

    “What information would you like the world to be aware of regarding Shanquella Robinson?” Inquired WBTV.

    “Mitchell responded, I feel like that’s a valuable lesson for all of us to learn. It’s just so important to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment. She really loved and appreciated the big experiences that made her life so full.”

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    Statements from the relatives of Shanquella Robinson.

    To ensure fairness for Shanquella, we kindly request your continued support and solidarity throughout this endeavor. The inquiry into this matter is currently ongoing, and regrettably, there have been no apprehensions made regarding my sister’s premature passing three months ago. We sincerely appreciate the overwhelming support extended to the Robinson and Long families.

    I am so grateful and blessed for all that happened in the city of Charlotte, NC. I cannot answer what happened in their presence, and I appreciate the people who are responsible for making her life better. I am thankful for caring about Shanquella Robinson, and I want to thank them again.

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