Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World: Which Game is Better?

Hunter Monster. World is one of the most prevalent series of RPG Action games, available on multiple platforms. It takes place in a fantasy world where the common theme is slaying monsters.

Despite originating in 2004, the developers expressed their gratitude for the year 2019, the year preceding the release of the Icebreak expansion pack. This was after the worldwide stardom the Monster Hunter franchise game gathered in 2018.

In 2022, a new installment named Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak was released. Monster Hunter Rise (2021) served as the subsequent installment in the Monster Hunter franchise.

Is the comparison between Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World the ultimate hunt in finding out? The game, which is the star of the Monster Hunter franchise, but when it comes to the overall gameplay experience, both MHR and MHW closely rank. The Rise version comes with additional features than its predecessor.

Despite belonging to the same series and genre, MHR and MHW possess unique qualities. Various gamers and critics concur that MHR has an arcade-style feel, whereas MHW leans towards realism. Since its introduction in the gaming industry, Monster Hunter Rise has consistently been compared to its predecessor.

The review system Metascore is a characteristic on the site Metacritic, a well-liked game critic. MHR achieves a Metascore of 88, whereas the MHW exceeds it with a paltry 2 points, leading to a Metascore of 90 points. This evaluation system is established on the general ratings discovered on the web.

We have decided to provide a more detailed analysis of the component-wise comparison between World Hunter Monster and Rise Hunter Monster. In this analysis, we will focus on the features and platforms of the game, as well as the gameplay, graphics, and storyline factors.

Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World Storyline

The MHW narrative is fairly simple. The game centers around a deserted land teeming with untamed creatures and untamed areas.

The narration style of the story is not very clear or verbal. The MC has entered the New World, an uninhabited continent, to collect valuable entities and eliminate ferocious monsters. The player in the game illustrates the role of a hunter.

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The narrative focuses on the main character carrying out different tasks in the New World.

Witness Fugen, the protagonist notices an unfamiliar flying creature during their journey. The central character of MHR is approached by Minoto & Hinoa at Fugen’s request, who is the leader of the village. This story unfolds in a village called Kamura. MHR adopts a more straightforward storytelling approach in contrast to MHW.

MC is then informed about a notorious incident known as the catastrophe that occurred fifty years ago.

The village is completely wiped out by the rumored calamity. The MC has to delve into the depths of the hidden mystery points in order to progress in this role-playing arcade game featuring the Elder Dragon.

By looking at the trailers of both games, you may feel a greater sense of depth and purpose in MHR’s story.

The story mode of Monster Hunter Rise lasts approximately 22 hours, while Monster Hunter World offers a contrasting slower progressive storyline that spans around 48 hours.

There is no doubt that both games have an impressive storyline. Rise: Hunter Monster has a more expressive and well-defined storyline, and this round wins.

Monster Hunter Rise vs. Monster Hunter World Gameplay

Both games function based on a comparable concept of exploration. Despite falling under the same genre of Action RPG, MH Rise & MH World offer different levels of gameplay experience.

Rise Hunter Monster (MHR) manages to provide a larger and more realistic world, with a map that is smaller in comparison but more interactive than its beginner-friendly predecessor, Monster Hunter World (MHW).

Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay

Next, we will compare the combat styles of these Monster Hunter World games, which require a more strategic approach to attacking monsters; speed is certainly a test to your reflexes, but there are also other factors to consider.

If you prefer a strategic and slow-paced combat over a wild battle spree, then Monster Hunter Rise might better suit your taste as it provides more advanced attack options to keep up with the high-paced monsters.

If you desire a more genuine and strategic combat approach, opt for MHW. However, MH Rise offers a distinct arcade-like sensation, one might argue.

Monster Hunter World Gameplay

Naturally, in a figurative sense, the immersive combat simulation has the ability to transport you seamlessly into a new realm; however, this does not imply that MHW lacks in any way. Due to its strong emphasis on action and a harmonious integration of RPG elements, MHR can be categorized as an Action RPG, although this classification ultimately depends on personal preference.

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Therefore, it can be concluded that MH: Rise emerges victorious in this round.

Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World Platforms

Similar to other games, Monster Hunter World can also be explored. Its launch on Windows took place on August 9, 2018. Initially, MH World was released for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018.

PS 4 & PS 5, Xbox Series One/X/S, and Nintendo Switch initially launched MHR, the latest addition to the Monster Hunter Series. The game has recently become accessible.

The game that suits your taste depends entirely on your preference. If you prefer gaming on World Hunter Monster consoles, then that is the game for you. However, if you prefer playing it on PC devices, you can extract a maximum experience, but the accessibility and ease of Rise Hunter Monster are more extensive.

This particular match can easily be considered a draw because of restrictions on both sides.

Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World Graphics

Despite the intense attention to detail in character expressions, MHW is quite monotonous. The graphics of Rise MH have a lighter and more subtle tone color, while the graphics of World MH appear much more vivid and pigmented. MHW was developed for multiple platforms and had significantly better graphic specs than MHR. The Next Round of comparison is Graphics.

The game, however, did not disappoint with its state-of-the-art visuals and graphics, even though the engine was outdated. Framework MT MHW certainly faced raised brows from critics and fans at the time. Rise is equipped with Moon Engine, which provides a faster transition rate for the game. Considering it is a PC game, it has more decent graphics, but it may not have breathtaking visuals like MHR.

MH World’s attention to detail while carving the characters cannot be disregarded, but in MH Rise, the game characters are noticeably more expressive and animated, adding an alluring simulated experience for the player.

After concluding all these factors, we can say that Monster Hunter World has hands down better graphics in comparison to MH Rise.

If you happen to be a supporter of Wither 3 and Elden Ring, you have the opportunity to delve into the contrast between Witcher 3 and Elden Ring.

Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World Features

In the comparison of features below, let’s determine if Monster Hunter Rise successfully delivered in comparison to MH World. There are high expectations for it whenever a new game is released in an already popular series.

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1. Multiplayer Mode

MHR offers separate Multiplayer Mode and Story Mode. In the multiplayer mode, both games allow for up to four-player alliances. However, MH World is limited to solely online multiplayer mode, whereas MH Rise offers both local and online multiplayer options. The Multiplayer mode is available in both MHR and MHW.

2. Rampage Mode

Prior to evolving into a bloodbath, the player must halt the rampage. The creatures are obsessed with obliterating the village, and this mode pits the player in a close battle against a horde of frenzied monsters. If you enjoy Tower Defense games, this characteristic will undoubtedly captivate you. MH Rise introduces a fresh addition to the Monster Hunter Games known as Rampage Mode.

3. Wirebug Mechanic

Enhance your abilities by watching an instructional video that can guide you on how to master these skills. This mechanic allows players to execute specialized attacks such as Run Wall & Attack Silkbind, Wirefall, and Wiredash. The Wirebug mechanic is a game-changing feature.

4. Wyvern Riding

Ascend the Monster Hunter (MH) franchise by battling enemies in this unique gameplay style. Rise MH now allows players to take control of monsters during the game, offering a thrilling experience. Lost Days is where you can earn bonus points as you climb the ranks by defeating monsters. The next exciting feature that captivates fans of the Monster Hunter franchise is the ability to ride Wyverns.

5. Game Companion

In an Action RPG setting, the direct combat support provided by Palamutes makes them a superior companion. Both are capable allies, but MH Rise introduced a new companion named Palamute to aid the player in battling the rapidly moving monsters. MH World included Palico as well, alongside players, to offer strategic advice on attack and defense strategies, resembling a feline creature.

Monster Hunter Palamute Palico

6. Monsters

The traditional MHW provides more complex and lifelike creature designs, whereas Monster Hunter World. MHR offers a significantly larger number of creatures compared to the classic MHW. The most impressive aspect of the MHR creatures is how seamlessly they integrate into their surroundings. The attack speed of monsters in MH Rise is notably higher than in MH World. The monsters in MH Rise showcase unpredictable attack patterns, with their appearances on the map being completely random. Monster Hunter World boasts a much larger roster of creatures compared to Monster Hunter Rise.

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Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World Conclusion

After considering all the features and parameters offered by World & Rise MH, we have come to a final verdict that MHW lacks a decent gameplay experience, which is the reason behind this. Rise MH leaps ahead of its predecessor in offering much more MHR.

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