Mom of 12-year-old says ‘manic episode’ to blame for stabbing

The incident appears to be the first time that the mother of a 12-year-old girl, who fatally stabbed her 9-year-old brother in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is speaking out about a manic episode of some sort.

April Lyda explained in a special “CUOMO” interview on Thursday what she claims caused her daughter to behave violently.

Lyda stated, “It resembles a frenzied episode of some sort.” “Based on our discoveries, it appears that it was a medication problem, rather than anything else.”

The 12-year-old girl, Lyda, says that the stabbing happened in January when she woke up and her brother had just told her that he had been taken to the hospital where he died, according to the Tulsa Police Department.

The girl was transported to the Family Center for Juvenile Justice, as stated in the January press statement.

Lyda mentioned that her daughter had recently ceased using ADHD medication for the second time before the tragic incident.

Lyda said that when she went back to school, following the recommendation of health professionals, her grades started to slip. However, when she returned to public school the following year, she began to be home-schooled when she was 12 years old, but she had been on medication for five years.

Lyda herself started cutting when she stopped taking the medication. She did not specify what medication her daughter was taking.

She wasn’t aware of that, because I truly believe her. For the past six months, she has been working with a team of experts, and they truly believe in her after working with her. It was not the way she wanted it to be, as she mentioned. She doesn’t understand why she did it, but she feels extremely guilty and heartbroken. She doesn’t have any explanation for why she did it. He loved her and she loved him.

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The footage from the police body camera reveals that the 12-year-old expressed the same sentiment on the night of the murder.

According to a report from Law&Crime, she informs the officers who arrived at the scene, “I am unsure about the reason behind my actions.” The young girl expresses her remorse to her mother, saying, “I deeply apologize, I am uncertain about the events that transpired.”

Lyda stated that the girl did not display any violent or hostile conduct in the days leading up to the murder. However, the family did become aware of remarks she had made to her friends earlier, expressing her thoughts of stabbing her brother.

Lyda stated, “Regrettably, it is possible that they were scared to disclose this to their parents or me. I was completely unaware of her contemplations.”

On Thursday, Dr. Sterling Darcy, a licensed clinical social worker, stated that the medication was the only factor taken into consideration and expressed skepticism about the missing pieces of this puzzle.

Sterling expressed, “The medications will not cause someone to become homicidal in that manner.” “I am not aware of any instance where a child unintentionally engages in such behavior without any prior indications.”

Lyda mentioned that no charges have been pressed, but “in the future,” there might be.

“According to Tulsa Police Capt. Richard Meulenberg, the court system will need to resolve the issue of intention, which will play a crucial role in this case,” he told KOKI-TV during the time of the homicide.

Lyda expressed her desire for her to receive the necessary assistance. She anticipated that she would face significant difficulties in mourning and experiencing guilt, thus requiring extensive support in that particular area. Ultimately, Lyda aspired for her to return home once she has completed her treatment.

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