Molly Ringwald Net Worth

The most recent update was on March 8, 2023. The actress’s source of wealth is acting and she is from the United States of America. She has a height of 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) and identifies as female. Her date of birth is February 18, 1968, making her 55 years old. Her net worth is estimated to be $11 million.


Molly Ringwald is a renowned American actress, vocalist, and writer.

The network made changes to the show after she and other cast members were fired. Molly, who played a role in the sitcom ‘The Facts of Life’, gained fame from it.

In 1982, her initial debut in a motion picture was as Miranda in the movie ‘Tempest’, which led to her receiving a nomination for a Golden Globe.

As of September 2023, Molly Ringwald’s approximate net worth is estimated to be around $11 Million.


Molly Kathleen Ringwald was born on February 18th, 1968, in California.

An older brother and siblings, Beth and Kelly, she has. Ringwald is the daughter of Adele Edith and Robert Scott “Bob” Ringwald.

Ringwald embarked on her acting journey at the tender age of 5. In the subsequent year, she collaborated with her father and his ensemble, the Fulton Street Jazz Band, to produce ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You,’ a Dixieland jazz music album.

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Samantha Baker won the Young Artist Award for her role in the movie “Picture Motion”. She had a breakout role in the comedy “Sixteen Candles” in 1984, and made her big screen debut in the movies “Forbidden Zone”, “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone”, and “The Tempest”.

In 1987, three films featured Ringwald in starring roles. These films were ‘The Kid’ and ‘P.K.,’ ‘King Lear,’ and ‘The Pick-up Artist.’ Additionally, she starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. In the film ‘For Keeps’ the following year.

In today’s movie industry, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Pretty Woman’ are both considered to be two of the best movies, in which she played the lead female roles during the 1990s.

In 1990, she starred in ‘Strike it Rich’ alongside Robert Lindsey and John Gielgud. In numerous French movies, she resided in Paris and relocated in the mid-90s.

In the 2000s, Ringwald was in the Western film ‘Cowboy Up’ following the Australian slasher film ‘Cut’ and the ensemble-themed film ‘Weeds’.

As of September 2023, Molly Ringwald’s approximate net worth is estimated to be around $11 Million.


Here are some of the top highlights of Molly Ringwald’s professional life:

  • Sixteen Candles (Film, 1984).
  • The Breakfast Club (Film, 1985).
  • For Keeps (Film, 1988).
  • King Cobra (Film, 2016).
  • Siberia (Film, 2018).
  • The Kissing Booth 3 (Film, 2021).
  • Maybe they wouldn’t have had success if Molly Ringwald hadn’t been in some of the movies I’d turned down. You never know how a script is going to turn out when you read it because so much depends on the collaboration between people.

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    Whatever it is that gives you confidence, I believe that success in relationships, career, and life can vary from person to person.

    John wrote the song “Pretty in Pink” loosely based around the psychedelic furs and inspired by his love for music. He had often used titles of songs from his projects as a source of inspiration, and he had been wanting to write something for me.

    Molly Ringwald – I wasn’t someone different from Andie, because Andie seemed like the kind of person he would’ve been interested in. I never thought Andie would be interested in someone like him, who didn’t come off as a typical jock. Andrew was cute, with a sort of bookish quality.

    I can only recall a time when Molly Ringwald – Andrew hung out with me and we were probably butting heads. But I would say that the only time I can remember him pestering us and legitimately getting upset with us is when he wanted to see your reaction to the film.

    I love to say that my equivalent comfort food is jazz music. I have continued to pursue three of my passions, writing, acting, and singing with my band. I began singing with my band around the age of three. Growing up in a home filled with music, thanks to my dad who was a jazz musician, I developed an early appreciation for jazz music.

    3 Valuable Insights from Molly Ringwald’s Life

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    1. Existence

    In life, there is always that unique individual who influences your identity, who assists in defining the individual you evolve into.

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    2. Screenplays

    You never know when you read a script how it will turn out because so much depends on the collaboration between people.

    3. Adolescence

    The weather is very hot today.Output: The climate is extremely warm today.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    What is the net worth of Molly Ringwald?

    The estimated net worth of Molly Ringwald is $11 Million.

    What is Molly Ringwald’s age?

    Molly Ringwald was born on February 18, 1968, and is presently 55 years of age.

    What is the height of Molly Ringwald?

    Molly Ringwald stands at a height of 1.73 m, which is equivalent to 5 ft 8 in.


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