Miss Universe 2023 winner R’Bonney Gabriel is not transgender owner Anne Jakrajutatip

Filipino-American beauty queen R’Bonney Gabriel earned the US its ninth Miss Universe victory after winning Saturday night’s final in New Orleans, Louisiana.

At the age of 28, R’Bonney created a historic moment by becoming the oldest person to achieve success and the first winner of Filipino descent. She surpassed Amanda Dudamel from Venezuela and Andreína Martinez from the Dominican Republic to claim the crown.

HITC is here to clarify the situation. It appears that some viewers have mistaken the identities of the two elegant women. Nevertheless, following the powerful and heartfelt speech by Anne Jakrajutatip, the owner of Miss Universe, not everyone’s attention was focused on R’Bonney.

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  • Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, the recently appointed owner of Miss Universe, has garnered attention with her inspirational address, although R’Bonney could have emerged as the victor.

    The Thai-owned conglomerate media company Global JKN Group purchased a new platform called Universe Miss for $20 million in October. JKN Anne, who is transgender, hopes to use this platform to spread advocacy for her community.

    She passionately declared, “For every woman across the globe, possessed by a transgender woman, henceforth it shall be managed by females. Embrace the dawn of a new age.”

    With both R’Bonney and Anne gaining popularity on social media, fans have mistakenly confused the two women with one another.

    One person clarified, “She is the woman who won the pageant and is spreading rumors. She is not transgender, she is a woman.” Another person pleaded, “Please stop posting about the girl from Texas, Gabriel R’Bonny, who won Miss Universe.”

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    The judges were truly impressed by her question and answer, but R’Bonney was elegant and poised in all sections of the pageant.

    The age limit for Miss Universe candidates, which the model requested an increase in when asked about other changes she would like to see, is currently set at 28. This year, a new rule was introduced in the competition, allowing mothers and married women to compete.

    The present moment has arrived. It is not the past – but it is the present. It is not the future, it is not the past – but it is the present. Because as a female, I firmly hold the belief that age does not determine our worth. “Because as a female, I firmly hold the belief that age does not determine our worth. My preferred quotation is ‘if not now, then when?'” She replied to an enthusiastic audience.

    Anne JKN’s speech causes division on Twitter

    “The Miss Universe pageant is a perfect moment for women to take the lead and continue their control over men, while Anne preached.”

    While her motivational speech was greeted with cheers from the live audience, it has not been as positively received by online viewers.

    Since 2013, the beauty contest has permitted transgender participants, even though critics do not acknowledge Jakrajutatip’s gender identity as a woman and advocate for a distinct Miss Universe competition exclusively for transgender individuals.

    Angela Ponce, representing Spain, made history as the inaugural openly transgender contestant in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

    The viewer said that the idea of Miss Universe welcoming transgender beauty queens should be preserved, just like it has been for 71 years in the past Tradition.

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    Conversely, some individuals are praising the new regulations and proprietor of Miss Universe 2023.

    “One person defended the display of the new female, transgender owner, Anne Jakrajutatip, and her objective to put an end to the objectification of women in this contest,” they exclaimed. “This edition of Miss Universe holds a significant meaning.”

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