MillerKnoll CEO who went viral for telling employees to ‘leave pity city’ is now preaching empathy

CEO Owen Andi MillerKnoll is the recent victim at a virtual town hall in April, where she responded to a question about employee bonuses.

I had an old boss who once said to me, “You can visit City Pity, but you can’t live there, so don’t get too attached to the people.”

The CEO’s nightmare was every social media platform. Mostly negative comments were drawn countless times, and the video clip was viewed more than 20 million times. The video clip went viral in a moment. Instead of igniting the internet, it was intended to rally the troops.

What knowledge did she gain from the encounter?

The context of the situation was that things took place quickly and social media enabled a few people to amplify negative sentiments. However, they landed in a very different way, but the intention of my words was to motivate and rally. I was very naive about this.

The experience also convinced Owen of the necessity to reunite individuals in physical presence.

It’s difficult to be a human screen. This highlights what I missed, what I need, and what I can’t sacrifice. You really need the human-to-human connection. There is a danger in that. When all of this started, I was a big believer in how much we can do on a screen.

The story went viral after Owen reached out to many other CEOs. She said that having a conversation with vulnerable and interesting CEOs is very empathetic, confident, and courageous.

Dickson, the new CEO of Gap, has a big job ahead of him. According to Wahba’s story for Fortune, the company has been without a permanent replacement for more than a year. The previous CEO, Richard Dickson, who helped revive the Barbie franchise, only lasted for two years. Check out Phil Wahba’s news below for more information.

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Reuters. Tesla and domestic competitors lag behind in China’s “new energy vehicle” market, providing Volkswagen with an advantage in the market. Xpeng’s software will showcase the VW emblem while offering both brands’ two automobiles aimed at middle-class customers jointly. In exchange for a 4.99% ownership in the Chinese electric vehicle startup, Volkswagen is injecting approximately $700 million into Xpeng.


According to Chloe Berger, the offices in Austin are being emptied due to the intolerable heat caused by climate change, which is making it challenging to manage the RTO mandates.

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