Microwave Fried Egg Method (No Dirty Dishes!)

This TikTok trending hack for frying eggs without a pan in the microwave is the most ideal and effortless egg hack ever.

How exactly did this “dish free” “stove” trick work for us and break down what exactly has been happening to duplicate your kitchen in this internet world.

cooking an egg on a paper plate.

Many college students and kids who live in dorms have a lot of limitations when it comes to cooking at home, so learning how to cook an egg in a microwave is a valuable skill that can provide a great breakfast option.

No hassle, no complications – Usually, preparing eggs involves cookware, cooking oil, eggs, milk, and butter!

In less than a minute, that tiktok egg sandwich for a speedy journey will get you there, with a convenient paper plate technique to cook eggs, without any hassle, but this.

easy egg sandwich with fried egg.

From where did this original hack originate?

Prior to this, it has been accomplished thousands of times – and similar to numerous popular concepts on TikTok, the microwave was created for convenience, considering the fact that individuals have been engaging in this practice for a long time.

We, @akakasandra and @drewbie.Lee, made two appearances in this FYP video about cooking an egg without the need to do dishes.

See the video below in action.Output: Witness the video below in motion.

Microwaving Eggs – Key Points to Consider

Here are a few significant points as we examine this popular egg trick.

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  • Times three method egg this tried I! Oil vs. Spray cooking use to prefer I. Spray cooking and oil vegetable used I.
  • The vegetable oil tasted good, but the cooking spray made a more attractive egg.
  • The oil was simply heating up, however, the egg did explode and appeared as if it was on the verge of bursting in the microwave.
  • This microwave has various wattages, making it perfect for your experimentation. I tried microwaving my egg yolk for 35 seconds, but it was still liquid. So, I gave it an additional 50 seconds, resulting in a hard center.
  • Additionally, I used inexpensive paper plates to slide the right way off the plate. Both methods were implemented, and it would work if I could see it.
  • Ingredients for a Pan-fried Egg

  • One egg.
  • Cooking spray that prevents food from sticking.
  • Two disposable plates.
  • How to Cook an Egg in the Microwave Using a Paper Plate

  • Generously spray one paper plate with Cooking spray that prevents food from sticking..
  • Break the egg onto the plate and place another plate on top to create a lid.
  • tiktok fried egg in microwave.
  • Heat the egg in the microwave on high for 45-50 seconds or for approximately a minute, based on your preference.
  • Take out from the microwave and enjoy as it is or transfer onto your preferred toast.
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