Michigan State University gunman’s note had possible motive

At the University of Michigan State, the man who shot eight students was found with two handguns and a note containing a possible motive, according to the police.

According to campus deputy chief Chris Rozman, when Anthony McRae was confronted by the police on Monday night, he had a 9 mm firearms, numerous rounds of ammunition, and a two-page letter with him, all of which were discovered after he took his own life.

The message was a crucial aspect, but authorities stated they were still attempting to ascertain a reason, three days after the turmoil at the university in East Lansing, which has a student population of 50,000.

Rozman stated during a press briefing, ‘Judging from the contents of the message, it seems that he believed he had been treated unfairly by individuals or companies. Currently, we are uncertain whether a mental health concern exacerbated this feeling or if it was an integral part of it. We are exerting our utmost efforts to ascertain this as thoroughly as we can.’

Authorities stated that McRae, aged 43, was the sole gunman and had no affiliation with the victims or with Michigan State University as a student or staff member.

Rozman characterized the inquiry as “tremendously intricate.”

Some residence halls were shooting scenes from a mile away. While police hunted for the gunman, students across the vast campus were ordered to shelter in place for four hours, following the necessary protocols of “fight, hide, run.” During Monday evening classes, the shootings happened at Berkey Hall and the nearby social hub, MSU Union, where students can relax, eat, and study.

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Students have described breaking windows and taking other desperate steps to escape Berkey Hall, which will stay closed through the spring term.

Lt. Rene Gonzalez of the state law enforcement agency stated that McRae strolled approximately 4 miles (6 kilometers) towards his residence in Lansing subsequent to the incidents and remained silent prior to taking his own life in the presence of the authorities.

Gonzalez stated, “He essentially remained in his room for the majority of the duration,” McRae’s father, who resided in the same household, informed the authorities that “his offspring lacks companions.”

Rozman observed that the handguns were legally purchased but not registered. However, McRae’s misdemeanor gun conviction in 2019 did not prevent him from possessing the handguns.

The students who lost their lives were from suburban Detroit: Brian Fraser, 20, Arielle Anderson, 19, and Alexandria Verner, 20.

Woodruff, the temporary president of the university, stated that Teresa, the interim president, emphasized the “enhancement of indicators” as a crucial aspect while others remained in a critical state. One of the five injured students at Sparrow Hospital had their condition upgraded to stable.

According to a statement from the Consulate of China in Chicago, two of the students are from China.

Woodruff stated that classes will continue to be canceled until the weekend.

Tom Izzo, the esteemed basketball coach of the university and a parent of a student, provided words of solace following a campus vigil on Wednesday night, which was attended by numerous students and followed a police briefing.

“Izzo, the coach in charge since 1995,” stated, “once more we are delighted to discover the joy of learning. We must remember those we have lost and fulfill our promise to support one another, with a shared commitment. Our lives have been permanently transformed. Our loss has been significant. Our hearts are burdened.”

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