Meet Sorinn, Lola and her ex Christopher from Ex on the Beach Couples 2023

The latest addition to the Beach franchise, Ex on the Beach: Couples Edition, will feature six couples who are ready to take the next step in their current relationships and attempt to work through their issues, including one of their exes.

“Examine both alternatives,” he informs his partner in a promotional clip, as one member of the cast. Nevertheless, there’s no assurance that they will emerge from the program as a couple.

The press release from MTV states

“The series follows six couples ready to get engaged but there is one thing holding them back from taking that next big step – their ever-present, ever-lingering EX.”

Sorinn, Lola, and Christopher, Lola’s former partner, are scheduled to appear in the show. When Lola and Sorinn took a break, Lola met Christopher. Nevertheless, she ultimately chose to remain with Sorinn, causing Christopher to become the yearning ex.

Tune in to MTV at 9 pm on Thursday, February 9th to watch the season premiere of Ex on the Beach Couples.

Meet Sorinn, Lola, and Christopher ahead of their appearance on Ex on the Beach Couples

Sorinn Lillico

Sorinn, an artist, relies on a brush rather than paint to tear his canvas and create another prominent technique in his art. Previously, he created a piece involving a black sweatshirt where he splattered colors. He likes to use oil paint and other mediums in his art. Sorinn’s girlfriend, Lola, is his muse and also an artist.

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He must focus on improving his communication and trust problems. Lola continues to communicate with him, as Chris is one of the factors contributing to his issues. Because of his envy and lack of confidence, the cast member of Ex on the Beach Couples has struggled to fully commit to his partner.

Lola De Lepine

Lola, a 28-year-old makeup artist from New York City, is scheduled to make an appearance on the MTV program. She encountered Chris when she and Sorinn were taking a break. Nevertheless, she eventually returned to him and left Chris.

Despite their strong bond, MTV characterizes their relationship as tumultuous, stating:

“Despite the breakup, Chris is still someone Lola confides in when things get tough with Sorinn. If she wants their relationship to stay afloat, Lola needs to learn how to talk to Sorinn instead of Chris when things hit the rocks.”

Christopher Patrone

Christopher Patrone is set to appear on Ex on the Beach Couples to win Lola back (Image via Instagram/@exonthebeach)
Christopher Patrone is set to appear on Ex on the Beach Couples to win Lola back (Image via Instagram/@exonthebeach)

Even though Sorinn and Lola were on a break and she went back to her boyfriend, Christopher, the ex-boyfriend, Patrone, still has feelings for her because she has a big personality and a mischievous smile.

During the show, he is prepared to regain her affection and does not perceive Sorinn as the most suitable partner for her. Frequently, she contacts him and shares her concerns about her romantic difficulties, consequently, they have maintained communication since then.

Other individuals who are expected to appear on the show are Charlie and Jamie T. Dragon, Thailah Kamara, Sumara Forrest, Liam Linda, Leylah Nelson, Ri Cruz, Shayla Spari, Negarra Pala, MacAlpine Holly, O’Brien Jake, Ross Kellie, Croft Jade, and Ben Salmon.

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Tune in to MTV at 9 pm on Thursday, February 9th to watch the season premiere of Ex on the Beach Couples.

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