Meet 7 People With Down Syndrome Who Have Gotten Their Driver’s License!

There is a fact that there are people with Down syndrome driving a car and their driver’s license. Before, I never mentioned my fears, but it is true.

Typically, when asked, “Can people with Down syndrome drive a car?” Or “Can people with Down syndrome get their driver’s license?” I will usually respond with “Sure, they can!” I have heard anecdotes about individuals with Down syndrome driving.

They never could have imagined the numerous achievements in breaking down all sorts of inaccurate stereotypes associated with Down Syndrome. As I found these stories, I was encouraged to share and take some time to say I have. However, I thought I’d take some time to do some research and publish a post about it so I can send it to them next time when they ask the question. However, I thought I’d take some time to do some research and publish a post about it so I can send it to them next time when they ask the question.

7 Stories Of People With Down Syndrome Who Got Their Driver’s License

I truly am. And I’m content with that. Noah may never acquire his driver’s permit or operate a vehicle, but the reality is, an individual possesses significance and significance merely because they are formed in the likeness of God, irrespective of any actions they engage in or refrain from on this planet. Obtaining a driver’s license does not ascertain an individual’s value, and I desire to emphasize that to you.

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Noah is a unique boy, making a difference all over the world, even though he is not yet three years old. Heck, this kid is already celebrating his own love, and I choose not to compare him to anyone else.

Thank you very much! In addition, please help us create more awareness by sharing this article on your blog, Twitter, and Facebook. After reading, I hope that you will be encouraged by the stories listed below.

1. Jay Nothnagle

A, who came across Jay’s story on the National Down Syndrome Society’s website, was greatly encouraged. The neuro-psychological exam indicated that Jay’s driving level was at the average age for many teenagers, specifically 15 or 16 years old. Jay was enrolled in a driver’s education course at his high school by his parents at the age of 16, but he did not take the exam.

After studying for six months, Jay was able to pass his oral exam on the first try. His parents got him a tutor who helped him study for the driver’s permit test. Jay also passed his driving evaluation at a local hospital rehabilitation center, where he used a driving simulator.

But receiving his driver’s permit wasn’t enough….Output: However, obtaining his driver’s license wasn’t sufficient….

Besides wearing eyeglasses, he successfully completed the driver’s license examination at the age of 21 without any limitations. His parents accompanied him for one hour daily for half a year, and his driving instructor, Jay, provided him with guidance and training.

Jay owns his own vehicle and commutes to work, as well as participates in Special Olympics practices and social gatherings!

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How amazing is this! I’m proud of Jay and I don’t even know him!

Source: An Approval To Driving.

2. John Marrs

can down syndrome get drivers license

John, at the age of 18, obtained his driver’s license after successfully passing his driving exams at the DMV, where his parents accompanied him. Prior to this, at the age of 15, John was able to drive under adult supervision as his driving permit permitted him to do so while attending driver’s training classes.

Source: Young Man With Down Syndrome Obtains His Driver’s License.

3. William Loughane

William, a 26-year-old Olympic gold medalist and the first person with Down syndrome to receive a driver’s license in Ireland, commutes to his job in a Toyota Yaris.

Source: Man With Down’s syndrome becomes the first person to successfully pass a driving test.

4. Clayton Marr

down syndrome drivers license

Clayton assists his parents in packing wine into boxes, sealing them, and delivering them to nearby grocery stores, all while driving his Mercedez-Benz smart car. At the age of 19, Clayton Marr became the second individual in New Zealand with Down syndrome to attain a driver’s license, making him the youngest.

I also concur with this wonderful quotation from Clayton’s father:

It’s important young people with Down syndrome keep in touch with mainstream kids. One reason they achieve so much this way is because they set goals against their peers…

Source: License Issued to Teen with Down Syndrome.

5. Kelly Fitgerald

In New Zealand, Kelly Fitzgerald is one of only two people with Down Syndrome who has a full driver’s license. (The other assuming I’m Clayton.) Check out this video to learn more about Kelly’s story.

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6. Meredith Martin

Wow! Meredith, a 24-year-old woman from Nebraska with Down syndrome, leads an active lifestyle. She enjoys riding her bike, doing pilates and kickboxing, and actively participating in her community and church. Additionally, she holds a driver’s license and works at a local hospital, a grocery store, and an assisted living facility. It’s truly impressive!

Wow, you go woman!

Source: Self Advocate Council of the National Down Syndrome Congress.

7. Jon

can down syndrome person drive car

Jon’s mother says that he is the best driver out of all the children, meaning he is cautious and never takes chances or speeds. He has a driver’s license and helps out when needed by delivering flowers, taking requests for meals, and driving to visit patients at Valley Petaluma Hospital, where he volunteers.

Jon, because he has a driver’s license, gets himself to take his girlfriend on movie dates. It’s pretty awesome and encouraging now.

Source: How Jon Acquired the Skill of Driving.

The future holds great promise for individuals with Down syndrome! We are only at the beginning stages, indicating that the following anecdotes depict recent instances of individuals with Down syndrome operating vehicles and obtaining their driver’s license. I stumbled upon these stories, and they constitute just a small selection.

What is your thought after reading this? Do you know other people with Down syndrome who have driver’s licenses? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and I hope you will use the share buttons to post this and share with other people below. Thank you so much!

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