Marjorie Taylor Greene groundlessly claims straight people face extinction within 150 years because of LGBTQ+ education

  • Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene asserted that LGBTQ+ education would lead to the disappearance of heterosexual individuals.
  • She targeted Disney and an educator for children, accusing them of being “trans terrorists.”
  • “She referred to them as ‘trans extremists,’ who are LGBTQ-inclusive sexual educators, thanks to over 200 years of progress in the past, it is expected that identifying as heterosexual will become a thing of the past, as predicted by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

    On May 24, the Georgia representative, who easily won her primary race to secure the GOP nomination, stated “They simply want you to believe that suddenly the whole population is gradually becoming homosexual or transgender.”

    As per a Gallup poll conducted in 2022, it was found that 86.3% of individuals in the United States identify as heterosexual. Greene failed to provide any proof to support the purported continuous decrease in heterosexuality.

    Gallup has noted that it is still an open question whether the willingness of younger people to identify as LGBT reflects a true shift in sexual orientation.

    “There are approximately fifty or sixty choices of various categories, such as unconventional, nonconforming, transgender, or homosexual, that everyone can opt for. It is likely that in the next four or five generations, there will be no more exclusively heterosexual individuals. In a recent video, the previous generation simply mentioned: ‘Greene video a in.'”

    A generation is usually defined as approximately 30 years — implying that Greene’s estimate is roughly between 120 and 150 years.

    A brief portion of Greene’s speech was posted by the Twitter account Patriot Takes:.

    The remarks were made during “MTG Live,” a nearly hour-long video posted on Facebook on May 29.

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    On Wednesday, after Insider contacted Facebook for comment, a company spokesperson said “the video has now been removed for violating our policies.”.

    The video had been watched over 16,000 times and had been shared over 500 times.

    Rachel E. Simon, a psychotherapist and author of “The Every Body Book: The LGBTQ+ Inclusive Guide for Kids about Sex, Gender, Bodies and their Families,” specifically mentioned Greene in her work.

    Greene used this as one basis to argue that the individuals who pose the greatest threat in the United States are those who aim to influence your children and persuade them to alter their gender. She supported her claim by presenting a short video clip of Simon discussing her book.

    In the brief clip about her book, Simon was talking about attempting to persuade children to change their gender, without mentioning the vulnerability of our country’s most innocent people because these individuals are terrorists.

    In what has formed an anti-“woke” cultural battle, Greene additionally targeted Disney, which has faced criticism from conservatives for its LGBTQ-inclusive content.

    She shared a brief clip of a Disney show named “Ranch Dino” in which two animated male dinosaurs gaze longingly at egg-shaped rocks and appear to want to become fathers.

    “The show’s creator Matt Fernandes, in an interview with parenting website Romper.Com, suggested engaging in a conversation regarding the diversity of family structures.”

    This type of portrayal, according to Greene, is “unhealthy, it’s repulsive, it’s malevolent, and it’s incorrect.”

    She expressed that she “couldn’t care less about the actions of mature individuals” and that sexual orientation is a personal concern.

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    Greene has a long history of making transphobic remarks and comments, specifically targeting transgender individuals and disregarding their gender identity.

    In March, she expressed that she feels “overawed” by HHS official Rachel Levine, the highest-ranking openly transgender official in the United States.

    Greene’s workplace did not immediately reply to Insider’s inquiry for commentary.

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