March 14, 2023 marks several national observances, including National Children’s Craft Day, National Equal Pay Day, National Learn About Butterflies Day, National Write Down Your Story Day, National Potato Chip Day, and National Pi Day.

National Pi Day | March 14
National Pi Day | March 14

Acknowledges the mathematical constant π, National Pi Day on March 14th. Pi, also referred to as pi, the initial three and most acknowledged digits are 3.14. Celebrated by pi enthusiasts and pie aficionados alike, the day is! Read more…

National Potato Chip Day | March 14
National Potato Chip Day | March 14


On National Potato Chip Day, which falls on March 14th, millions of people will enjoy their favorite snack food. There are so many good things to choose from when it comes to potato chips!

National Write Down Your Story Day | March 14
National Write Down Your Story Day | March 14


Everyone has a story to tell, and on National Storytelling Day, which falls on March 14th, you can share your own challenges through a written narrative. Read on for more…

National Learn About Butterflies Day | March 14
National Learn About Butterflies Day | March 14


National Learn About Butterflies Day, which falls on March 14th, urges us to search for a burst of hues as butterflies commence their migration across the nation. This annual celebration not only promotes our understanding of their significance to the survival of various butterfly species, but also allows us to marvel at their beauty. It presents an excellent opportunity to take a few minutes and learn something new about butterflies, as they are just around the corner, heralding the arrival of summer and spring.

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National Equal Pay Day | Changes Annually
National Equal Pay Day | Changes Annually

National Day for Equal Pay

National Equal Pay Day, which falls on March 14th every year, also highlights the disparities in pay between men and women who work the same job. It signifies how much further a woman must work into the year to earn the same amount as a man.

National Children’s Craft Day | March 14
National Children’s Craft Day | March 14


The possibilities are limitless from that point, and we ignite their creativity by introducing children to the realm of crafts. This day commemorates crafting with children, releasing a surge of artistic enthusiasm right in the midst of National Craft Month on March 14th, National Children’s Craft Day annually.

Scheduled for March 15, 2023


Daily Recipe

Jicama Orange Salad

Jicama Citrus SaladPreparation Time: 10 minutesCooking Time: 0 minutesTotal Preparation Time: 10 minutesServings: 4.


One large jicama, sliced into slender pieces. Half of a red onion, thinly sliced. A can of mandarin oranges, measuring 15 ounces, without liquid. A quarter teaspoon of paprika. One tablespoon of finely chopped fresh cilantro.

The dressing is prepared using one lime, half a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, half a tablespoon of honey, and half a cup of olive oil. Season it with salt according to your preference.


Mix together jicama, onion, oranges, paprika, and cilantro in a medium-sized salad bowl.

Combine thoroughly. Incorporate salt according to personal preference. Include honey, mustard, and olive oil. Introduce the grated rind and freshly squeezed juice of a single lime into a compact mixing bowl.

Mix the salad with lime dressing and serve.

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History of the Celebration of March 14th


The United States Patent Office issued a patent to Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin for his invention, which was also known as the “Balloon Navigable Zeppelin.”


During his presidency, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an executive order creating the first national wildlife refuge at Pelican Island in Florida. This action established a total of 55 national wildlife refuges, preserving habitats and ecosystems.


Following the passage of the 16th Amendment, a bill was introduced in 1921 by the House that would exempt the President of the United States, Warren G. Harding, from paying income tax, which was met with disapproval from the President-elect.


The American Society of Civil Engineers elects Elsie Eaves as an associate member. She is the first woman elected to the society.


The FBI publishes its list of the top 10 most wanted fugitives. James Thomas Holden was arrested 18 months later, and he was at the top of the list. Raymond William Nesbit, who was on the list, was arrested three days later in St. Paul, Minnesota. All ten of them were captured within two years, but one was captured within three days. The remaining case was dismissed after eight years, and the list was published.

Birthdays Celebrated on March 14th

Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor – 1833

The American school teacher, who graduated in 1866, was the first woman to earn her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery.

Albert Einstein – Born in 1879

The development of the general theory of relativity had a profound impact on scientific theory and physics in the 20th century. The German-born physicist won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.

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Sylvia Beach – Born in 1887

In 1919, in Paris, American publisher and bookseller known as Company and Shakespeare opened. The bookstore attracted some of the most respected and influential writers of the 20th century, including Janet Flanner, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway. In her memoir, she wrote about her experiences in Paris, using her business name as the title.

Hank Ketcham – Born in 1920

On March 12, 1950, the initial distributed comic strip of Denis the Menace, created by an American cartoonist, was published.

Quincy Jones – born in 1933

Georg Solti, the British-Hungarian composer, has more than 28 phenomenal Jones Grammys. He earned his first Best Instrumental Arrangement Grammy in 1963 for his jazz song “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” In the 1960s, he received multiple Grammy nominations and won his first Best Instrumental Arrangement Grammy in 1963 for his jazz song “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”

Billy Crystal – Born in 1948

The comedian and actor has been making movies like Analyze This, Monsters Inc., And The Princess Bride for over 40 years to entertain us with laughter.

Simone Biles – 1997

Biles, who is the third-ranked gymnast globally and holds the most accolades among American gymnasts, has accumulated a grand total of 30 medals to date. Prior to her participation in the Rio Olympics, she had already established herself as a World Champion. In her inaugural Olympic appearance in Rio in 2016, Biles proudly returned with four gold medals and one bronze.

Information Regarding the National Day Calendar

We are here at National Calendar Day to celebrate every day, by meeting strangers, educators, businesses, and families on the street. We became the first calendar to curate all the days in one place, telling their stories. Since our humble beginnings on National Popcorn Day in 2013, we have been tracking National Days, National Weeks, National Months, and International Days. National Calendar Day is the authoritative and original source for unique, unusual, and fun National Days.

We are honored to provide you with ways to incorporate National Days into your home, schools, family, and business, and to tell the stories behind the days. We discovered the inspiring way of National Days through the National Day Calendar.

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