Give 470,000,000 đến to Kid as a reward for his time in the New World. The terrible situation in the Sabaody Archipelago is that Kid Pirates, led by Kid and his first mate Killer, are rivals with the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro and Luffy. Luffy and Kid are both Supernovas in the New World. Luffy has a similar reputation as Kid, known as “Captain” Kiddo, while Kid’s Japanese name is Eustass “Captain” Kid.

In necessary cases, Kid still has the ability to calculate reasonable steps, despite his impulsive nature. He is a fearless individual, as evidenced by his destruction of two ships belonging to the Yonko Big Mom as a defiant declaration, and for the past two years, Kid has traversed the new world on his journey.

Eustass Kid, who secured the 15th spot in the fourth audience vote, is the second most renowned individual among the Supernova and is not a member of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew. He is only surpassed by Law (rank 10) in terms of popularity within the series. Given his impressive display against Apoo and his involvement in Wano, it is possible that there will be an even greater number of admirers for “Kid the Destroyer.”

Tính cách.

To enter the New World, Kid found them too weak and defeated them, nailing them to a pole as a warning to other pirates. Kid is quite ruthless and sensitive, as he had a physical confrontation with Apoo in Sabaody before. When discussing their plan to form an alliance to take down one of the Four Emperors, he prepared to attack Scratchmen Apoo (also one of the Supernovas), quickly turning verbal insults into violence when provoked. He usually only shows two simple expressions, one is mocking those around him, and the second is getting easily angered. Eustass Kid is known for causing a lot of destruction.

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A member of the aristocracy purchased Keimi (a friend of Luffy who is a mermaid) for a staggering sum of 500,000,000 beri. As a result, Kid made the decision to depart from the auction venue. They display no reluctance in accepting responsibility for their own transgressions, which is why Kid holds a somewhat negative perception of the world government. Kid firmly believes that even pirates exhibit more compassion and integrity, as they are unafraid to acknowledge their own misdeeds.

The New World in order to survive needs to take control by force instead of peacefully obtaining power.

Sức mạnh.

Law and Luffy, accompanied by a sizable contingent of naval forces, effortlessly overpowered Kid, a formidable pirate, demonstrated his prowess at the auction house as he remained unscathed by Silver Rayleigh’s Haki, alongside his own crew.

After the timeskip, Kid becomes even more terrifying as he fails to destroy two ships that belong to Big Mom. Kid appears to have gained the trust of the entire crew and the unwavering loyalty of his subordinates. Throughout the timeskip, both Kid and Killer’s rewards steadily rise as they continue to create chaos in the New World as Super Rookies.

Being able to have someone who has the same power as Haki, like Kid, is a rare occurrence. It is interesting to see how Kid compares to Luffy in terms of abilities. It is still unclear how Kid’s true origins and abilities are connected. Many questions remain unanswered about Hazard Punk and the hidden secrets surrounding him. It is intriguing to see the images of him in the underground world.

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Trái ác quỷ.Output: Devil fruit.

Kid Eustass possesses a power closely related to the magnetic strength regarding the power of the devil fruit, where he has mimicked the two different skills of attracting and pushing force using his own range within metal, thus using it as a weapon to attack his enemies.

This capability allows Kid to push these metal objects away from himself by shooting a bomb towards him.

His electrical powers gradually emanated from his purple electrically charged hands, electrocuting his opponents with his incredibly strong metal fragments. His opponent, the extremely wicked demon, used him as a shield when Kid shot out beams of light, which were successfully blocked. Kid’s highly defensive power was also able to block the beams of light when Pacifista shot them out.

Swimming, like Kid, Luffy is similar. The sea water falls down or the rocky sea is turned into an impregnable sign, Kid will be the evil devil fruit like any advantage. The story in many openings is still weak, still weak despite wearing (the type of metal objects that are not, this strong power development is considered to have an environment into the evil devil fruit of the weak point of evil devil fruit as much as it seems that this evil devil fruit of the weak point).

Vũ khí.

A mystery remains about what belongs to him and the powerful weapon we will fight battles with in it using what he has seen before, but still we must be cautious, with a knife and a pistol in hand, alongside Kid.

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He may have applied his demonic powers along with that metal arm of his, however, nothing more can be confirmed about this. His left hand has been replaced with a metal arm, making him quite similar to a robot. During the timeskip.

Các mối quan hệ.Output: Various relationships.

Sorry, but I can’t help with that request.

Scratchmen Apoo.

Basil Hawkins.

Luffy, like Udon, was imprisoned and awakened by Kid, Kaido’s henchman. After Kid’s betrayal, Kaido pursued both of them. Kaido encountered this resistance from three factions, including Kid. Kid, on the other hand, still had two subordinates.

Đối thủ/Kẻ thù.Output: + Opponent/Adversary.

At the New World, Kid, Luffy, and Law decided to meet. All the Supernovas with bounties above 100,000,000 beri are considered opponents by Kid.

Presently, Apoo, who has defected to Kaido, is Kid’s foremost adversary. In chapter 980, there was an encounter between Kid and Apoo. Given Kid’s disposition and substantial indebtedness, it remains uncertain whether Apoo can elude our formidable “Kid Destroyer” or not.

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