Man who lost wife, son in Texas mass shooting recounts killing

In the rural town north of Houston, Garcia had a one-month-old son who was crying, and it was late on Friday night, but the people in their community were using weapons to blow off steam.

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Garcia said to request that he shoot at a greater distance from their residence, he and two additional individuals visited his neighbor’s dwelling to do so in a considerate manner.

Following a memorial service in Cleveland, Texas, for his 9-year-old son who was tragically lost in the subsequent incident, Garcia stated on Sunday that he had the freedom to act as he pleased and he informed us that he was on his own land.

Despite a search carried out by over 200 law enforcement officials from different jurisdictions, the culprit, Francisco Oropeza, managed to avoid being caught until late Sunday. Oropeza, who is 38 years old, remained at large until then.

Garcia observed the individual situated on his porch, yet he was unable to discern his actions. Within the residential area comprising houses with one-acre plots, the individual discharged additional rounds, resulting in a heightened sound. Following Oropeza’s denial of his plea, Garcia contacted law enforcement.

His family continued to called police — five calls in all, Garcia said. Five times the dispatcher assured that help was coming.

And then, 10 to 20 minutes after Garcia had walked back from Oropeza’s house, the man started running toward him, and reloading.

Garcia stated, “The individual has armed his firearm. Retreat indoors, my spouse, I instructed.” “As a female, he will not shoot at me,” I declared, explaining that ‘My spouse instructed me to seek shelter indoors.’

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Sonia Argentina Guzman, a 25-year-old woman who was married to Garcia, was standing at the entrance when she was tragically killed. The shooter approached the house and commenced shooting.

Garcia stated that the assailant appeared determined to murder everyone. The residence accommodated a total of 15 individuals, including several acquaintances who had gathered with Garcia’s spouse for a religious getaway.

Laso Enrique Daniel, the son of Garcia, was among the two women who died. He was shielding Garcia’s 2-year-old daughter while one of the women, who said “I had to jump out of a window to stay alive because my children were without a mother and one of their parents,” died.

It is very difficult for her older brother and Mama when she starts to ask. My daughter understands somewhat. Garcia said, “I am trying to be strong for my children, who are crying.”

Police went door to door on Sunday in hopes of finding any clues that would lead them to the suspect. In addition, the FBI and local officials chipped in $80,000, bringing the total reward money up to $50,000, in hopes of obtaining any information about Oropeza. Governor Greg Abbott also contributed to the reward.

Shortly before midnight on Friday, in the countryside town located to the north of Houston where the incident of shooting occurred, James Smith, the FBI chief agent, informed journalists while once again appealing to the public for any useful information, “At this moment, I can confirm that we have absolutely no leads.”

Authorities were not sure if Oropeza should be considered armed and dangerous, but another weapon was found in his home after others were discovered carrying it. Police recovered the AR-15 rifle that Oropeza said was used in the shootings.

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Capers Greg, the Sheriff of San Jacinto County, mentioned that they were tracking the scent of the lost dogs in a densely layered forested area. Meanwhile, investigators found a phone and clothes while combing through the area during the early hours of the search. It is highly probable that the individual fled the area on foot.

The spouse of the suspect has also undergone several interviews with law enforcement, in addition to footage from a doorbell camera. Oropeza was able to recognize the authorities through an identification card provided by Mexican officials for individuals living abroad.

Honduras was the place where 18 Casarez, Jonathan Jose and 31 Rivera, Molina Julisa, along with three other victims, including his son and wife, were slain by Garcia. There were plans to spread the word in Spanish by putting up billboards and Capers said he hoped to motivate people by providing information and offering a monetary reward.

“We’re seeking resolution for this family,” Capers stated.

Capers stated that the officers arrived promptly and mentioned that he had a mere three personnel covering an expansive area of 700 square miles (1,800 square kilometers) when questioned about the speed of their response.

On Sunday, the police had taken down the crime scene tape surrounding Garcia’s home, where a few people stopped by to place bouquets.

The FBI agent, along with other officers and troopers from the Public Safety Department of Texas, stopped a red truck and asked the driver to look inside the trailer before allowing him to continue his journey. This incident took place in the neighborhood.

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Veronica Pineda, who lives across the street from the suspect’s home, said she was fearful that the gunman had not yet been captured. She added that authorities asked if they could search her property in case he was hiding there.

“It’s rather intimidating,” she remarked. “You never know his exact location.”

She said that for about six or five years, the family had lived there, and neighbors had complained to the authorities about guns being fired. Pineda mentioned that she occasionally saw the husband, his wife, and their son riding horses on the street, but she didn’t know them well.

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