Man charged in execution-style shooting death in downtown St. Louis

An execution-style shooting, which was recorded by witnesses in downtown St. Louis, is gaining popularity on the internet.

Syed Sajid stated, “Fired from a short distance, I heard. The man was on the floor, individuals standing outdoors, I had witnessed when I arrived here.” “If anyone else, what will occur, you become worried, you understand, naturally. It’s frightening.”

During daylight hours, an individual seated on the sidewalk is fired upon by another individual who loads a firearm and aims it towards him. The footage was provided to News 4 on Monday evening by an observer. In the complete recording, individuals can be heard attempting to persuade someone to dial emergency services.

Prior to the shooting, according to witnesses, there was a confrontation outside the Shell gas station across the road. The occurrence took place on Monday, shortly after 10 a.M., In front of 710 N Tucker Blvd near Lucas Ave, in front of the Globe Building.

Sajid mentioned, “It was quite surprising to see a lot of people up close and observe their faces. The entire downtown area was shocking. There were workers from another building. Yeah, there were construction workers in that building.”

Sajid, who owns Gold and Diamonds situated just opposite the place where the shooting took place, arrived shortly after the incident.

“The way I look at it, if I was seven minutes earlier, I could’ve been caught up with it too,” he said.

Thomas is being charged with first-degree homicide and armed criminal activity, as stated in a probable cause statement obtained by News 4. The authorities apprehended Deshawn Thomas, a 23-year-old individual, in relation to the shooting incident.

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In the police statement, it was indicated that David Saldana, the deceased victim, appeared to be homeless. Additionally, there are no additional details at this time on whether the two individuals known to each other could find any previous charges or identify him if he identified himself as unhoused. 4 News could not find any charges or previous identification for him.

Brad Waldrop expressed, “I am also concerned about the impact of this on the economic activity in downtown St. Louis, but the loss of life is extremely significant.”

Waldrop is a member of Citizens of Greater Downtown and owns several properties along Washington Avenue in the downtown area, specifically in the Louis St. Downtown area.

Waldrop expressed, “It ought to have been closed a while back.” Moreover, there have been 600 service requests and 20 instances of gunfire at the Shell station since 2019. This doesn’t astonish me in the slightest. From what I comprehend, the conflict originated at the Shell station.

Since 2019, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police have provided data on at least 16 instances of shots being fired or shooting calls related to the Shell gas station situated on Tucker Blvd and Lucas Ave. However, it is possible that this data does not encompass all incidents, as a call might potentially originate from an intersection close to the establishment.

“It’s not only the gas station. I believe it’s the entire city in general,” stated Sajid.

In the city center area, the implementation and law enforcement are some of the major modifications required to deter violence of this nature, as acknowledged by business proprietors such as Waldrop and Sajid.

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Waldrop stated, “It is not only important to have a sufficient tax base and safety measures, but also to ensure that we have four bicycle cops and one traffic cop during the day.”

Sajid stated that lying down for around 10-15 minutes here, even yesterday, could possibly assist law enforcement. “They used satellites to put the police on this side, which was a lot of help. Maybe it could help the police enforcement even more.”

4 News did not contact the owner or manager, but they may have had concerns about this shooting as well as general nuisance issues related to the Shell gas station location.

A representative from the city did release a statement in reply to some of those public worries.

The Department of City, Law, and SLMPD collaborate with the Building Division to hold property owners accountable for nuisances. The Problem Properties Team regularly meets with the owner of the Shell gas station to review calls for service on the lot. The team has requested security cameras and on-site security, which property owners have complied with. We maintain regular communication with the owner and will continue to review best security practices.

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