Man arrested in murder of NJ Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour was someone from her church: Police

According to authorities, Bynum was familiar with Dwumfour, as they both had connections to Champion Royal Assembly Church in Newark, which was also linked to Fire Congress Fellowship (FCF), a church Dwumfour was previously associated with.

“That is something that is troubling the family at this very moment,” stated family lawyer John Wisniewski.

Dwunfour, a fellow pastor and colleague of Councilwoman Sayreville, says that she had been working as a counselor in Bynum and had traveled to Virginia in her role as a pastor for missionary trips.

Councilman Christian Onuoha of Sayreville expressed, “I regularly attended bible studies during my visits. He always appeared quiet, reserved, and extremely calm.”

Dwunfore convinced Bynum to spend more time in New Jersey with his family, even though he suspected that the councilwoman and one other person knew about the killer and the spiritual guidance that ended in 2018.

Onuoha expressed, “I feel truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to listen to him and learn about his personal life. I always remember his words, saying that he was blessed to be able to apply what he learned and be of service to others.”

He is currently considered a suspect in a murder case, which is hard to believe. The church would assist him in finding the correct path, and the family believed that Bynum had psychological problems. Additionally, he mentions that Bynum had been receiving spiritual counseling from missionaries from New Jersey, who claimed to have spoken with a relative of the accused individual, Eyewitness News reporter Anthony Johnson.

A fellow clergyman states that Dwunfour devoted herself to assisting anyone in need.

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Onuoha expressed, “I would say that Bynum had a very sacrificial and passionate relationship with her, and they knew that whether it was in public service or church service, anyone who interacted with her really saw it.”

Yolanda Ciccone, the Prosecutor for Middlesex County, stated that Bynum was observed fleeing the area following the incident. However, investigators mentioned that the surveillance footage might not provide any motive for this particular homicide.

Ciccone claims that Bynum stated he traveled from New Jersey to Virginia during the time of the murder. Bynum’s search history contains inquiries about the type of ammunition suitable for his handgun.

The suspect was charged with second-degree Unlawful Possession of a Handgun, second-degree Possession of a Handgun with an Unlawful Purpose, and first-degree Murder.

“The homicide has deeply affected the community and no apprehension will bring back the deceased councilwoman,” Ciccone stated.

Dwumfour, who recently got married, is a pastor in Nigeria. Although she was originally from Newark, which is her hometown where she still has family, she is currently living in Sayreville as a single mother.

Said Platkin Matthew, the General Attorney, addressed her relatives in the room, stating “there are no words that can fully express what you’ve been through,” but added, “I know she was a dedicated public servant. However, I wish I had known Eunice.”

Dwumfour, 30, was the first currently serving elected representative to be murdered in New Jersey in recent recollection.

Mayor Victoria Kilpatrick is delighted that the Dwumfour’s family and Sayreville now possess supplementary information concerning the calamity as they advance towards attaining justice.

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Kilpatrick stated, “At the very least, someone is currently in custody and we are concerned about the impact this beautiful woman would have on our community if she were to come into Sayreville right now, given the cloud of suspicion surrounding her.”

Bynum is awaiting extradition to New Jersey where he will then be detained at the Middlesex County Adult Correctional center.

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