Major Train Derailment Disrupts Amtrak Service and Closes Traffic in Upstate New York

Amtrak service has been suspended all along the route, as traffic near the crash scene has also been suspended. Authorities say that a CSX train derailed next to State Route 5 in Amsterdam around 8 a.M. On Friday morning, causing the suspension of all Amtrak service west of Albany.

Sheriff Jeff Smith of Montgomery County shared on Facebook that the incident occurred directly adjacent to State Highway 5.

A CSX train heading westbound had derailed, resulting in multiple cars scattered across all three tracks, obstructing the entire railway.

Fortunately, the two individuals in the train remained unharmed. Furthermore, none of the tankers or wreckage managed to reach the highway, as stated.

What occurred?

There were a total of nine tanks that were empty, and a total of 13 cars were affected. On Friday morning in Montgomery County, the train from CSX derailed while transporting 157 cars from Selkirk to Buffalo.

As elucidated by Smith:

The train was carrying several cars, including tank cars, and the train operators reported that the tank cars were empty of any hazardous materials, except for possible residual material left after offloading.

The Department of Fire in Amsterdam and the Hazmat Team of Montgomery County were forced to shut down both lanes of State Highway 5 if they could investigate any hazardous materials that had been released.

Smith stated that there was no indication that they were.

“Visually, nothing is leaking from these tankers,” said Montgomery County Undersheriff Carl Rust, backing up the initial report at a news conference.

At present, they are of the opinion that there is no danger to the general population.

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Meanwhile, motorists are advised to steer clear of the vicinity. However, those traveling towards the east will need to change their path, as traffic traveling westbound on State Highway 5 is operational.

The New York Department of Transportation will implement a diversion. The closure is expected to endure for approximately two days, with preliminary assessments indicating that the segment of the freeway will remain inaccessible until additional updates are provided.

In relation to Amtrak passengers traveling to Buffalo and Niagara Falls, the company is striving to provide alternative modes of transportation during the closure.

A Long Island Rail Road train was reported on Thursday to have destroyed approximately 1,600 feet of track and derailed near the Jamaica station in Queens.

A total of thirteen individuals sustained injuries.

The repairs and removal of the derailed cars ensure that disruptions are minimal for Monday’s commute, as the tracks have already been underway since Friday afternoon.

Janno Lieber, the Chair and CEO of MTA, made an announcement:

There’s 1,600 feet of track that has been obliterated. Nine-hundred feet of electric traction power, the third rail, that has to be replaced. Four-hundred concrete railroad ties that were wiped out that now need to be replaced. That’s a 24/7 operation that is going to continue through the weekend.

The people in New York are safe despite the confusion and uncertainty caused by Friday’s derailment.

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