M.A.A.d city (feat. MC Eiht)

Every time I go against me in the street, the whole city seems to like this song. By the end of this song, they’d probably all got guns along with me, if it’s the Crips and Pirus.

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!

My friend, can you please run the city with me? This guy is my friend, so tell me, where is your grandma? I am from the same place as you. Do you know who I am? Please calm down, my man.

City m.A.A.D, if I suggest that you sleep with a Tec and buy a chopper to have speed dial on your doctor, you would think I’m moving backwards. But the truth is, nothing tragic or traffic-related happens in our city, except for the taxes our governor collects. They might even call your mother or make sure you’re a legitimate corporate entity. So, make sure you have the right colors on the trolley when you hop on. It’s like being between the sheets with The Isleys, except the coroner is on top of bodies that are on top of IV’s. We don’t need any pre-approved treaties for peace, there’s no news about death blowing in the wind. Instead, you’ll find yourself crawling in a noose. Now, let’s make a truce and leave 1994 behind. My cousin got killed, and it’s been hell ever since. But hey, at least we had a free lunch when my mom said so. Duck, y’all! AR’s and AK’s are coming, punching through walls with bullets. You better pick a side, either die or suck a dick. If you’re not walking with a pump, you’ll get shot up with four guns when the van rolls by. We’re adapting to a life of crime, packing nines on every porch. Back when Joey was still around, things were different. I remember looking at him and thinking that he’s someone special. But now, all I see is his blown-out brains. He was the first one to get killed, sitting in the driver’s seat. Society dances slowly with euphoria, hoping for Conan and warriors. Check yourself out the window, waving your ugly hand. We ride down Rosecrans, feeling lucky like YG, Yaya, and O-Boog. My brain is weighed down with stress, but it’s not the pain of a major. I have plenty of Cognac and I live in a cul-de-sac. This is not about cocaine or crack slinging, it’s not a rap about how I move. Instead, it’s a trip down memory lane that you can take yourself. Brace yourself.

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Excuse me, sir. Where are you from? How do you know where I’m from? Can you please tell me where your grandmother is located? I am currently residing in the city of Compton.

Every time I go against me in the street, the whole city seems to like this song. By the end of this song, they’d probably all got guns along with me, if it’s the Crips and Pirus.

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!

How we do, Chyea? It’s nothing but a Compton thing. I’m going to educate you on some lessons about the streets. Very straightforward and clear. Jeah, it’s just a Compton thing. Wake up, you coward!

I won’t ever know the reasons why Kendrick, also known as Compton’s human sacrifice, gave up his life. But I made a promise to bleed for him, even if our allegiance was broken. We were planning to spend the next weekend tweaking, with your mouth foaming if you had your first hit of a blunt. I rarely wonder why they lace marijuana with cocaine, throwing up gang signs and tearing up the Projects. Inspired by all my friends, I ended up getting fired because I believed I needed a job as a security guard for a month. My dad, Pops, said I hopped out of the car and crashed into a white pole light, leaving two nigga’s struck. I saw the reality when I hit rock bottom in my mom’s living room, sleeping in my high school graduation gown because I dropped out.

Bullis, Rosecrans, and Alondra are neighborhoods where there is a lot of illegal activity happening. It is common to see people selling drugs and engaging in criminal behavior on the streets. One particular activity that takes place is the production and distribution of illegal substances. This has been happening since the 1980s, and it involves the mixing of drugs such as weed and cocaine.

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In the hood, I’m still a loc. Yeah, I grew up in the same neighborhood where niggas rep their colors and bang. But I followed the rules, so the cool hood took me under. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

If you saw me on the rough streets of Compton, inside the projects where Dust Angel and I live, you would probably see me going to the tithes with the price of his deposits. And they slide out that bitch with the aim to bang it, this concept is a coward’s eye; then watch the flame arrive in his powder-filled eye and drive it home. They constantly drown their bodies with toxins, living a life of vandalizing options and gossiping about the children of Stay Corn. Instead, they hold the boy hostage with a chopper, dreaming of being a doctor or lawyer in the next generation. Now, it’s a great relief to say that it’s safe and all of my intelligence mentioned earlier. If you believe me, then maybe you can eat some Laters & Now and play basketball with me on the street. Kendrick, if you saw me, would you believe that I could be innocent? Or would you believe that I killed you, nigga, if I were 16?

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