Louisville bank shooter’s livestream of horrific attack lasted less than a minute

The shooter in Louisville had informed his female colleague that he would arrive at the National Old Bank on Monday morning before firing, and then livestreamed his massacre before fleeing.

Authorities have stated that on April 4th, Sturgeon Connor, a local dealer, could be seen wielding a weapon in his livestream at his former workplace, which he entered around 8.30am. It is legally reported that he purchased an AR-15.

The livestream of the assault at Old National Bank has not been made available to the public. However, a city representative who viewed the video recounted to CNN how Sturgeon instructed a woman in close proximity to the entrance to flee before attempting to fire at her.

However, the firearm was not loaded and the safety mechanism was still engaged at that moment.

If it is unclear whether she survived, the man shot at the woman again this time and successfully hit her. Then, he aimed at her once more. Realizing his mistake quickly, Sturgeon said that he took the safety off and loaded ammunition into the assault rifle.

The streamed video of the incident is claimed to be in the possession of the police as they carry on with their inquiry into the slaughter.

Sturgeon walked into the Old National Bank carrying his AR-15, while a cordial coworker greeted him with a pleasant good morning, as reported by an anonymous city official who watched the video.

The gunman reportedly tells the woman, ‘You need to get out of here’ before she tries to shoot back and flee.

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However, the endeavor was unsuccessful because the firearm was still not loaded at that moment with its safety engaged.

The official stated that he made another attempt and fired at the staff member from behind after Sturgeon removed the safety and loaded the firearm. It remains uncertain whether the woman survived.

The gunman then reportedly went on to release gunfire inside the bank as panicked employees attempted to flee from him.

While the deliberate assault was taking place, he refrained from visiting any of the busier levels within the establishment, which also accommodates a property management company.

According to the official, the shooter remained seated in the bank’s lobby, awaiting the arrival of the police, within approximately one minute.

The scene began with Sturgeon exchanging gunfire with those who died and soon after, They arrived. It remains unclear whether he was killed by officers at the bank or by a self-inflicted shot.

Footage captured by body cameras worn by the police during the incident is anticipated to be made public on Tuesday afternoon.

Also killed in the massacre were Thomas Elliott, 63, Joshua Barrick, 40, Juliana Farmer, 45, James Tutt, 64, and Deana Eckert, 57.

Following a gunshot wound to the head, Nicholas Wilt, a 26-year-old rookie police officer, is currently in a critical state, along with a total of eight individuals who sustained injuries.

Authorities have stated that Sturgeon, the individual who recently discharged an AR-15 inside the bank, stormed into the conference room with the public around half an hour before it opened, shortly after 8:30 am.

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According to his friends, he was in a state of despair.

Officers arrived within three minutes and discovered the gunman still shooting, according to Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey of the Louisville Metro Police.

During rush hour, drivers were warned to get out of their cars and avoid the street where an active shooter was present. In addition, videos posted online showed officers at the scene running into the traffic.

In the video, it was possible to hear at least three gunshots.

Photographs depicted blood scattered on the stairs that ascend to the bank, as well as shattered glass on the pavement.

The workers inside the building described how they scrambled to hide in the vault and fled from the blood-soaked scene as the killer rampaged through.

One bank employee told WHAS that they saw a man with a ‘long assault rifle’ fire multiple shots near the conference room.

‘He began shooting,’ the unidentified staff member stated. ‘I couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face. We were inside the meeting room.

‘The person who was beside me was shot, and their blood is on me,’ he added.

Following the moment she left her son at his workplace, another observer reported hearing several gunfire sounds and the shattering of glass emanating from the bank.

‘I had just left my son at his workplace on River Road,’ the unidentified observer informed WDRB.

He was lying at the entrance, and there was a guy across the street at the intersection — I saw that thing first, and I was at the traffic light.

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She noticed that the gentleman was on the staircase instead of the pavement. Initially, she assumed he was simply going for a run, she thought, she said.

That is when she stated she heard gunshots, with footage from the location displaying at least three rounds were discharged.

Officials announced on Tuesday that Sturgeon purchased the firearm he utilized in the assault lawfully only one week prior.

‘While I was sitting at that intersection, gunshots broke out, like, directly above my head,’ she stated.

‘I wasn’t sure if it was heading towards the bank or leaving the bank, so I left quickly.’

They said, “Let’s see if they’ll listen to protests or words. They also posted a series of ominous Instagram posts, including one of the shooting in the morning.”

Cameron’s younger brother and his mother, Lisa, were about to confirm his identity to the police when they were approached outside the bank. Sturgeon had no previous criminal history.

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