Los 3 nominados de ‘La Casa de los Famosos’: Uno del ‘team’ Infierno será eliminado hoy 23 de julio

¿Quiénes corren el riesgo en el programa de ‘Infierno de Famosos’ de México? La séptima nominación de este mes de julio celebró su gala en la Casa de los Famosos, donde se verá a los primeros eliminados salir debido a un repentino cambio en las reglas del equipo.

The members of the Mexican Celebrity House, including Barbara Torres, the actress, who could analyze strategies for their respective teams, are currently confined, planning different strategies for the next in-person program after her elimination.

Hay ocho concursantes restantes que están bajo vigilancia las 24 horas y están compitiendo por el premio de 4 millones de pesos en el reality show en curso. De las 14 celebridades que comenzaron.

Are you ready for the nomination gala of ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’? (Photo: Special).

The gala nomination was modified on this occasion, where two people were chosen to place, and three celebrities were chosen to these people who received the most points.

  • Apio Quijano (singer): 16 points.
  • ‘La Barby’ Juárez (female boxer): 10 points.
  • Nicola Porcella (performer): 9 points.
  • Sergio Mayer (singer): 7 points.
  • Today, one of the three members of ‘Infierno’ is leaving, which means that ‘Barby’ was saved by the leader of the house, who has that privilege, since last Thursday he was exempted from nomination again, although he had the second highest number of points.

    ¿Cuál era la estrategia del ‘team infierno’ en La Casa de los Famosos México?

    Before revealing the dynamics of the seventh gala nomination, Wendy Guevara’s team devised a strategy until no moment the members of the ‘Hell Team’ from Casa La Famosos in Mexico have come out.

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    The only people who have been eliminated come from the ‘sky team’. However, the strategy of playing in teams is losing strength as the competition progresses, which is why the members of Sergio Mayer’s team had a new strategy.

    The ‘Team Infierno’ stays the same in ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’. (Photo: Instagram / @lacasafamososmx).

    In which Jorge Losa could save ‘La Barby’ Juárez from the list by having the benefits of the leader of the week, it consisted of all the members of ‘team infierno’ nominating each other to complicate this strategy.

    “We are all equally there,” Sergio Mayer assured before they made a cheer with the team’s name. “This is our agreement, whatever it may be,” stated Apio Quijano, who has expressed interest in being the next person to be eliminated.

    ¿Quién ganó ser líder en la casa de los famosos?

    On Wednesdays, La Casa de los Famosos México holds a nomination gala, following the week’s final leader’s challenge that takes place on Tuesdays.

    Being the leader of the seventh week of the reality show, Jorge Losa, once again, is unable to be nominated and can also save one of those who appear on the list; in other instances, he has saved ‘Barby’ Juárez.

    ¿Cómo funcionan las nominaciones en La Casa de los Famosos México?

    Once four people are chosen, those with the highest number, those people are chosen. Another person as 1 and a companion as 2, they distribute the following way the extra benefit, if they have any, with some amount of points, usually three points per participant, which can be altered.

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    The audience or the head of the house can rescue the nominated individuals in the upcoming elimination gala on Sunday for La Casa de los Famosos México from being expelled.

    At the start of the gala, Galilea Montijo, the program’s host, disclosed that Jorge Losa received greater advantages from a golden envelope.

    In the confessional, the actor will be able to see what his colleagues say. This means that Jorge Losa read from the envelope he was given with extra benefits for being the leader of the week, “You will be able to spy on two nominations from your colleagues.”

    These were the individuals who accrued points during the seventh gala of nominations.

    Poncho de Nigris (3 puntos)

  • Three points from Jorge Losa.
  • Emilio Osorio (4 puntos)

  • Jorge Losa’s points for the first time.
  • Dos puntos de ‘La Barby’ Juárez.Output: Two points of ‘La Barby’ Juárez.
  • Sergio Mayer (7 puntos)

  • Un punto de Jorge Losa.Output: A point of interest by Jorge Losa.
  • Apio Quijano’s two points.
  • Un punto de Nicola.Output: A spot of Nicola.
  • I’m sorry, but I’m not able to provide the service you’re looking for.
  • Apio Quijano (16 puntos)

  • Three points by Sergio Mayer, the voting of the former Garibaldi member was spied on by Jorge Losa.
  • Tres puntos de Nicola Porcella.Output: Three points by Nicola Porcella.
  • Three points about Poncho de Nigris, the host’s voting was spied on by Jorge Losa.
  • Un punto de ‘La Barby’ Juárez.Output: A spot of ‘La Barby’ Juárez.
  • Tres puntos de Emilio Osorio.Output: Three points by Emilio Osorio.
  • Tres puntos de Wendy Guevara.Output: Three points by Wendy Guevara.
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    Nicola Porcella (9 puntos)

  • Dos puntos de Sergio Mayer.Output: Sergio Mayer’s colon.
  • Three points of Apio Quijano.
  • I’m sorry, but I can only assist with the English language.
  • Dos puntos de Emilio Osorio.Output: Emilio Osorio’s two points.
  • Un punto de Wendy Guevara.Output: A point by Wendy Guevara.
  • ‘La Barby’ Juárez (10 puntos)

  • Un punto de Sergio Mayer.Output: A point of Sergio Mayer.
  • A point of Apio Quijano.
  • Dos puntos de Nicola Porcella.Output: Two points from Nicola Porcella.
  • Dos puntos de Pocho de Nigris.Output: Pocho de Nigris’s two points.
  • Un punto de Emilio Osorio.Output: A point of Emilio Osorio.
  • Dos puntos de Wendy Guevara. Output: Wendy Guevara’s perspective:
  • ¿Quiénes participan en La Casa de los Famosos México?

    In addition to the seventh nomination list, these are the contestants who continue in La Casa de los Famosos México:.

  • Team Infierno:.
  • Emilio Osorio (performer).
  • Wendy Guevara (social media influencer).
  • Poncho de Nigris (host).
  • Team Cielo:.
  • Jorge Losa (performer).
  • Se despidieron en la que fecha con y orden en show reality del salieron ya que famosos de listado el es este.

  • Marie Claire Harp (host): eliminated on June 11th.
  • Sofía Rivera Torres (driver): eliminated on June 18th.
  • María Fernanda Quiroz ‘Ferka’ (actress): eliminated on June 25th.
  • Raquel Bigorra (host): eliminated on July 2nd.
  • Paul Stanley (conductor): removed on July 9th.
  • Bárbara Torres (actress): eliminated on July 16th.
  • ‘La Casa La’, the famous Mexican reality show, features a new leader each week. (Photo by Andrea Trejo López | El Financiero).

    ¿Dónde ver La Casa de los Famosos México 2023?

    This is a way to enjoy the famous people of La Casa de México, the reality show that can be seen in different ways.

  • Weekly television broadcasts: From Monday to Friday, starting at 10:00 PM, daily summaries are made on Channel Five.
  • The 24-hour transmission: Vix Premium, a paid streaming service with a price of 119 pesos.
  • Gala Nomination Wednesday: 10:00 PM at Vix Premium or Channel Five.
  • Elimination Sunday: 8:30 PM at Vix Premium or Channel Five.
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