Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos: First inside shot revealed

The men’s magazine has now released the first shot of the actress Lindsay channeling her inner blonde bombshell – it is clear from the spread.

The performer, who is 24 years old, can be seen reclining with her fair blonde hair flowing down her shoulders, while her arm is raised above her head.

Lindsay’s large eyelashes partially obscure her as she pouts and gazes into the camera, her lips a glossy shade of red, slightly parted.

Fans of the magazine will no doubt feel short changed by the ‘nude shot’ which reveals only a hint of her chest.

While plenty of flesh is on show is seems her skin has been airbrushed considerably in parts with few freckles on show.

Yesterday a photograph depicting Lindsay on the set of the photo session was unveiled.

The performer from Mean Girls was apprehended prior to the photo session, clutching a cigarette and lightheartedly captivating the onlookers as her gown disclosed a peek.

With her cascading locks, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, the little lost girl wore a perplexed expression, with abundant red lipstick beneath her lashes, creating an uncomfortable image.

Lohan’s petite frame is highlighted in the picture, with her slender legs poking out beneath the hemline, and her calves and thighs being the same width.

Next week may be available it now has Hefner Hugh founder Playboy but, January in released be to due was issue LiLo’s.

Lindsay Lohan’s early release of the issue was leaked on the internet, generating significant interest. Hefner took to Twitter to address the situation. Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was the most searched name on the internet. She was extremely popular.

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Lindsay received a rumored $1million to expose everything in the men’s publication.

Meanwhile, additional turmoil has occurred for Lohan after her purse was taken yesterday in Hawaii.

Several hours later, the Chanel purse was returned, but reportedly, it was $10,000 less valuable than when it had disappeared.

After receiving approval from her probation officer, the 25-year-old embarked on a trip to the tropical island in order to enjoy some time away from her community service assignment at the Los Angeles County morgue.

Lindsay’s spokesman, Steve Honig, has confirmed to the Mail Online that the star’s purse was indeed stolen and has now been returned.

Honig stated: ‘Everything remained in the handbag, except for the money she had on her.’

While she was staying there, Lohan asserts that the belongings were taken from the white convertible Jeep that she has been using to travel around the island.

According to TMZ, the purse contained her travel documents, papers allowing her to remain in the islands while on probation, and a total of $10,000 in money.

This week, Lindsay is anticipated to come back to California, but lacking a government authorized identification, she would not have had the capability to board a flight.

Lindsay and her sister Ali have been admiring the landscape and appreciating the beautiful surroundings in Hawaii.

The distressed actress is scheduled to appear in the courtroom on Wednesday in Los Angeles for a hearing to ascertain her present circumstances.

The issue of Playboy that is released in January/ February can be found on shelves every Friday.

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