Levoit Air Purifiers Maintenance – 2023 (Red Light Fix)

Levoit is one of the largest air purifier manufacturers on the market today, with millions of homes adorning their devices. Users may often encounter issues or problems when using air purifiers, but Levoit offers app-controlled smart purifiers that have a wide range of features and a minimalistic design.

If you possess a Levoit air cleaner, this straightforward guide on how to use and troubleshoot, which I think can be beneficial, has been authored by me due to the fact that there is always something to overlook, but Levoit air cleaners are exceedingly effortless to utilize and uphold.

I detached a few different Levoit air purifiers and placed them in my living room.

I will cover some of the problems in this article, so keep reading. The warranty does not cover every unusual situation that happens to you; not every malfunction is a malfunction. Generally, air purifiers from Levoit come with a 1-year warranty, which can be extended to 2 years by registering the device on the official website.

Prior to the initial commencement, a similar process is necessary and the identical guidelines are predominantly adhered to by nearly all accessible Levoit air purifiers, however, it should be noted that each air purifier is not configured in an identical manner and they are not all identical, naturally.

As I mentioned, to start the preparation, you will need to buy a new Levoit air purifier for each step that follows. Almost all models of Levoit air purifiers are identical in this case.

  • The initial step you should take is to take out the Levoit air purifier from its packaging.
  • The note is that the models LV-H128 and LV-H126 do not have a bottom cover. To remove the filter and open the lid of the device, you typically do it on the bottom. The next step is to prepare the Levoit filters, which are usually wrapped in plastic film, by unwrapping them.
  • Once you have removed and unpacked the filter from the device, place it back into the device and securely close the lid.
  • Now, the Levoit air purifier is ready to work. It is recommended that you place the device at least 15-20 inches away from other objects or the wall before turning it on and plugging it in.
  • Suppose you have purchased one of the smart Levoit devices. This will make it easier for you to use your air purifier and it will also give you many additional options. After setting it up, I recommend that you immediately connect it to the Levoit app on your smart device and download the VeSync app.

    How to Connect the Levoit Air Purifier to a Smart App?

    You can easily check this by visiting the iOS or Android store and checking the rating app’s, which is rated much better than some other air purifier manufacturers from some apps. Connecting your Levoit to the VeSync app is a very smooth process that does not require advanced techniques.

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    Levoit air purifiers use the VeSync app for advanced control.

    Nonetheless, there may occasionally be connectivity issues, hence here are a few remedies that can assist in resolving the connection problems.

    To connect the VeSync application with the Levoit device, begin by verifying if your internet modem is compatible and functioning at a frequency of 2.4GHz. If it is currently operating at 5GHz, please switch it to 2.4GHz and attempt the connection once more. I recommend following this course of action.

    The VeSync application and the Levoit gadget establish a connection by utilizing a hotspot from another intelligent device as a modem in case none of this is effective. By default, a 5GHz modem has a significantly shorter coverage area, so endeavor to keep the devices in close proximity to the modem. Furthermore, consider utilizing a hotspot from another smart device as a modem.

    What if You Smell a Bad Smell From the Filter?

    However, personally, I have not encountered this issue with the Levoit air purifier. While conversing with other individuals on the AirPurifierFirst platform, some users have expressed dissatisfaction regarding the filter emitting unpleasant odors after unpacking.

    Dusty Pre-filters After I Used Them for a Some Time

    The solution to this problem is to leave the unit running for at least 24 hours in a place where you are not around, as it will freshen and filter the ventilation. The recommendation is to immediately pack and ventilate the filters that have not been left in the factory, as the unpleasant smell remains in them.

    If this method does not work for 24 hours and another one fails, I suggest you request a replacement filter directly from Levoit.

    How Long Can I Keep My Levoit Running?

    This is a question that bothers many users: If you think that the air is clean enough, I recommend periodically turning off the air purifier or using it 24/7. Therefore, as soon as you switch off the air purifier, the air in the room where the air purifier is exposed to certain air pollutants will start to deteriorate. The logic behind this is that Levoit air purifiers mostly use True HEPA filters, which trap particles but don’t kill them.

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    It is the best time to run Levoit with many other advanced options and an integrated VeSync app, which have an indicator for air quality and an auto mode, using modern models.

    You don’t have to worry about running around all day, as the air purifier itself will last for years and has great durability.

    How Long Does a Levoit Air Filter Last?

    The filters on certain larger models can endure for up to 8 months, while small and medium-sized Levoit filters typically last around 6 months. Occasionally, the filters on Levoit air purifiers require replacement and cannot be cleaned.

    Levoit air purifiers almost every have a filter reset indicator, which will tell you when it’s time to change the filter. This means you don’t have to worry about tracking the time to change the air purifier.

    How Do I Change the Filter on My Levoit Air Purifier?

    As I mentioned before, Levoit does not use washable filters on these machines, which means that the filters need to be changed from time to time.

    Levoit Air Purifier – New Vs Used Filter

    Luckily, the filter reset indicator will inform you when it’s necessary to replace the filter.

    The replacement process is straightforward and consists mainly of a few simple steps, and is very similar to all Levoit air purifiers.

  • First of all, the cover for the filter needs to be opened and the previous filter taken out.
  • Similar dirt, hair, and accumulated dust particles remove and inside the unit vacuum to be idea good a be would it then.
  • The following action is to unpack the fresh filter, place it into the equipment, and shut the cover.
  • Lastly, you simply need to reset the indicator for resetting the filter.
  • I would advise everyone to replace the filters before the suggested time if they are dirtier than they should be and to periodically check them, instead of solely relying on the filter reset indicator.

    How Do I Clean the Pre-filter on My Levoit Air Purifier?

    The main purpose of the nylon mesh filter is to be regularly maintained. The pre-filter is often attached to the HEPA filter, which is the most commonly used filter in Levoit air purifiers that have 3-in-1 filters.

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    Levoit Air Purifier – Cleaning the Pre-Filter

    I have recently written a decent article about how to clean and maintain pre-filters. It is best to clean or vacuum the pre-filter at least once a month, and if necessary, use a dry cloth to ensure thorough cleaning.

    To extend the lifespan of the HEPA filters, it is crucial to uphold the devices’ optimal efficiency. This aspect holds great significance for maintenance purposes. Additionally, the pre-filter can be detached in certain other models, making cleaning and maintenance tasks more convenient.

    How to Reset the Levoit Air Purifier Red Light?

    I think the most common problem and question is that after resetting all the filters, when the red light changes on the Levoit air purifiers, there is nothing to fix or replace here.

    Levoit Air Purifier – Red Light (Filter Reset Indicator).

    When the indicators on the Levoit air purifiers require it, I would advise you to switch off the device and try resetting the indicator in the same way by plugging the power cord into the wall. Some Levoit air purifiers need to have their indicators reset when the device is switched off with the power cord plugged into the wall. To reset the indicator filter, you mostly need to keep your finger on the reset button for a few seconds, either 3s or 5s, and keep your finger on the indicator reset filter to reset the red light.

    In the chart provided, I have outlined the process for resetting the Filter Reset Indicator on all Levoit air purifiers.

    ProductProcedure for resetting the filter reset indicator

    A smart app reset be to indicator this require even and offer purifiers air Levoit modern more the of some, addition in.

    Levoit Air Purifier Fan Not Working

    The biggest problem you may encounter in this case is the technical nature of the situation, where not working is like being a fan.

    Unfortunately, if you are experiencing this problem with your Levoit air purifier, I don’t believe there is a solution other than contacting Levoit support directly to claim the warranty. It is also advisable to check the adapter to ensure that you have correctly connected the device to the power supply.

    If this problem occurs, I suggest that you do not disassemble the unit or try to fix it yourself as this could invalidate your warranty.

    If the Levoit air purifier does not work, I would give the same advice: try working the device on different buttons or LEDs.

    Further Suggestions

    I wrote a long time ago about guides and tips for maintaining an air purifier, making sure that you check it too. It is always best to do regular maintenance to keep your air purifier working without any issues and to offer high air quality in return. However, you can always discover some specific faults with Levoit air purifiers, but I have answered almost all of the problems encountered by users.

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