Legs, skull found in fridge and soup pot belong to model Abby Choi: DNA tests

DNA tests have confirmed that the legs of fashion model Abby Choi, who was brutally murdered, were discovered in a refrigerator, and a skull was extracted from a cooking pot in a residence in Hong Kong, as stated in a report.

The dismembered body parts of the 28-year-old glamorous influencer were discovered in a house in Tsuen Mei Lung village, which was rented by a person familiar with the matter, former father-in-law Choi, in post-morning China South.

Officials claim that during the fatal attack, the married mother of four was allegedly struck in the back of the skull, resulting in a large hole.

The ongoing search for Choi’s hands and torso is being conducted by more than 100 police officers who scoured the landfill but failed to locate them.

An unnamed 29-year-old woman has been arrested — the seventh person to be arrested in connection with the chilling revelations of murder and dismemberment in Choi’s case.

Model Abby Choi
DNA tests have confirmed that a pair of female legs and a skull found inside a rental home in Hong Kong belong to murdered model Abby Choi.
Instagram / @xxabbyc
Investigators load the refrigerator that had been used to hold body parts of 28-year-old model Abby Choi.
The dismembered legs were discovered inside a refrigerator in the village of Lung Mei Tsuen.

The latest suspect was arrested in Hong Kong, China, announced the police on Tuesday. They said that the woman, who allegedly helped the fleeing accomplice, was also apprehended on the mainland.

Recently, Kwong Kau, who had rented the property, was accused of murder following the finding of human remains in the residence. Additionally, Anthony Kwong (Kwong Kau’s brother), Kwong Kau’s father, and Alex Kwong (Choi’s former spouse) were all charged with murder last week.

The presumed meat was stored in a separate cooking vessel, whereas the cranium was retrieved from a pot, and a set of female limbs were discovered within the refrigerator.

Hong Kong police escort a suspect at the Shenzhen Bay Port border crossing in Hong Kong, Tuesday, March 7, 2023.
Hong Kong police arrested a 29-year-old woman Tuesday on suspicion of aiding other suspects in Choi’s murder.

The Superintendent of Police, Alan Chung, claimed that a layer of fat, thick and topped with liquid, made the human flesh swim-like. The vessels were filled with meat and vegetables, including carrots and green radishes.

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The second pot allegedly held a human skull that had been boiled until only the bone remained.

An electric saw, meat slicer, hammer, face shields, and raincoats, as well as Choi’s handbag, were also recovered from the crime scene.

Abby Choi
So far, seven people have been arrested in connection with the Instagram influencer’s savage killing.
Instagram / @xxabbyc
A village house where part of Abby Choi
Choi was murdered and butchered inside this home rented by her former father-in-law.

In the case of Li, Jenny’s mother, Alex Kwong, all four family members were ordered to be jailed without bail pending the hearing. Of course, this is a blatant act of perverting justice.

Law enforcement also apprehended two additional individuals, including a 41-year-old male, who are alleged to have concealed criminals.

Choi, who had appeared on the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and boasted more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, later filed a report with the police on February 21st.

Alex Kwong, husband of murdered model Abby Choi
Choi’s ex-husband, Alex Kwong, has been charged with murder along with his father and brother.

Earlier, authorities stated that “certain individuals” expressed dissatisfaction with Choi’s management of her financial affairs, and she was involved in monetary conflicts amounting to tens of millions of dollars with her former spouse and his relatives.

“The saga of my role as a fashion trendsetter endures. Recently, the model, who tragically passed away less than a week before, posted a picture of herself on the cover of Monaco L’Officiel magazine, showcasing the epitome of fashion and luxury.”

Investigators in Ho Man Tin suspect that Choi was killed by her ex-husband, who is currently unemployed, and his relatives, allegedly due to a valuable property worth millions of dollars located in the prestigious neighborhood of Kadoorie Hill.

According to a police source, Choi’s ex-father-in-law expressed his dissatisfaction when he learned that the model intended to sell the house she had purchased under his name. This information was previously reported by The South China Morning Post.

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Abby Choi and her second husband with her children
Choi was reported missing by her second husband, who is the father of the two youngest kids of her four kids.

The police said that the man knocked her out and delivered her to the rental home, instead of picking up her daughter from school as her brother-in-law, ex-Choi, was supposed to do. She disappeared that day.

The alleged culprits supposedly covered the area with cloth and wore raincoats and face shields to shield themselves from gushing blood.

Choi’s second spouse reported her as missing when she didn’t return home. Her disfigured body was found three days later.

Hong Kong police officers in protective overalls search a landfill for evidence related to the killing of model Abby Choi in Hong Kong on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023.
Cops searched a landfill in Hong Kong but failed to find Choi’s missing torso and hands.

The fashion enthusiast was a mother of four kids, varying in age from 3 to 10.

Her second husband, known as Tam Chuk Kwan in the local media, fathered the two youngest children, whereas her first husband, who is currently facing a murder accusation, is the biological father of Choi’s two oldest children.

Tam’s family possesses a thriving network of noodle eateries in Hong Kong and China.

Choi’s savage murder startled Hong Kong, a city where violent offenses are rare.

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