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Xie Lian brought Hua Cheng, the terrifying Ghost King who instilled fear in people whenever his name was mentioned, to his home after returning from gathering leftovers one day. After 800 years, Xie Lian ascended once more, but this time he found himself at the lowest point, continuously demoted despite being a pure-blooded and esteemed Crown Prince and a highly respected celestial being with boundless possibilities when he first ascended and gained thousands of devoted followers eight centuries ago.

Turing Code


Wen Tian He had always believed that he would become an authoritarian CEO, but it turned out that he himself became one.

Baili Jin Among Mortals

Piece of Existence.

Let’s start the story of their beautiful friendship and youthful days, where a reserved top student finds it difficult to resist a two-faced girl, and a gentle restaurant manager, who is endearingly silly. Now, she has to survive by delivering take-out orders, as her former fairy powers are all gone. She has been banished to the mortal realm and her adventures in this realm begin now. On her birthday, she broke a colorful stained-glass plate at her Majesty’s care without eating or drinking, as she used to live in heaven, being a fairy named Jin Baili.

Global Examination


The world is still grand and brilliant, welcoming you home. But be warned, this system we live in will destroy it. What’s so great about this system that even at the end of the world, there’s only dust left where you once stood? As memories gradually return, the system collapses and alarms go off, showing that they both have a strong mutual understanding despite going against each other. Those who have lost themselves in this inhumane battle against each other. The cold examiner meets the examinee, Jiu Qin. Two faces, one examiner, one examinee. You may live if you pass the exam, but be prepared to answer a plethora of questions. This examination puts your life at stake.

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Finger Girls


Ge Fei noticed that his fingers on the other hand were in a state similar to standby, which made matters worse. He learned that Caterghost was called a monster and sought to kill it, and he took up residence on his left index finger as a warrior who identified herself as a hot-tempered girl who protects human love. Ge Fei rejoiced for a long time when he realized that things weren’t as simple as they seemed. It was still a surprise when the most popular girl in his class asked him to have lunch with her on the rooftop, but his greatest wish was for his own romantic encounter. He had nothing better than average on his left hand, but for him, his left hand was better than average for a high school student, Ge Fei.

404 Case Manual: 30 Seconds Till Apocalypse


Strange things happened when his countdown timer finished, he received a phone call with a 30-second countdown. His life took a bizarre turn as he finally reached the point of despair and decided to jump off a building, ending his life. This young man named Hope had lived a life without hope, burdened by family debt, a broken relationship, unemployment, and a sense of insignificance.

Target: 100 Million Points! The Ultimate Game to Start a 2nd Life!


Yu Xie plunged himself into the world of games, called “The Ultimate Game,” when he learned that it can grant any wish, even revive the dead. This was his goal as a second otaku in life, to score 100 million points in the game. It all started when a mobile game called “The Ultimate Game” appeared on his phone, just one day after the tragic death of his friend.

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