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Recently, we completed a project at a home in the Cotswolds where we designed a rectangular living room to create a relaxing and comfortable space. The inspiration for this project came from pictures in our portfolio, which made sure to look and have.

Scroll down to see our top tips for creating a layout that makes the most of your space. I have drawn up some layouts below, which demonstrate the different ways the same room can be utilized.

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Rectangular Room Floor Plan

Tips for Maximizing Rectangular Rooms

  • Check out this post to plan your perfect floor layout, showcasing beautifully designed workspaces and cozy corners for reading or enjoying drinks. McGee’s Studio creates smaller areas within the space, dividing it into different zones.
  • SOFA TABLES. If you are going to place a sofa in the centre of the room, put a narrow console or sofa table behind it to ensure that the space behind the sofa doesn’t feel forgotten about. Pop some tall, but narrow, table lamps on here to add height to the scheme as well as some softer, lower level lighting. Rectangular Room Layout
  • Consider having two different arrangements – one for the summer season and another for the winter season. During the winter, prioritize placing the furniture around the fireplace, while in the summer, ensure convenient access to the garden. If you are open to rearranging the furniture a bit, why not opt for two distinct layouts?
  • PAIRS. Don’t be afraid to have two coffee tables or footstools rather than one gigantic one, they will be more flexible as well as being in proportion with the shape of the room.Rectangular Living Room
  • RUGS. If you have divided the space into two zones, ground each of them with a matching rug to create cohesion. We’ve written a blog post about top interior design mistakes, including how to choose the right size rug so have a read of that for our tips to make your rug work.Long Sitting Room
  • Add smaller and more interesting pieces of furniture around the room, rather than filling it overwhelmingly with large and chunky pieces.
  • ALTERNATIVE SEATING. A large ottoman is not only great for resting your legs on – use a couple of large trays for displaying coffee table books, objects and drinks. Alternatively, it can be a great additional perch for children when you have a house full!Suzy Hoodless Long Sitting RoomImage credits [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
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    You have it there, right? If you have been grappling with the arrangement of your rectangular living room, this has hopefully provided you with assistance. Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below – I would greatly appreciate hearing from you if you have any inquiries or remarks!

    how to design a rectangular living room

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