As part of Crimson Camp at the University of Oklahoma, new students can participate in a variety of activities, including a drag queen show and a “Queer” Tour.

Following a report on August 10th in The Wall Street Journal, OU has been identified as the university with the highest increase in tuition and fees among all flagship universities in the nation.

“Crimson Camp” is a orientation experience designed to assist undergraduate students in their transition into their first year at the University of Oklahoma, for a duration of eight days.

Incoming OU students can participate in the Queer Tour on Aug. 15, which the university defines as “an accompanied exploration across campus that links students to support systems, advocates, and LGBTQ+ inclusive areas.”

If students are also interested in participating in Bingo Drag on the same day, Crimson Camp, which describes the university’s signature event, asks them to RSVP for the Queer Tour.

The event comprises “complimentary drag shows showcasing local/student performers alongside a renowned host from RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

At the time of publication, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs has not received a reply to their open-records inquiry with OU to discover the amount of compensation Jete received for taking part in the OU drag event. Kornbread Jete serves as the prominent emcee.

Last spring, the University of Oklahoma hired a drag queen to headline their annual “Queens & Crimson” drag show. Interestingly, the drag queen they hired was Yvie, a former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In the 2023 photo of Jete, she is dressed as a drag queen, holding a black chicken, with a short haircut. In the 2021 photo of Jete, he is dressed in male attire with a close-cropped haircut. Jete recently posted two photos on Twitter, one from 2023 and one from 2021.

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I can’t see only you. Around c-k black big my carry still I but. 2023 vs 2021, “Tweeted Jete.”

OU officials learned that state lawmakers responded by giving $130.3 million in new funding, including a $1 billion increase above the total state spending on colleges, resulting in a 14.9 percent increase. Additionally, OU paid a drag performer.

OU’s ongoing support (and possible financial backing) of drag entertainers coincides with the college’s financial procedures attracting national, unfavorable scrutiny.

The August 10th article in The Wall Street Journal identified OU as one of the worst offenders, with some of the best-known public universities having been on a spending spree with unfettered “universities” bill that was passed and passed on to students.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the University of Oklahoma imposed significant tuition hikes on students, all the while investing millions of dollars in various projects, such as the acquisition and renovation of a 32,000-square-foot Italian monastery for its study-abroad program.

The growth rate became even more striking when student fees were taken into account. After factoring in inflation, tuition fees rose by 36 percent, but the enrollment at OU saw a 15 percent increase between 2002 and 2022, as reported by the Journal.

“According to The Journal, the University of Oklahoma experienced the highest increase in per-student tuition and fees among all flagship institutions, with a rise of 166%. Additionally, the university took out significant loans to fund infrastructure improvements and construct new residential buildings.”

Spread out among all OU campuses, the university “welcomes our dedication to guaranteeing varied voices and convictions,” OU justified the cost, informing Fox News Digital that the $18,000 paid last spring to Oddly to participate in OU’s “Crimson & Queens” drag show was deducted from compulsory student fees.

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The worries regarding the college’s financial practices were disregarded by OU President Joseph Harroz, Jr., In an email addressed to the “OU community” on Aug. 10, coinciding with the publication of The Wall Street Journal article.

Embracing a culture of being “honest, courageous, and pragmatic,” and participating in open and honest self-assessments, is of utmost importance for officials at OU, as highlighted by Harroz in his email.

Over the past five years, the population of Oklahoma residents has decreased by 6%, according to Harroz. The Journal found that tuition and fees per student at OU have increased over the last two decades, even after factoring in discounts.

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