However, there are similarities between the two populations, as approximately 10 million people reside on the same island of Hispaniola, with the Dominican Republic (DR) and Haiti occupying nearly identical areas in the Caribbean Sea.

The Dominican Republic has a larger population of people who speak Haitian Creole French and Spanish than in Haiti.

The history of colonization and oppression has played a significant role in spanning boundaries that border political and language barriers, both within countries and beyond.

One reason why Haiti continues to struggle is colonization, with the Dominican Republic’s economy reportedly being 10 times larger than Haiti’s.

Spanish and French Regulation

Spain. France took control of part of the western island from Spain in the 1600s, but Spain had claimed the entire island. This eventually led to tension between the French and Spanish over the division of the island.

In the Western hemisphere, the nation established itself as the globe’s initial Black republic subsequent to liberating itself from French domination. The Haitian Revolution is recognized today as the accomplishment of emancipated slaves who opposed colonialism, achieved in 1804 when Haiti officially attained its autonomy from France.

As a consequence of Haiti’s independence, it has been proven that Haiti has come to pay approximately 90 million gold francs over a span of 30 years to compensate the former owners of plantations who lost their property.

Another cost of isolation was that the Americas, along with other countries, would also rebel against the growing concerns of slavery, separate from the rest of the world.

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And on the other side of the border, the Dominican Republic achieved autonomy from Spain in 1844.

The Influence of Colonization on Economic Liberty in Haiti

Before the Haitian slaves rebelled against the French occupiers, the Spaniards had a different approach that involved integrating with the indigenous people on the side of political systems and marriage, and exploiting the land without involving the indigenous people. However, the French occupiers exploited the land to make Haiti an economic hub for coffee and cane sugar.

Haiti is at a geographic disadvantage when it comes to the island of makeup. Freedom Restavek is affected by this. The mountains on the western side block the rainfall required for growing essential crops and sustaining livestock. However, on the eastern side of the island, the rain favors the Dominican Republic, resulting in healthier soil and better conditions for growing essential crops and more.

Haiti simply didn’t have a fair chance at gaining economic freedom because the fertility of the land, which was the case in the Dominican Republic, was already being destroyed, therefore, the land was already exploited when Haiti became independent.

A Single Island Yet Divergent Realms

Haiti has a higher population to feed compared to the Dominican Republic, despite having less food security. The infant mortality rate in Haiti is twice as high as that of the Dominican Republic. It is reported that the likelihood of unemployment is higher among Haitians, with the average being nearly ten times higher than that of Dominicans, who are generally poorer.

Despite the challenges, Haiti persists in moving towards a brighter future.

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