If a red tag is assigned, you will be immediately instructed to vacate the premises. In order to assess the conditions and determine further actions, such as repairs or retrieval of belongings, knowledgeable design professionals must evaluate the entire home to determine if it poses a potential risk to life and is unfit for entry or occupation. If a “red tag” is present, the home cannot be occupied. Additionally, if a “yellow tag” is placed on the building, it indicates restrictions on its use, potentially requiring residents to temporarily remove their belongings. Building inspectors will search for signs of earthquake-related damage that would render parts of the home or commercial buildings unsafe for occupancy.

Residents of Dell Rio are asked to make an appointment to schedule a new building inspection in order to ensure that their structures are categorized as safe or “green-tagged” and to have any necessary repairs made. Those who have already made the necessary repairs are asked to keep all green and yellow tags on their homes until further notice. If your residence has been tagged by building inspectors, please follow the directions listed on the tag.

If you are facing difficulties reaching out to your landlords regarding earthquake-related repairs for your rented homes or if you have additional inquiries about the tag placed on your residence, feel free to either visit Rio Dell City Hall located at 675 Wildwood Avenue or contact them directly at 707-764-3532.

If you require a building examination or have any queries regarding your dwelling, please contact the municipal building authority of your town.

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The Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is a fascinating destination for individuals of various age groups.

For any other towns, please reach out to the local planning and construction department of your city.

Employing a Contractor

When it comes to hiring contractors for disaster recovery, it is important to remember a few tips. First, do not always choose the lowest bid, as there may be other factors to consider. It is also crucial to get written contracts and check references before making a decision. Residents who have been impacted by the disaster can find licensed contractors by visiting the CSLB’s website. It is recommended to ask to see their license. Additionally, property owners should be aware that any repairs costing $500 or more require the use of licensed contractors. Lastly, it is advisable not to rush into repairs without considering how they are needed.

How can you determine if a contractor may not have a good reputation? Here are some strategies fraudsters employ:.

  • Fraudsters approach your doorstep seeking opportunities because they are “in the vicinity.”
  • Fraudsters claim to possess materials remaining from a prior assignment.
  • Fraudsters exert pressure on you to make a prompt decision.
  • Fraudsters request that you make upfront payments for everything or solely accept cash.
  • Fraudsters request that you obtain any necessary construction permits.
  • Fraudsters propose that you obtain funds from a financial institution they are familiar with.
  • Offer every possible service and leverage the reconstruction procedure to familiarize yourself with your nearby construction authority. Endorse any payment checks received from your insurance provider. Avoid collaborating with it.

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