La sorprendente transformación física de Danna Paola: el antes y el después

Así se veía Danna Paola cuando comenzó su carrera

Amy, the girl with the Blue Backpack, was one of the most well-known productions she participated in. Her first representative story was ‘María Belén’, in which she had her first leading role, standing out in several children’s soap operas after being part of ‘Sesame Street’ in 1999. The actress and singer began her career when she was a child. Let’s remember.

En la adolescencia

In 2009, when Danna was 14 years old and starred in the telenovela ‘soñar a atrévete’, which is an adaptation of ‘Patito Feo’, Televisa positioned itself as a successful production, as it was a stage filled with success. This was not the best period of her life, which she has shared on several occasions.

La llegada de Wicked

In 2013, she starred in the musical, playing the role of the witch Elphaba, and at 18 years old, the physical changes were typical of her age. Danna continued to make soap operas and was part of ‘¿Quién es quién?’, A Telemundo production, following the success she had.

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Su participación en ‘Élite’

This moment seemed natural until, her nose changed its shape because a noticeable rhinoplasty had been done. This was the artist’s appearance in the Netflix series ‘Élite’, where she gave life to the villain character ‘Lu’, which gave her international fame and a great opportunity.

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Su transformación física

Ella compartió una entrevista en el canal de YouTube de Rosado Yordi hace unos meses, en la que mencionó las inseguridades que crearon y se fue. Todo cambió hasta el día que llegó y no le tomaba importancia sin ella; a lo largo de los años, la cantante recibió críticas diversas debido a las constantes bajadas y subidas de peso.

The interpreter of ‘Mala Fama’ shared: “don’t worry about being able to go out there, you won’t know how to handle the weight of the truth. It taught my sister and me that our mom always had a conscious way of dealing with (insecurities), something I had never realized before.”

In 2020, following the release of the second season of ‘Élite’, Danna made her way back to Mexico after an extended period in Spain filming the series. Once back in our country, she made the choice to dedicate all her attention to her music. The alterations in her appearance have become apparent since last year and can be observed on her Instagram profile.

This is how it looked like in March 2020, when promoting the second installment of élite:.

Her face was given more light than a blonde tint by opting for it; it looked slightly different than what they had, and her facial features that also caught attention were refined, and she started to lose weight, months later.

Her attitude, which reflected her secureness from years ago, continued to be noticeable while she also kept experiencing weight loss and ongoing changes in her hair.

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Danna, who started as a brunette a few months ago, has experienced a drastic change in her appearance. Although she never appeared happier and feels more secure, she has also become thinner since then. She is clear in her opinion that she will continue to be a brunette starting from the beginning of 2022.

The artist is currently preparing for his upcoming tour, as rumors have emerged about his weight loss for an operation he underwent. Despite this, he appears happy with this stage and will step onto the stage of the National Auditorium.

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