Kiely Rodni: One-year since the teen’s disappearance sparked a search spanning over two weeks

(FOX40.COM) — Sunday marks the one-year milestone since Kiely Rodni, a 16-year-old, vanished after attending an event in Nevada County.

Following a search of over two weeks, a post-mortem examination determined that the body discovered in Prosser Reservoir was identified as Rodni.

The body and vehicle of Rodni were discovered by the volunteers of divers from Adventures with Purpose, an autonomous team of search and rescue divers. The body was reportedly identified as Rodni’s, as per the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office several days afterwards.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Coroner later declared her death as accidental.

The ruling is based on the pathologist’s finding that her death was the result of drowning, as there was no other information to suggest she was the victim of foul play, according to the sheriff’s office.

Rodni was reportedly last seen on August 6, 2022, near Prosser Family Campground, about 100 miles northeast of Sacramento, with a party attending that included more than 200 young adults and minors, near Truckee.

Initially, authorities treated Rodni’s disappearance as a potential abduction, as there had been no previous searches turned up any signs of Kiley or her vehicle. The last known ping from her cellphone was near Lake Prosser, where her silver 2013 Honda CRV car was also missing.

According to officials, surveillance footage from a convenience store revealed that she was observed at approximately 6 p.M. On the evening preceding her vanishing. Authorities stated that Rodni’s phone was last tracked at “33 minutes past midnight” after her disappearance.

She made sure her family knew that she was wearing several pieces of jewelry, including three necklaces that were “gold-colored”. Officials shared another picture showing her wearing a white sweatshirt at the party, including photos.

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The Sheriff’s Office of Placer County requested the community to submit any photographs or videos that could help in locating Rodni.

Performing the search

Rodni sought assistance in searching the County Placer Sheriff’s Office, the County Nevada Sheriff’s Office, and the County Washoe Sheriff’s Office, as well as various other agencies including the California Highway Patrol, Truckee Police Department, Homeland Security, and the FBI, in addition to the Nevada state’s County Nevada Sheriff’s Office and County Placer Sheriff’s Office.

The Placer County sheriff’s department stated that a variety of resources were utilized during the search.

In the two weeks since she vanished, the organizations collectively dedicated 19,951 hours to the search for Rodni and obtained 1,871 suggestions.

More than 100 volunteers were combing the area on foot in the initial few days after Rodni’s disappearance.

The website, findkiely.Com, was established by the family to collect information about Rodin’s vanishing.

Adventures with Intent joins the search

Adventures with Purpose, a self-sufficient team of search and rescue divers, commence the search for Rodni a fortnight after her vanishing.

Rodni’s car could have potentially explored several areas by checking out Lake Donner and spending more than two hours scouring it with the members of Purpose with Adventures for the day, as reported by FOX40.

We were looking in areas that haven’t been checked yet, particularly the surrounding area near Lake Donner, and we focused on a specific group while launching the boat.

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Adventures with Purpose discovered a vehicle in Prosser Lake that they suspected belonged to Rodi, submerged upside down at a depth of 14 feet on August 21st. Within the vehicle, they discovered a deceased individual believed to be Rodni.

The coroner confirmed that the body was Rodni’s several days later.

Relatives grieve the passing of Rodni

Authorities from Placer and Nevada counties announced that they “believe” her body has been discovered. In the quest to locate her, the teenager’s family released a statement expressing gratitude towards those who provided assistance.

The Rodni-Nieman family, we are forever indebted to you. We never expected to have such dedicated helpers coming to our rescue. We never thought we would have to rely on others for support, but because of you, we are able to stand strong today. We owe our gratitude to the army of healers, matriarchs, and warriors who have stood by us and helped us weather an unimaginable storm.

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