Khamzat Chimaev next fight: 3 opponent options, including Kamaru Usman

khamzat chimaev next fight

The booking possibilities for MMA’s fastest-rising star are limitless, as he has the choice to compete in two different weight classes. The anticipation for his next fight is higher than ever, and the announcement should be made soon. Khamzat Chimaev, who maintained a perfect 12-0 record at UFC 279 last year, is expected to have an exciting upcoming bout.

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Who will Khamzat Chimaev next fight be against?

He may need to prove that he can be trusted to make weight again, likely at 170 pounds, in order to fight at that weight. To move up to 185 pounds or prove that he can make weight at 170 pounds again, he will likely need to fight at that weight. The UFC may be hesitant to put Chimaev in a major welterweight fight at any time soon, due to his badly missing weight for his planned main event against Nate Diaz at UFC 279.

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That is the reason why potential confrontations with Shavkat Rakhmonov, Israel Adesanya, or Kamaru Usman

  • Rakhmonov, a nomadic fighter, is another rising star from Eastern Europe who is eagerly anticipated to face “Borz” in a highly-anticipated match. Like Chimaev, he is also encountering difficulties in securing fights despite being one of the most sought-after fighters in his weight class.
  • Last Stylebender: Although it may appear unlikely, with limited choices that would be suitable for a PPV main event position, a Chimaev vs. Adesanya bout would undeniably attract a large audience. Additionally, the UFC has demonstrated in previous instances that they are willing to schedule championship fights even in the absence of top contenders. Without top contenders, the UFC has proven in the past that they are unafraid to arrange title fights. A Chimaev vs. Adesanya fight would unquestionably generate significant interest, considering the limited alternatives available for a PPV main event spot. Despite its seemingly implausible nature, Last Stylebender.
  • The Nightmare: The ex-welterweight champion is among the handful of fighters who have actively requested a fight with Chimaev. Nevertheless, UFC president Dana White doesn’t appear to be interested in the concept of a catchweight bout at the present time. However, that circumstance could potentially change.
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    Khamzat Chimaev vs Kevin Holland recap

    The initial round concluded his evening and witnessed his prior targets of Chimaev’s experiencing the identical outcome, with eight individuals suffering the same fate. The man who replaced Holland Kevin as his opponent turned out to be far better by chance, defying the odds. Nonetheless, this could have been a significant turning point for the Russian party, as the matchup was highly favorable. Chimaev missed a major opportunity by not facing Diaz and not making weight.

    Chimaev’s inexorable ascent was simply a matter of course in the ultimate conclusion of the fight, whereas Holland made every effort to break free from his adversary’s grip. Demonstrating dominance, he firmly clung to his meal, refusing to let it slip away. Right from the beginning seconds, “Borz” was all over Holland like a determined dog with a bone.

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    The outcome: Following a relentless attack from his opponent, “Trailblazer” was compelled to submit to a brabo choke with 2:13 remaining in the first round of his bout against Chimaev. Once again, the 28-year-old showcased his exceptional dominance and demonstrated it against a highly respected adversary for the second consecutive fight. Displaying his superior skills in the sport, he proved his ability as a formidable force. This occurred in the opening round of his encounter with Chimaev, after enduring two and a half minutes of his opponent’s relentless grappling assault.

    It would be a sad moment in the sport if Chimaev is unable to compete by the summer. It is unclear which weight he will compete in because missing weight hasn’t helped his case. However, booking opponents for “Borz” continues to be very difficult for the promotion, making it seem like endless options for Chimaev before this last booking, just like the roadmap.

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    What makes Khamzat Chimaev so popular?

    The Chechen Crusher, who is one of Dana White’s beloved staff members and a highly renowned figure in the industry, has climbed the ladder of success by encountering only a few obstacles in his ten cage fights within Brave CF.

  • Khamzat Chimaev’s record stands at 12
  • Khamzat Chima
  • Chimaev emerged victorious in his initial six fights prior to stepping into the Octagon. Out of those, two matches extended into the second round, however, apart from the exceptional case against Mzwandile Hlongwa, he effortlessly secured a fight-ending brabo choke in just over a minute.
  • “Borz” became the favorite of his new boss by winning his first four matchups in the Octagon, which were split between the middleweight and welterweight divisions. He also took promotion in just 10 days, making his fights even more impressive.
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    Trash talk and callouts on social media are the current trends in the UFC, often associated with fighters like McGregor. Surprisingly, Chimaev, despite not being a native English speaker, has become skilled at using his Twitter account to engage in this game.

  • The Swedish native has become a passionate user of his Twitter account, utilizing it to confront numerous top fighters in the UFC welterweight division, including Leon Edwards, Gilbert Burns, and Colby Covington.
  • Cormier, the former Olympian and entertaining challenge, was the only one who answered. Daniel, a former two-division champion, sought out MMA fights with retired legends St-Pierre Georges and Lesnar Brock, as well as engaging in a wrestling match. Chimaev went on a rampage in November 2021, posting tweets.
  • Chimaev has also made headlines for his dominating training videos, showcasing his world-class talents like Darren Till, a UFC veteran, and Yaroslav Amosov, a welterweight champion in Bellator.
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    Khamzat Chimaev’s net worth

    The gauge of a fighter’s triumph is the monetary value they accumulate from a lifetime of professional boxing matches. Chimaev is still in the early stages of his career, but his net worth is estimated to exceed $294,000.

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