Kanye West praises Hitler, calls himself a Nazi in unhinged interview

On Thursday’s episode of Alex Jones, Kanye West, a rapper known for his far-right conspiracy theories, expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and advocated against criticizing Nazis. This controversial statement led to a fresh round of criticisms for the rapper, who had recently shared a meal with former US president Donald Trump.

“Particularly Hitler,” West, also known as Ye, expressed to Jones during the peculiar appearance on the Infowars Network, alongside Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, “they contributed worth to society, every individual does.” “Regarding Hitler, I observe positive aspects.”

“I admire Hitler,” he added later, and identified himself as a Nazi.

West’s “campaign manager” has been referred to as a vocal white supremacist, Fuentes, who additionally made antisemitic remarks from Jones, mentioning a “Jewish syndicate,” during the interview with West, whose visage was hidden beneath a dark ski mask.

The Nazis were hooligans and committed extremely immoral acts. This statement implies that West’s admiration for Hitler and the Nazis was an attempt to counter Jones, a repeat instigator who has been instructed to pay substantial financial penalties for falsely asserting that one of the most tragic school shootings in America was a fabrication.

“They also performed commendable actions,” West stated. “We must cease the constant criticism of the Nazis.”

Kanye on Alex Jones:

“Well, I see good things about Hitler also.” pic.twitter.com/9zXjtCVqdQ

— Blaze Music (@blazemusicmedia) December 1, 2022

In the upcoming weeks, Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Likud and soon to regain power in Israel, was also singled out by the West, alleging that the politician was attempting to separate the rapper from his family.

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West, while mimicking Netanyahu and clutching a net symbolizing the ex-prime minister, exclaimed, “We must command authority over the historical records, govern the financial institutions, and engage in acts of violence.”

It’s this kind of thing. Here is Kanye talking to a prop “Bibi Netanyahu” he brought with him. Unbelievably, this is one of the more tame parts of the interview.pic.twitter.com/ldirzIwxOf

— Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) December 1, 2022

Later on Thursday, West shared a picture on Twitter that combined a swastika with a Star of David.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the leader of the Anti-Defamation League, stated after the interview that West’s remarks posed a danger to the Jewish community.

He posted on Twitter, “His remarks today about InfoWars are not only repulsive and insulting: they jeopardize the safety of Jewish people.” It is evident that Ye is a cruel anti-Semitic individual. Devoting all your time to a white supremacist, expressing admiration for the Nazis, and stating that you have a fondness for Hitler.

The rapper, who referred to the interview as a “disturbing swamp of perilous, prejudiced Jew animosity,” faced criticism from various individuals, including the Republican Jewish Coalition.

“Stating his admiration for Hitler, it cannot be emphasized enough that Kanye West is an abhorrent, repulsive bigot who has singled out the Jewish community with intimidation and defamation reminiscent of the Nazis.”

Halie Soifer, CEO of the Democratic Jewish Council of America, was quick to weigh in on Donald Trump’s continued embrace of Kanye West, a Hitler sympathizer, stating that as long as Trump continues to claim support for the security and safety of the Jewish people, he must explicitly condemn and disavow such organizations.

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Israel’s Ambassador to the US, Mike Herzog, expressed his concern about the increasing presence of hateful language on a platform that is considered legitimate, especially at a time when antisemitism is also on the rise. Herzog further stated that he was deeply disturbed by the Infowars interview.

“In alarming occurrences, Herzog stated that West, Fuentes, and Jones participated in abhorrent provocation, which has the potential to result in violence and the demise of Jewish individuals.”

He stated, “Within the United States, the Jewish populace encounters the most elevated degrees of violence rooted in religion, excluding any encouragement of violence and vilification of the Jewish community.”

West has faced a series of vehement criticism under a barrage of aggressive and irrational verbal attacks targeting Jews over the last few months, resulting in lucrative deals being lost for Adidas and other companies.

Trump has also been criticized for his recent dinner meeting with West and Fuentes. The former president expressed admiration for West, but Fuentes stated that he was brought along by the rapper and declined to speak out against him, as he did not know him.

During the Holocaust, he pondered the extent of Jewish casualties. He often expresses prejudiced remarks against Jews and gained prominence as a far-right leader of the openly discriminatory and anti-Jewish “Groyper” movement, Fuentes, during Trump’s presidency.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, who has reversed the moderation against hate speech on the site, was referenced by Kanye West in an interview with Infowars, where he tweeted, “I pray to Jesus that Elon is real! I love the First Amendment, long live Ye!”

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