Kamala Harris’ best friend recounts bully smashing rock over VP’s head in kindergarten in new book

A recent book excerpt published on Monday unveiled that a youthful Vice President Kamala Harris was once physically injured by a schoolyard tormentor when she tried to defend her closest childhood companion.

Growing up in California alongside the future trailblazer, my childhood best friend, Stacey Johnson Batiste, is publishing a memoir called Friends From the Beginning: The Berkeley Village that Raised Kamala and Me.

Today, it was the early activists in ultra-liberal Berkeley, California’s artistic reputation, who shaped Kamala Harris’s and her mother’s beliefs, as written by Batiste.

She penned her earliest recollections, recounting the time she met Harris and her sister. Both mothers, though small in stature, had a commanding presence. Together, we formed a joyful, boisterous, and lively group.

According to earlier reports, both Harris and she were born in the same hospital in Oakland, California. They met Batiste at the time when Harris was the vice president and Batiste was the president for almost five years.

DailyMail.Com acquired a unique excerpt from the forthcoming book, released on November 16 by 12 Books.

According to their mothers, she enrolled them in Berkwood Hedge School, a private institution that Batiste characterized as ‘extremely forward-thinking, even considering the era and location,’ and advocated for ‘the encouragement of individuality and self-expression.’

“I began my education at Berkeley, surrounded by a vibrant range of students who provided a strong foundation for understanding in the coming years,” she wrote.

Every morning, when our small class would sit on the floor, we would gather in a circle and listen to our teachers, reading various types of catalogs that resembled diversity of sorts.

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She said the other students included a Filipino girl, two black children and a white boy Batiste described as a ‘good friend.’.

“Batiste said she discovered Harris at that school where it was, and she has no time for individuals who engage in bullying, nor does she have any apprehensions about expressing her thoughts to them.”

‘Lumps’ as referred Batiste which, clay of pieces molding with tasked were children the when occurred that incident specific a recounted she.

With laughter and force, a 5-year-old boy forcefully tore the woman’s artwork from her hand while young Batiste and Harris were “appreciating” their creations after they were placed in the oven for baking.

In her novel, Batiste reminisced, “tears filling my eyes,” as I gazed down at my fragmented masterpiece, and overwhelmed, I was speechless.

Kamala stepped between the boy and me, launching into a full-throated wail before I could even begin to understand what exactly started his outburst.

The boy, who seemed shocked by the sight, recounted that he grabbed a solid chunk of clay or stone and forcefully struck it against Kamala’s head, right above her eyebrow.

Batiste wrote, ‘He demanded an apology from me, but she continued laying into the boy. She didn’t recoil at all, but her forehead started gushing blood.’

Harris’ mother urgently requested to get stitches for her daughter and pick her up early. Her mother was deeply concerned about her severe wound, which Harris vividly remembered as being very bloody. Harris fought fiercely, breaking away from the teacher’s grip, until the fight was finally stopped and the teacher insisted on continuing it.

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However, she still recalls Harris appearing at school the following day – and that the harm would endure for many years.

Batiste wrote, “I carefully observed Kamala, noticing her small, barely visible scars. I have never been bothered by either of us, as we are both young boys.”

Despite the fact that the entire scene left me more shaken up, it can be argued that I was even more shaken up by her appearance in the aftermath.

She mentioned that the anecdote was one she frequently used to depict Kamala’s personality when asked.

Batiste referred to the year she spent with Harris at Berkwood as one of the most important memories of her early life.

When Kamala and I were playing outside on the playground, right around the time when memories of my early childhood start to crystallize, Berkwood is where my recollections really begin to take shape, even though I have various fragments of childhood memories.

Among the strongest of my first true friends, I met them having a sturdy root. Although our memories of Berkwood are very strong, we only shared one year together. As soon as I arrived at school, I would try to find Kamala. Most likely, we were friends who enjoyed lingering outdoors on slides and swings, running around.

Before Batiste’s name came up, members of the media sought to learn more about Harris’s particularly personal life, especially after she made headlines running as Biden’s mate.

Before becoming the first woman and first woman of color to serve as Vice President in US history, Kamala Harris was the first female Attorney General of California, the first Asian and Black woman to hold that position, and the first female district attorney of San Francisco.

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Batiste conveyed her immense delight to Spectrum News in August, declaring that she ‘wept tears of happiness’ upon discovering Harris’ inclusion in the 2020 ticket.

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