Juan Pablo Quinonez Bio, Age, Married, Job, History TV’s Alone

Pablo Juan Quinonez is undoubtedly chosen as one of the contestants on the reality adventure show “Alone” on the History Channel, given his extensive experience of over ten years in survival and outdoor recreation. He is not only a first responder in the wilderness but also a professional expert in outdoor survival.

With the exception of medical check-ins, of course, Alone has delivered highly acclaimed seasons so far, with eight seasons already released and a new series coming on May 26, 2022. The show follows 10 contestants who strive to survive in the wilderness alone, documenting their daily struggles for as long as possible.

Juan is here because he is the one who informs all the other participants about each other and all the other humans who are isolated from each other.

Juan Pablo Quinonez On History TV’s Alone

Juan expressed his immense enthusiasm and gratitude on social media for the chance to participate in the show Alone this season. He is particularly thrilled about the opportunity to embark on an incredible adventure and to have the privilege of meeting the remarkable individuals involved in the production and as fellow participants.

In order to also push the boundaries of his physical and mental capabilities, he appeared enthusiastic about the opportunity. If Juan emerges victorious in Alone, he intends to utilize the prize money to acquire land and establish a homestead community, where he can build a family. With the necessary equipment, such as the trapping wire, multitool, sleeping bag, bow and arrows, saw, fishing line-and-hooks, ax, 2-quart pot, paracord, and Ferro rod (i.E., Only ten items), he made the decision to embark on this survival journey to the remote wilderness valley in Labrador, Canada. He firmly believes that it is essential to both practice and pass on the skills and wisdom of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

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Juan Pablo Quinonez Job

On LinkedIn, Juan Pablo describes himself as a seasoned expert in surviving in the wild for extended periods of time.

Additionally, he mentions that his outdoor and survival encounters encompass paddling more than 1,500 miles during various whitewater and flatwater excursions (including the Hayes River to Hudson Bay); trekking the complete Pacific Crest Trail (2650 mi) in 99 days; and several other endeavors.

Juan also utilizes his pay and money to fuel his passion. He has been active in a blog, providing gear and resources recommendations and taking survival courses. Additionally, he has written a survival book. He also sells his merchandise online. Absolutely!

Juan, who was awarded the Michael R. Shaw Memorial Scholarship, pursued the course from 2011 to 2015 and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership from Mount Royal University. Just wanted to let you know.

Is Juan Pablo Quinonez Married?

In 2022, Juan Pablo Quinonez remained unmarried. Without concealing it, he did have a companion and he didn’t have any objections.

In 2016, Jennifer and Juan, who are also known to each other, shared this information. Juan frequently discusses this adventure with Jennifer, which took place in 2016. Juan even mentioned that he and Jennifer lived in the wild for six months, surviving on semi-starvation rations and foraging for food. Ford is Jennifer’s name.

On May 18th, 2016, they embarked on an unknown journey with two portage packs, six buckets, and paddling equipment inside their canoe. They navigated through the boreal forest of Manitoba. They had meticulously planned this adventure six months in advance.

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From back in the time when Juan Pablo Quinonez and his partner Jennifer Ford survived six months of living in the wilderness along the Bloodvein River (PIC: jpquinonez.com)

When they came back six months later, the CTV News had reported on their story. The couple spoke about it extensively. The couple said a multitude of things. When they returned, half a year later, the CTV News had covered their story while discussing it.

The couple faced a challenge during their entire trip that wasn’t just hunger. They were angry at each other and felt isolated and alone. They even spoke about some moments when they were really angry and fought.

Jennifer, who is currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, originally worked as a project specialist at Canadian Ecotourism Services (CES) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She also studied Leadership Outdoor and Ecotourism at Royal Mount University and had the opportunity to meet Juan during her time there. Additionally, her LinkedIn profile indicates that she has a background in ecotourism services in Canada.

Juan Pablo Quinonez Family

Additionally, this chapter of his narrative will be discussed at a later time, along with numerous other topics. Up to now, Quinonez Pablo Juan’s family has not shared anything with anyone.

Juan Pablo Quinonez Age

Juan Pablo Quinonez was 30 years old when they recorded Alone presumably in 2021.

Is Juan Pablo Quinonez On Instagram?

As of May 29, 2022, Juan Pablo’s Instagram account @jp.Quinonez had 9 posts and 107 followers. He also shared stories of his endurance, exploration, and determination on his ‘Juan Pablo Quiñonez’ business page on Facebook. Additionally, his YouTube channel, known as ‘Juan Pablo Quiñonez,’ had a total of 6 subscribers.

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Juan Pablo Quinonez Height

Juan Pablo Quinonez, whose height is approximately 6 feet, has the fittest physique. He applies his fitness regimen diligently and enjoys engaging in activities that challenge his limits and push him to his maximum potential. In addition to his workouts, Juan is passionate about living off the land and loves adventure.

Related FAQs

  • What is the date of Juan Pablo Quinone
  • Juan Pablo had not yet informed his supporters about the date on which he commemorates his birthday.

  • What is the origin of Juan Pablo Quinone
  • Juan Pablo Quinonez likely was born in Canada, specifically in Pinawa, Manitoba. He lived and worked there until 2022. He also grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he loved going into the forest to trap lizards, scorpions, and rattlesnakes.

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