Josh Hutcherson Net Worth

What is Josh Hutcherson’s Net Worth?

After beginning his career as a child actor with numerous commercial roles in the early 2000s, Josh Hutcherson, an American television and film actor, has a net worth of $20 million. He then started to become a more sought-after actor, making a name for himself with films like “Zathura” and “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and further solidifying his reputation with movies like “The Polar Express” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

He has also booked lead roles in these films. During this period, he continued to advance his career as an actor, exploring various possibilities in producing and directing. He has earned executive producing credits on a number of projects, including Lost: Paradise Escobar and The Forger. Until 2015, he continued to reprise his role in this franchise, winning a number of awards for his performances. The real breakthrough for Josh came with the beginning of “The Hunger Games,” a successful franchise film that started in 2012.

Early Life

Josh Hutcherson, born on October 12th, 1992 in Union, Kentucky, became involved in his acting career later on, heavily supported by his parents and younger brother. However, his family initially questioned Josh’s interest in acting, but it soon became clear that he had a natural talent for performing and was completely taken by the entertainment industry. In 2002, at the age of eight, he found himself an agent and started working with a prominent acting coach named Bob Luke. He then visited Los Angeles to pilot a season for the TV show “Angeles” and was encouraged by the experience.

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Hutcherson mentioned Jake Gyllenhaal as a significant influence on his acting career, and he continues to draw inspiration from the actor’s accomplishments. In addition, Hutcherson has expressed admiration for the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, a director and producer.

Josh Hutcherson

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Early Career

Before Josh made his way down to Los Angeles, he lived with his mother in the famous Oakwood community, where housing for child actors was provided. His first three years in Los Angeles were not easy. He had booked a few minor roles, including a commercial for Kroger and some appearances in a Bible film training school.

During this period, Hutcherson later stated that he “disliked” the classroom environment and felt much more comfortable learning on his own. Although he enjoyed playing tennis and soccer during this time, he returned to Kentucky for a brief period when he attended high school for a year. He was homeschooled starting at the age of nine. Instead of going to school, he spent almost all his time on film sets. While Josh’s early years in L.A. Were also very unconventional for a young boy, they were successful.

Some of Josh’s first roles in Hollywood were in commercials. He also booked roles in TV pilots and guest-starred in an episode of “ER.” His first lead role came with the film “Miracle Dogs” in 2003. Another major step forward came when he joined the cast of the TV film “Wilder Days” in 2003, followed by his first feature film “American Splendor,” which won him a grand jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Another notable role Tom Hanks had in a 2004 film was “The Polar Express.” Although the film used motion-capture technology to portray the likeness of young actor Josh, it was a major accomplishment for him. “Howl’s Moving Castle” followed with mixed reviews as another animated film.

“The Kids Are All Right,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and “Firehouse Dog” were followed up by He in 2007. Many critics believe that Hutcherson made a breakthrough with his true-to-life role in “Bridge to Terabithia”. Over the next few years, Josh tried to advance his career by taking on roles in films like “RV” and “Space Adventure,” as well as “Zathura: A Screaming and Kicking” experience.

After being cast in the highly successful film series, “The Hunger Games,” he pursued various opportunities in his career while continuing to act in multiple movies within this franchise in the following years. In 2011, he further advanced his career by taking on producing and directing roles.

Real Estate

In August 2019, Josh listed this house for sale for a price of $3.5 million and managed to sell it in February 2020 for $2.94 million. After Ledger’s passing in 2008, the residence was discreetly bought for an undisclosed sum a year later. Ledger and Michelle resided in this house together, and interestingly, their daughter was born in this very home. Heath Ledger purchased the property from Ellen in 2005, who had previously owned a compound of multiple houses. Located in the Hollywood Hills, this two-bedroom, 1,861-square-foot residence was bought by Josh in 2012 for a sum of $2.5 million.

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Additional standout features include a compact office, a charming garden in the courtyard, and a cinema area in the open air. Moreover, the property is equipped with a substantially spacious deck measuring 2,500 square feet, although the indoor area offers slightly less at just under 2,000 square feet. This one-of-a-kind home, constructed in 1951 as a distinctive “treehouse” residence nestled in a picturesque hillside surrounded by a grove of Sycamore trees, exudes a sense of uniqueness.

In 2019, Hutcherson paid $300,000 over the asking price to acquire a property in Silver Lake, which features exceptional views of the reservoir, a fenced French courtyard, and three floors with nearly 2,000 square feet of living space. Reportedly, in 2014, Josh purchased a home in Studio City for $2 million.

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