Jon Gosselin’s Ex Colleen Conrad Defends Collin Gosselin After His Mom and Sister’s Behavior Claims

Collin’s defense compelled Mady and Kate, accused of threatening behavior, to feel estranged from their sister and mother. Before their split in 2021, Collin dated Colleen, a U.S. Marine, and Conrad, Jon Gosselin’s ex, took to Instagram on Friday to praise Collin for his sheer determination and the significant step he is taking towards becoming a Marine, expressing strong words of support from Jon.

Jon’s former partner initiated her statement by saying, “Collin is not just someone I deeply care for but also holds great importance in my family’s existence. Presently, he is undergoing training at boot camp for the Marines and unfortunately, he is incapable of defending himself.” I recently discovered derogatory remarks made about Collin Gosselin and felt an inner drive to stand up for him. These remarks were made by relatives who have been disconnected from his life since he reached the age of 12.

Colleen mentioned that she resided with Collin until he reached the age of 18. Her statement was accompanied by a compilation of pictures featuring Collin throughout the years, even following her separation from Jon in 2021.

She continued, “I saw him every single day. He was always kind and respectful, and he flourished. He never spoke to me again, but he was never aggressive or threatening. He is far from being considered dangerous. He is there for me whenever I need him, and he even brings me white roses every time he comes to see me.”

Colleen went on to the honors banquet for ROTC, having the highest GPA in her group and achieving a GPA of 4.0. She earned such accomplishments as being on Collin’s list.

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Colleen penned the words, however, he persisted, “Collin’s aspiration of becoming a Marine appeared unattainable considering his upbringing. He ceased taking any medications two years ago and excelled in both academics and employment. As an adult, he actively pursued independent psychiatric assessments that invalidated all prior diagnoses. It was his unwavering resolve that propelled him towards the Marines, where he is currently realizing his long-cherished ambition. Had he not discredited those diagnoses, he would not be in that position today.”

She says that while he is in boot camp, he writes letters to her through Collin, and she remains in contact with him. He is proud and happy, but the camp is also challenging.

“Unfounded allegations from those alienated from his existence warrant commendation, rather than the veracity regarding Collin’s personality,” expressed Colleen in conclusion. “That’s how relatives behave. Regardless of any challenges we encounter, I will back him up, and Collin will forever remain a member of my family. I am privileged to have him in my life, and he exemplifies resilience and bravery.”

Colleen’s article arrives only a few weeks following Mady’s allegations against Collin for aggressive conduct.

Mady began her post, saying, “I must straighten the record and express that in the last few days, I’ve been overwhelmed by hateful messages. However, I never wanted to speak up about this in order to privately live after the conclusion of our family’s TV show. I will never allow someone who exhibits violent and even hateful behavior towards others based on their religious beliefs, gender identity, racial identity, or any other aspect of their identity to be a part of my life. I do not owe any allegiance to any person(s) in my immediate family who has threatened me or any other member physically. In fact, incidents as recent as last year have involved physical threats from every member of my immediate family, and I do not owe them my allegiance.”

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Kate then reiterated, stating that her 19-year-old son “continues to be a deeply troubled young man.”

In a statement to ET, Jon called his ex-wife’s alleged effort to justify his past horrific and inexcusable behavior towards her as false and cruel accusations.

He stated, “The truth fully reveals the government’s clear diagnoses. Collin had to be cleared by the US Marine Corps with a comprehensive medical and background check, including mental and physical clearance.” “True love wouldn’t exclude a child from a mother who attacks their own son in public.”

Cara possesses a sibling who is her identical twin, named Mady, and she is currently 22 years of age. Additionally, Leah, Joel, Hannah, Alexis, and Aaden are all members of a group of sextuplets who are currently 19 years old, and Collin is also included in this group. Furthermore, Jon and Kate are the parents of a total of eight children.

Hannah and Collin do not have a relationship with their fellow sextuplets or older sisters. After Jon’s behavioral issues, Collin was institutionalized and Hannah went to live with him at the teen facility. Collin is estranged from his mom.

In November 2022, Collin conversed with ET about his separation from his mother Kate after he was admitted to an institution.

Collin expressed that due to television and the impact of being in the public spotlight on one’s family, he believes that their relationship was not very strong prior to that. He further mentioned that he did not have any connection with his mother after being there, and he believes that it caused them to drift apart.

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