John Travolta’s $10million Florida home includes an airport — see the pics

John Travolta’s $10 million mansion in Ocala, Florida is not just a luxurious five-bedroom home, but also includes an airstrip and airport on the exclusive Jumbolair Aviation Estates, where the superstar from Grease built his house back in the ’90s. In just a minute, aircrafts can be boarded right in front of the door, allowing him to park his two jets outside his home.

When John first moved into his remodeled midcentury house, he was amazed by the stunning pool and open-plan living areas. The home features five spacious bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. The estate, which was once the home of Vanderbilt Muriel, a renowned horse breeder, now includes approximately seventeen unsold estates with an 8,700 square-foot conference center. The 7,600 square-foot mansion also has a 3,600-foot runway, making it the only private runway on the country’s 550-acre estate. Preston Kelly and his late wife were the first to purchase and build a home on the estate.

Bleu and his daughter Ella often share glimpses inside their incredible 69-year-old home in Florida with their fans, treating them to fabulous shots of their family’s Easter celebrations, including a video showing their extensive grounds, formal dining area, and cozy living room.

Outside the huge amusement zone of the huge amusement home, there is a golf course and a huge swimming area with a pool slide. John wanted to use it for dancing, which is why it has a big open space and stone flooring. The pool cabana is a playroom for adults, as one of the architects told John from Architectural Digest. The space outside is particularly important to the pilot and actor as a cool spot for kids and adults to hang out. In addition, John’s property includes a huge 16-car garage, which he has lovingly turned into a parkour-style gym for his son Ben, who is increasingly developing his acrobatic skills week after week.

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In 2020, the deceased spouse Kelly Preston, with whom John worked together, was the result of the household. In a 2004 interview with AD, Kelly enthusiastically talked about her spouse’s fascination with aircraft and the duo constructed the residence jointly.

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Kelly exclaimed, “It was incredibly thrilling. It had always been John’s aspiration to have aircrafts in his front yard–to practically be able to drive up to the house–so that whenever we wanted to go out for dinner, all we had to do was step outside, board the plane, and take off. And we frequently travel by air. Last year, when Johnny was filming a movie in Tampa, he commuted to and from work by flying every day. Every evening, the children and I would go out in the golf cart, observe the landing, and then bring Johnny to the house while the plane made its way on the ground.”

John is able to conveniently taxi all the way to his own doorstep, as the front door is merely 100m away from the parking ports of both jets. The ultimate blueprint allows for a view of both cherished jets from various areas inside the house, including the bedroom, the great room, and the dining room, which the duo had a distinct vision of wanting to be able to see.

These days, John and Ella generously showcase their remarkable family residence by sharing the finest images of their extraordinary abode. As they browse through the pictures, they fondly remember John and Kelly’s son, Jett, who sadly departed at the tender age of 16 in 2009. Presently, John resides in the house with his daughter Ella and his son Ben, who is now 12 years old.

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In this video, you can observe the Easter Day family table set and the airport hangar in the background.

When they planned the residence, John and Kelly initially desired the identical cozy atmosphere, and their dwelling still maintains it. In the state of Florida, the family commemorates Christmas.

The kitchen is adorned in timeless dark wood and has a very modern appearance.

The traditional decoration is visible behind Ella in this picture she posted on Instagram.

Ben has occupied a portion of his father’s 16-vehicle garage with his gymnastics apparatus!

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