Jodi Arias’ former cellmate says convicted murderer is ‘a flirt’ with ‘a lot of hate’: doc

In the true-crime documentary “Arias Jodi: Secrets Cellmate,” which is airing as an enhanced encore on Lifetime, the former cellmate of Arias speaks out, promising to share disturbing new information surrounding the case of Alexander Travis, as well as shocking theories about the gruesome slaying.

“Cellmate Secrets,” a docuseries airing on the network, delves into the relationships of lovers and inmates, prison wardens, ex-companions, and the viewpoints of well-known true-crime instances. The show is narrated by Angie Harmon.

She was accused of murder. She had no idea. She was very quiet. She was beautiful. She looked just like a model. In 2008, Bering recalled meeting Arias on Fox News, saying, “I thought she was just trying to get information on people.”

In a documentary, an undercover police officer recalls the methods she used to persuade a man from Ohio to admit to the murder of his wife, emphasizing the pervasive nature of evil.

According to Oxygen.Com, Bering was present on suspicion of being an accomplice to arson. The females were detained at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona. Regarding Arias, she had been incarcerated for first-degree murder in connection with the murder of her boyfriend.

In June 2008, Arias was accused of shooting him in the head and slitting his throat in his suburban Phoenix home. The defense eventually settled on the argument that masked intruders were responsible for the slashing, stabbing, and 27 times of slashing. Initially, Arias denied any involvement, but later blamed it on self-defense.

Prosecutors claimed that Alexander invited Arias to his home for a violent day of sex, then she turned on him, forcing her to fight for her life. They said she killed him in a jealous rage.

In the documentary, Lori, the sibling of Tom Arnold, divulges her narrative of how she gained recognition as the ‘Monarch of Meth’ and clarifies that she resorted to substances because she desired to encounter a feeling of vitality.

Arias, who longed to form friendships, presented herself as a kind cellmate with “the voice of a heavenly being” and quickly connected with Bering, mentioning that she, along with her current spouse Tracy Brown Bering, who was also in Estrella Jail for a kidnapping accusation.

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Bering expressed, “We simply gravitated towards one another, it was rather peculiar.” “She possessed this remarkably serene and eloquent disposition as an artist who sketched extensively. She was remarkably approachable and effortlessly put you at ease. I mean, I was astounded. All of us were. We had absolutely no inkling that she was being charged with murder. When she eventually disclosed it to us, I was completely stunned because I was completely oblivious.”

While the women portrayed Arias as “a flirt” in the documentary, Bering asserted that they never had a romantic or sexual involvement.

According to Bering, “She purportedly utilized her charm to obtain favors from fellow prisoners. She engaged in playful interactions with the guards. She displayed a highly sexual demeanor. She had no qualms about conversing with the male guards. However, we simply developed a strong friendship.”


Bering said that Tracy gave Arias six tattoos using a pencil, staple, rubber band, and a drop of baby powder along with four tattoos of shampoo. Tracy even allowed Arias to tattoo them, and Bering said that the women became so close.

“My spouse motivated her because she was such a fantastic artist,” stated Bering. “She referred to me as her tattoo canvas.”

Bering mentioned that she and Tracy were completely unaware of the media frenzy that surrounded Arias.

Her personal and professional life appeared promising. She believed that things were different this time with Alexander. In her past relationships, she had experienced both abuse and infidelity, unlike her involvement with Arias. Arias, a charismatic motivational speaker and businessman, was captivated by her later on, after she revealed her Mormon faith. She met Alexander at a Las Vegas convention in the late 2006, during a period of financial struggle and juggling multiple jobs. This information was shared by Arias.

According to the Department of Corrections, a former prison staff member participated in flirtatious conduct with prisoners prior to aiding two murderers in their getaway, which the department deemed as a fabrication.


Once more, Alexander witnessed her when she testified about the sexual events. Within a week, Arias said that she ended her relationship with another man.

At that point, I was really not accustomed to not wanting to tell him, so I just kept going with it, Arias said.

Bering said Arias was drawn to both her and Tracy because they didn’t dig into her private life and they weren’t judgmental.

He was a devout Mormon who believed in saving sex for marriage, but in reality, he had intercourse with other women. Throughout the trial, the defense attorneys depicted Alexander as a cheater and liar, belittling Arias by calling her derogatory names. They claimed to have dated for about five months, but then they broke up. However, they continued to see each other. He had other girlfriends and he would demean Arias by calling her derogatory names, portraying her as a cheater and liar throughout the trial. Despite being a devout Mormon who believed in saving sex for marriage, he engaged in intercourse with other women.

According to statements from a prison correspondent featured in a documentary, Chris Watts would envision committing the act of killing Shanann Watts prior to the gruesome homicides occurring.

They said Bering had no reason to believe Arias when she was freed, as she was willing to do some work in social media.

Bering clarified, “If she had the opportunity, she would have continuously contacted me throughout the day just to express her thoughts. I engaged in this activity because I was in favor of her at that moment and it occupied my time. She would transmit the data and have conversations with me over the phone, and subsequently, I would publish it exactly as she desired. She desired the exhibition of her work, she yearned to demonstrate to individuals what she was perusing. She desired the dissemination of information. She aimed to maintain her presence on social media platforms. I undertook this task because I believed she required assistance.”

Bering, the daily news reported, claimed that Arias was abused by her parents starting at the age of seven. Bering alleged that Arias was subjected to cruelty by her parents. However, Bering stated that Arias changed her feelings after speaking out against her parents.

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According to documents, Casey Anthony’s cellmate and a prison guard recall her disturbing response to the discovery of Caylee’s remains.

Alleged Bering claimed, “She harbored a great deal of animosity. She did not align with the person I perceived her to be. She expressed a penchant for destructive and harmful actions, desiring the dissemination of vile content [on social media] whenever she became angry. She consistently resorted to shouting and berating, abruptly ending phone calls while uttering dreadful remarks, demonstrating her disrespectful manner towards her mother.”

Alleged Bering, “I was shocked to witness that emerge from her. I couldn’t comprehend it. I felt deceived. It made me feel extremely upset. She attempted to retaliate against me and enlisted acquaintances to target me and my family. She became extremely furious and uttered some incredibly dreadful remarks. I deemed it as abhorrent. It was unwarranted. I informed her that I would cease posting if she persisted in behaving in such a manner. I recall a moment when I declined to publish some truly terrible things about her family.”

Arias said she lied early in the investigation because she was not truthful about planning to commit suicide. According to Alexander’s friends, Arias became jealous and possessive after their breakup, and she stalked him.


Authorities said that after Alexander violently attacked Arias, another woman planned a trip to Mexico with him, wanting to end their affair. On the day he died, a memory card was discovered inside Alexander’s washing machine, containing time-stamped photographs along with scenes of the crime. They found bloody palm prints and her hair at the crime scene.

Investigators also revealed that Alexander was shot in the head with the same .25 caliber gun that was reported stolen from Arias’ grandparents’ home in Northern California about a week before the killing.


Arias was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole and was convicted of first-degree murder. Bering said they haven’t spoken in years.

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