Jeremy Renner suffered ‘extensive’ injuries when snowplow ran over leg

Jeremy Renner, the Marvel actor, lost a significant amount of blood after accidentally running over one of his legs with a snowplow at his home in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He was airlifted to the hospital before New Year’s Day.

A doctor, who is a neighbor of the star known as “Hawkeye,” managed to rush to the aid of his injured leg after an air ambulance took actor Jeremy Renner to a hospital near Reno, as reported by TMZ. The doctor applied a tourniquet to provide immediate assistance.

The outlet also mentioned that while his leg, along with other parts of his body, were also injured and the star’s injuries are “extensive,” the further details about the injuries were not immediately available.

The video obtained by The Post shows the chopper loaded onto the snowy hill near the home terrace of Ski Rose-Mt. Star, where the Avengers star can be seen taking off just moments after.

After a colossal snowstorm during the start of the year, the actor, who is 51 years old, was transported onto the helicopter at approximately 9:50 a.M. On Sunday. Renner was by himself and had been attempting to remove the snow to create a way out of his five-bedroom residence.

Marvel actor Jeremy Renner
The 51-year-old Marvel star was in critical condition after the Kässbohrer PistenBully snow plow accidentally rolled over his leg on Sunday.
Instagram / @jeremyrenner

Renner is reported to be in a “critical but stable” state after his Kässbohrer PistenBully snow plow unintentionally ran over him.

A safety mechanism on the plow evidently malfunctioned, causing the massive equipment to roll over him.

A spokesperson for the actor, who has received two Academy Award nominations, declared that he suffered injuries in Nevada “after a weather-related occurrence while removing snow.”

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Jeremy Renner
Renner’s Kässbohrer PistenBully snow plow accidentally ran over him.
Instagram / @jeremyrenner
Jeremy Renner
Renner is in critical but stable condition.
Jeremey Renner

The actor was “receiving exceptional treatment” in the hospital, with his family by his side. He is also recognized for his leading role in the Paramount+ series “Mayor of Kingstown.”

Renner, who lives about 25 miles outside of Reno near Tahoe-Ski Rose-Mt., Is using videos and photos shared previously to document himself plowing out winter storms.

A massive winter tempest struck the region on New Year’s Eve and allegedly resulted in 35,000 households losing electricity.

The actor from “Avengers” shared a video on Instagram last month of himself operating a plow.

The actor posted about the amount of snow piled up by his home.
Instagram / @jeremyrenner
The incident happened at Renner’s Lake Tahoe home.
Instagram / @jeremyrenner

“At the time,” he penned, “although I anticipate defeat, I will consistently exert my utmost effort. I hold a great admiration for Mother Earth and the forces of nature.”

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office verified that Renner was the sole individual harmed in the occurrence on Sunday morning.

The sheriff’s office stated, “Deputies coordinated with RESMA Health and District Protection Fire Meadows Truckee to arrange medical transportation for Mr. Jeremy Renner via a local hospital area flight care.”

The Major Accident Investigation Team of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is examining the details of the incident.

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