Jenni Rivera crash: Officers allegedly stole items, took graphic photos

Thursday positively confirmed that two police officers were arrested for allegedly stealing materials from the site where singer Jenni Rivera’s crashed plane was located.

According to The Associated Press, one of the officers supposedly took photographs of the crash location, which included fragments of the body. Mexican media were informed that the possessions of the deceased individual were discovered at the residences of the two officers.

Similar to a cascade of stones, the wreckage of Rivera and six additional individuals were scattered along the mountainside. The plane carrying Rivera descended rapidly, nose-first, covering a distance of 28,000 feet in a mere 30 seconds.

PHOTOS: Jenni Rivera passes away in airplane accident.

Authorities have been combing the area for clues ever since, though they said they have not determined the cause of the crash.

Early on Sunday morning, a jet crashed near Mexico’s Iturbide, resulting in the death of 43-year-old Rivera, who was both a master of a growing international business empire and a mother of five.

Authorities have said that Management from Starwood chartered a flight for her to ferry from Mexico City to a camp near Mexico for a performance appearance.

PHOTOS: Jenni Rivera – Responses to the devastating accident.

The executive from Mexico City, E. Christian Esquino Nunez, said in a telephone interview that he believes the 78-year-old pilot suffered a heart attack or was incapacitated in some other way, and the co-pilot, who he refers to as a “green” co-pilot, was unable to save the plane. He also mentioned that the Learjet 25, which is owned by his firm, was maintained perfectly.

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During the summer, the Learjet from 1969 went through a thorough examination and had been stationed and taken care of in Houston for the past decade, according to Esquino. He stated that concerns regarding maintenance and safety were not related to the incident. Esquino, who identified himself as the operations manager of Starwood Management LLC, the company that possessed the Learjet 25, expressed deep remorse for the occurrence. Esquino added, “We are all mourning.”

The unidentified pilot lost control of the aircraft while landing in Amarillo, Texas, after hitting a marker on the runway. Despite logging over 7,000 hours in the air, the pilot still had an accident. According to U.S. Aviation records, the same plane sustained “significant” damage in 2005 due to an imbalance in the fuel, with one wing weighing over 300 pounds more than the other.

A tribute: Jenni Rivera was a unique talent.

Soto was unable to perform, according to Perez Miguel, the 78-year-old pilot who crashed the plane. He stated that the only possible explanation for the crash was that the pilot was incapacitated. Furthermore, he mentioned that the plane had been flown for 1,000 hours without any issues. He referred to the accident as a “minor” incident, despite the Learjet having some critical characteristics.

Esquino, who has been a pilot for many years, said that it becomes difficult to regain control once it switches from its usual flying mode.

Rivera had not made any payment for the rental, consequently, Starwood Management officials informed Mexican authorities about her intention to purchase the aircraft.

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The investigation may last from nine months to a year, with the acknowledgment that Mexican authorities and the National Transportation Safety Board are still examining the crash “to develop a theory regarding the reason behind the incident.”

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