Jasmine Jordan On Owning the Fact that Michael Jordan is Her Father & Creating Her Own Lane at Jordan Brand

Jordan Brand is particularly focused on expanding its presence in the baby market by introducing a line of easily adjustable slides. This move is especially significant as it marks the entry of the 30-year-old daughter of basketball legend Michael Jordan into the family business.

Through Jasmine, both of whom recently inked NIL agreements with Jordan Brand, rising star Kiyomi McMiller in high school women’s basketball and Kiki Rice, a player for UCLA women’s basketball, she consented to take part in FN’s March cover story under the stipulation that she be featured alongside two athletes on her team. Within the company, Jordan’s athletes are given priority, and the executive places their visibility above her own, exemplifying a leadership approach that seeks to empower women. As a representative for women’s sports marketing in the basketball division, Jordan has been meticulous in shaping her role within the organization.

During the course of her journey, she also addresses several inquiries related to footwear. In an exclusive interview with Jordan Brand, Jordan discusses the importance of forging her own path, demonstrating leadership, and prioritizing family.

It is obvious to state first. I can’t shake that, and I have no desire to do so. It is amazing to be the child of my mother and father. Instead of shying away from it, I think I had to step into his spotlight and make my own lane. I don’t want to fill their shoes, as those are big shoes to fill. I just want to acknowledge them, praise them, and see them. But then, I also need to do what I need to do on my own side.

What is your approach to leadership?

I am using these plans to present a comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself authentically at all times. However, I am also utilizing them to help my high school athletes understand what professional athletes do versus what they are doing. I am allowing them to ask more questions so that I can be more informative and teach them more.

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In the workplace, I believe that influences how I present myself, along with my mother and her background and how she brought us up to prioritize family, my father, being the sportsman that he is and the mentality that he possesses.

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Jasmine Jordan, photographed on Feb. 15 in New York.Flo Ngala

What vision do you foresee for the brand’s future?

We are still experiencing growth and we believe that we have grown significantly. I am eagerly anticipating the increasing presence of women in influential positions.

What were your preferred pair of footwear during your childhood?

I would most likely, absolutely say first — and that has never changed, because firsts are still my preferred choice.

jasmine jordan, michael jordan, michael jordan daughter, jasmine jordan michael jordan, jordan brand, female leadership, air jordan, shoes, shoe industry, shoe executives
The 30-year-old Jordan works within Jordan Brand’s women’s sports marketing department as a basketball field rep.Flo Ngala

Which footwear do you prefer for formal events?

I would choose 1’s or 11’s — and I’m favoring 11’s. They’re slightly more challenging to design.

Current preferred shoes in your wardrobe?

Whatever you feel, you can dress up or dress down, and you can wear a neutral shoe with it. The top of my Manieres Ma outfit is definitely a little bit grey and white, with a touch of cream. It has a clean and sleek silhouette. Today, I wore my Manieres A 3s.

How many sets of footwear do you possess?

Once I organize everything, my collection of sneakers will be top-notch. I’ll showcase a few of them, just to showcase my taste. Moreover, I possess these personalized tables that are reflected with the letter ‘J.’ They must be arranged in numerical order and various colors, which highlights my slight obsession with order. I am fixated on shoe containers, particularly the ones used for display. Despite my efforts to declutter and donate, I had well over 500 pairs the last time I tallied them.

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jasmine jordan, michael jordan, michael jordan daughter, jasmine jordan michael jordan, jordan brand, female leadership, air jordan, shoes, shoe industry, shoe executives
“To make my own lane I think I kind of had to step in his spotlight a little bit and just acknowledge it, versus shying away from it,” says Jordan of being the daughter of Michael Jordan. “But also understanding those are big shoes to fill, and I don’t want to fill them. I just want to see them, acknowledge them, praise them, but then do what I need to do on my own side.”Flo Ngala

What are the most dangerous shoes you possess?

Yes, I do get them dirty, so I wear them because they’re the riskiest ones, I promise. I’m not really like them, but that’s how they operate. Why? Because I can’t just be out flat like you guys (laughs)… Do you know? I can’t just be out flat like you guys (laughs)… Because I’m not like that, but that’s how they operate. But I promise, they’re the riskiest ones, I’m not really like them, but I do get them dirty, yes, so I wear them.

Which sneakers does your son prefer the most?

Definitely, he is aware of his preferences. That’s my kid! He’s either wearing size 1 or size 3 shoes, unless he’s wearing ones with Velcro straps.

How frequently do you wear high heels?

I don’t need to have sneakers then, you won’t let me rock my sneakers if. I think that as time comes, it builds your confidence and evolves your style, and I don’t make everything friendly sneaker now. I used to wear them more in my youth.

Discover more from FN’s March photoshoot with Jasmine Jordan, Kiyomi McMiller, and Kiki Rice.

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